GreenEarth Update May 21, 2020
Memorial Day seems to be coming at the perfect time this year, when most of us could use a little break. Sure enough celebrations will take place a little differently than they have in the past, but with every state now in some stage of reopening and business slowly picking back up, we can take a moment and enjoy the long weekend.

We may not be at the finish line of this thing just yet and that universal sigh of relief is still to come, but optimism seems to be spreading throughout the country and we're hopeful the summer will bring some sense of normalcy.

The GreenEarth Main Office will close at 3 PM CT on Friday and reopen on Tuesday at 8 AM CT. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

Here are a few things for you to consider over the Holiday.
Roll Out The Red (Green) Carpet
What are you doing special for your new customers right now? We should always go the extra mile for new customers in an attempt to really blow them away, but especially right now.

If you're open and you have competition who are not, you may have some new customers who plan to only use you while their normal cleaner is closed. But if you take the opportunity to knock their socks off on their first visit, you're likely to win over a loyal customer for years to come. It's worth the investment on your end.
At the most basic level, teaching your staff to be thorough in the explanation of your process with new customers, in case there may be differences from what they're used to, can go a long way in preventing any hiccups. But to add a "wow" factor to their experience, gift new customers with a token of appreciation. Whether that is a voucher or coupon for their next order, or a physical gift they can enjoy and remember you by, it will leave them with a good feeling about their experience and can persuade them to keep coming back.

We have a plethora of promotional products at our online store you can browse to include in your new customer gift package. You can also team up with other local businesses to include gift cards or coupons to their stores in your new customer gift basket as well.

If you'd like some help coming up with ideas, contact our Customer Service Director, Karen Maxwell, at and she'll have some suggestions to get you started.
Make Yourself Easy To Find
How are those new customers finding you? Most likely they're finding you online, primarily through a Google search. If your competition is closed and their customers are in need of dry cleaning or laundry services, the first thing they're going to do is pull up their phone search Google for other dry cleaners in the area.

If you've done a good job with your website to ensure it's search engine optimized, you're likely to show up on their search somewhere on the first page. But is that good enough?
In some cases it might be, but in more competitive markets, it probably is not. Another catalyst for your online presence is Google Search Ads. Effective targeting through a Search campaign will put your website at the top of a Google search when customers in your market are actively looking for services you offer.

GreenEarth Cleaning has recently gone through the training process to become a Google Ads Partner and is now offering Google Ads Management as yet another way we can assist our Affiliates in promoting their store and building their local awareness.

Contact Marketing Manager, Aaron Newport at if you'd like to learn more about setting up a Google Ads Campaign.
Wash N Fold Is Clicking
A service we know some Affiliates are wary to enter into, but we can't ignore the reports we're receiving from cleaners of all sizes and demographics, many of which did not offer wash n fold 3 months ago.

Not only are people working from home, which is a trend that seems to be settling in for the summer, but your high-end clientele's maid/housekeeper/nanny is not coming into the household as often and they'd love the chance to have their laundry cleaned professionally on a weekly basis. Not to mention, it's a good opportunity to get your foot in the door with your younger audience as well.
The theory is, if they start coming to you for wash n fold, they'll stick with you when they have dry cleaning needs arise. From a marketing perspective, it's a service that broadens your audience and can lock you in for future dry cleaning business. Here are some customizable pieces we've created for Affiliates recently.

Contact if you'd like customizations for your brand.
Don't take our word for it!
Working with the GreenEarth marketing team has been crucial for us in dealing with communicating with our customers during these Covid-19 times! Aaron and his team of designers and copywriters have not only been most professional and creative in their message and designs, they have also been MOST responsive to our ever rapidly changing needs for new messages and promos. From general marketing to custom messages and emails, I have been most impressed with the results given by Aaron and his team. Use them, and you'll love them too!!

Sassan Rahimzadeh, ARYA Cleaners, Chula Vista, CA
SBA PPP Forgiveness Application
At this point in time, over 90% of the Affiliate Network have indicated to us receiving either approval or funds from their bank in regards to the EIDL and/or PPP loans from the SBA. We're happy to learn things are starting to look up form this perspective, as well as piece count so far for the month of May.

Make sure you have marked your calendar for the date when you need to have your PPP forgiveness application submitted to your bank. You can download the SBA Form 3508 PPP Forgiveness Application to fill out and submit to your bank.
Don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!