May, 2024

Primera is proud to feature Pro Chem Sales

Market Focus and Service Expansion

Pro Chem Sales, headquartered in Amarillo, TX, began with a strong foundation in Turf & Ornamental products, starting notably with fertilizers from ZIPP Industries, now Martin Midstream Partners L.P. Since its founding in 1987, the company has significantly broadened its scope to include key market areas such as Athletic Fields, Pest Control, Golf, Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM), and Ice Melt. This strategic expansion has enabled Pro Chem Sales to cater to a diverse customer base that includes landscapers, pest control operators, golf courses, sports fields, municipalities, schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring they have the products and knowledge to maintain their facilities.

Did You Know?

The very first employee hired at Pro Chem Sales is still actively contributing to the company today!

A Legacy of Growth and Achievment

The story of Pro Chem Sales is one of ambition, foresight, and steadfastness. Founded by an individual who left a regional Lawn & Garden Distributor to better serve local customers, Pro Chem Sales has outlived the former distributor and has continued to thrive for over three decades. The ability to stay relevant and grow in business for 36 years stands as the company's most significant achievement. Over the years, Pro Chem Sales has responded to the needs of West Texas by adding new products such as Hydro Mulch, Seed, and specialized items for Athletic fields and Golf. This adaptability has cemented its role as a crucial player in the local market.

The company's employees cherish its small family business atmosphere, where family values and flexibility are prioritized, creating a supportive work culture. The owner, inspired by his father—a successful businessman and family man—embraces the challenges and rewards of solving diverse problems across the markets they serve. This dedication to problem-solving and customer service continues to drive Pro Chem Sales forward, promising continued growth and service excellence as they move towards their future ambitions.

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