Volume 10 | March 2019
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Member Benefit! Satellite Consumer Resources
In addition to supporting the businesses that make up the satellite industry in the United States, SBCA's mission is to provide concerned satellite customers, state legislators and taxpayers with information that allows them to form their own opinions about the latest issues related to satellite in their state and respond accordingly. Satellite customers and legislators can find information on issues currently facing satellite service on the state level on our website.
Reauthorize and Revitalize the Satellite Home Viewer Act
More than 870,000 satellite subscribers, many in the most rural areas of the country, receive at least one distant network signal from DIRECTV or DISH. In many cases, only the Satellite Act permits them to receive network television at all. 
High-speed Broadband for is Here, Now
For some Americans, it can be hard to believe that there is a digital divide in this era of smart phones and social media. In many states,  by some measures , internet penetration is upwards of 70%. But if you are in an area with poor or no internet service from fiber, cable or DSL providers, now is the time to consider satellite for your internet solution. Satellite service is much different than what was available just a few years ago. New, advanced technology provides faster speeds, better reliability and performance – and it keeps getting better the way all kinds of technologies continue to improve with each successive release or generation. Today, satellite internet is used across the U.S. and the world for e-learning, research, email, tele-health and more. Nearly 2 million Americans use satellite broadband for their internet access today. 

Both  HughesNet  and  ViaSat  offer service throughout the state, giving consumers a choice of providers. With download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps up to 100 Mbps in select markets along with a variety of data plans and programs designed for residential and small business, there are options for everyone. Satellite is a proven technology that reaches everywhere in the state and is available today – with no costly and time-consuming infrastructure build-out.

What can you do with today’s satellite internet? For customers who are doing web browsing, email and accessing social media, a lower speed and less expensive plan will be sufficient. Consumers with multiple users who are streaming video content and using other high-bandwidth applications should consider purchasing higher speed and data allowances to ensure they get the best desired performance. 

While other internet providers focus their efforts on urban markets, the satellite industry continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand the availability of high-speed internet throughout underserved areas of the US. The recent launch of six satellites by OneWeb, which promises to bridge the global digital divide (and in which Hughes is an investor), and similar projects from other operators, underscore the continued evolution of satellite technology. In fact, future satellites expected to launch starting in 2020/2021 will deliver speeds in excess of 100 Mbps throughout the state. These investments will continue throughout the decade as the technology advances to meet the ever-increasing demands for internet access throughout the country.