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Changemakers Alliance is a supporter-driven spinoff of Minnesota Women's Press, designed to connect engaged feminists who care about solutions and action.

Ecolution: Evolution of Stronger Economies and Ecosystems

series underwritten by Seward Co-op

Part 1: Conversation with Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

Myth: “We know that low-income Americans are poor because they don't manage their money well.”

Except we see single moms feeding six children on minimum wage. Donald Trump couldn't do that. There's no greater money manager than low-income single moms in America. 

We are learning why to advocate for basic guaranteed income. But probably more importantly, we are exposing lies that we've learned about why people are poor and how poverty works. Those lies creep into our public policy, which is why our war on poverty hasn't worked. 

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stories underwritten by African American Leadership Forum

Who Decides Whether Restorative Justice Is Allowed to Become More Effective Than Incarceration?

"What we’ve been hearing in the news for the last several years about carjackings, and horrible crimes, has been happening for a very long time. What we do in this country is incarcerate, and we haven’t really [done much of] anything other than incarcerate."

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Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley spoke at a forum hosted by the Minnesota Justice Research Center about public safety recommendations for the legislative session

Bulletin Board Supported by Badass Members

Heather Cox Richardson, February 22, quoting "George Balcombe: A Novel," published in 1836

A character in an 1836 novel written by a Virginia gentleman explained to a younger man that God had given everyone a place in society. Women and Black people were at the bottom, “subordinate” to white men by design. “All women live by marriage,” he said. “It is their only duty.” Trying to make them equal was a cruelty. “For my part,” the older man said, “I am well pleased with the established order of the universe. I see…subordination everywhere. And when I find the subordinate content…and recognizing his place…as that to which he properly belongs, I am content to leave him there.” 

April 13 Event Highlight

Alternative story headline could have been:

Man Who Terrorized Women and Children for Years Kills Three Emergency Responders in Burnsville 

At Minnesota Women’s Press, we believe the role of media is to help elevate conversations that can lead to policy changes and resources to grassroots organizations that are working on solutions BEFORE an emergency response is required. We believe media can offer much better coverage of gender-based violence.

Thanks to new underwriting from Minneapolis Foundation, we are able to begin deeper work on how media and community can work together to tell the stories of domestic violence before it becomes traditional headline news

We have been developing a conversation circle guide that will be tested with focus groups statewide, starting with signups at the event.

Join us April 13 to find out how you can be part of the solution

Junauda Petrus, newly named Minnesota Book Awards finalist for her storybook, "Can We

Please Give the Police Department to the Grandmothers?," will

do a reading.

Spoken word artist Muna Abdulahi will perform.

"The truth is, to be a woman in a space that was not built for you is to know how to build space with your bare hands, to demand the attention of any room you step into."

Deneal Trueblood-Lynch and some of her cast will read from her play, "Secrets," about the trauma that impacts a majority of women at the Shakopee Women's Prison.

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this video was part of our award-winning social media campaign

Minnesota Women's Press was recognized by the Minnesota Newspaper Association for six 2023 awards in photography (including first place for the River Stories cover below), social media campaign, Best Magazine article, and Community Service Leadership for our gender-based violence coverage.

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