Volume 12 | July 2019
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DSI Systems Product Profile
Product Profile Provided by DSI Systems

DSI Systems is the industry leader in the independent retail channel. We offer many competitive advantages which allows us to partner with our dealers on every level of the business whether that’s residential, mobility, broadband, commercial, L&I, MDU, Viasat High Speed Internet, Vivint Smart Home or all. We are dedicated to serving dealers with quality customer service and convenience. This is accomplished through individualized service, strong product offerings, a fast and efficient delivery system and Territory Managers across the country to help you grow your business. 

To begin a working relationship with DSI’s dedicated team, retailers are invited to call (800) 888-8876. 
Satellite Internet Makes Rural Smart Homes A Reality
Thanks to advances in satellite internet technology and improvements to the smart devices themselves, it’s becoming increasingly realistic for folks who live outside of big cities or in more modest abodes to take advantage of smart services that can make their lives better.

By 2021,  more than a quarter of U.S. homes are projected to be “smart.”  That’s up from just 12.5 percent in 2016. While much of this change will undoubtedly happen in urban areas, rural residents will also begin to realize and adopt the benefits of  automated farming solutions energy management networks  and other systems that can have a major impact on life outside of cities.