Volume 8 | January 2019
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Happy New Year
SBCA's Board of Directors adds Bill Teevens
On January 1, 2019, SBCA welcomed Bill Teevens to its Board of Directors . Teevens owns and operates WIREFREE USA, a company that provides TV, Internet, security, phone and entertainment systems, both residential and commercial. We serve in most of 5 states: North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and New England. When asked his thoughts on becoming a board member of SBCA, Teevens had this to say, “I have been involved with the SBCA for about 20 years and have worked with Steve Hill for most of those years. I also have known some of the other members of the board for the last few years. I have followed the work of the SBCA Board and know how much work the members contribute with their time and knowledge. It is a privilege to become a member of the board and I look forward to contributing to the tremendous work the board does for our industry.”
WIREFREE USA is in its 22 nd year of operation and is now looking into expanding operations into Canada, where Teevens is originally from and holds dual citizenship.
The visibility of SBCA and its emphasis on education are some of the reasons why Teevens is excited about his partnership with SBCA and encourages others to get involved with SBCA as well, “[its important to partner with SBCA because] the SBCA does so much work in government, certifications, and teaching for our industry and I would like to be more and more involved.”
WIREFREE USA’s Bill Teevens joins this year’s slate of SBCA Board of Directors; we look forward what the Board accomplishes in 2019!
Member Benefit! Access to Career Opportunities with SBCA Members
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AT&T will announce its latest subscriber numbers for DIRECTV Now on Jan. 30. The company expects higher profits even if the subscriber numbers drop, as subscribers are paying more and content is costing less.