This has certainly been a wild year of changes and challenges, progress and setbacks, growth and resilience. 

Despite the challenges of closures, capacity limits and mask mandates, we’ve also enjoyed a few successes along the way, including: 

  • Bringing together the Edgeworks + Stone Gardens communities with expanded access to facilities, programs, and offerings for our members. 
  • A complete renovation of the front entry in Seattle to better engage with our community.
  • Revitalized retail spaces that offer a more complete customer experience for all climbers.
  • Increased climbing school courses and guiding opportunities aimed at helping everyone achieve their goals - inside the gym, outside, and in the mountains.
  • Rebuilding community by re-thinking events, socials, and challenges that keep us all connected.
  • Keeping our eye on the future; continuing to work toward everything we want Edgeworks to be and everything you expect us to be.

We also know - now more than ever - that our community and members are the glue that holds us together; helping to keep our doors open (and re-opened!) through one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced and never could have anticipated.

Thank you!

Since the very beginning, it has been Edgeworks’ theory and practice that small yearly price increases provide transparent predictability for our members and allow us to continue our commitment to invest back into our facilities, programs, and employees

At the end of each summer, we evaluate the following criteria that typically results in a $1-$2 monthly membership rate increase: 
  • operating costs and staff wages 
  • increases in membership value, benefits, access, and offerings
  • future improvements and expansions

This year is a little different.

While we fully expect to see increases in all 3 of the above categories, we also feel it’s important to show our appreciation to all who continue to stand by us even when we’ve been unable to provide the full-access member experience we’ve all come to expect.

Therefore, we’ve decided to NOT make any adjustments to monthly membership prices this Fall.

We appreciate you as a member! This year has been tough but one thing remains the same - the health and well-being of our members, staff, and community is important to us. Every decision we make, every message we deliver, and every "rule" we instate is with this thought in mind. We hope this is something everyone can see and feel when you walk into our gyms. 
Thank you for your continued support and helping us build a strong community of climbers and friends! 

We’re listening. Whether you want to tell us what you love about Edgeworks + Stone Gardens or what we could be doing better, each response helps us build the best climbing and community experience possible for our members. 
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