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Coming Up This Week

President Claude Kendrick invites you to a scheduled Hybrid Zoom meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 7:30 AM.

This Week Will Be ZOOM Only

We will be holding a "Member Spotlight", featuring Bob Carris and David Stechholz, Invocation by David Stechholz


During our last meeting, the Invocation was given by Bob Carris. Thank you, Bob!


Please inform Mike Ladwig if you are interested in leading us with a spiritual or inspiring message to start our meeting.

Taylor Conservatory Mardi Gras Fundraiser

February 24, 2024

Cub members Claude Kendrick (with friends Syndi and Laney) along with Tammy Bonifield and Event Host Erin Dobbins attended Taylor Conservatory's Mardi Gras Fundraiser Party this past weekend. This is an annual fundraising event attended by tons of Rotarians from around the district. Judging from the photos and videos folks are posting online, it looks like a great time was had by all!

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The Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) will be hosting the "Empathy and Peace Language for Sustainable Resilience" Zoom training on Saturday, April 13th at 11:00am.  

The event will be 90 minutes with global facilitators honoring the dignity of all voices in breakout rooms. Click HERE for more information and to register.

Upcoming Meetings

02/28/2024 - Member Spot Light, Featuring Bob Carris, and Dave Stechholz, Invocation by Dave Stechholz.

03/06/2024 - Club Assembly.

03/13/2024 - Member Spotlight, Tim Bellinger, Rick Popa.

03/20/2024 - Cheryl Bowker, Passport to Safety.

03/27/2024 - Steve Ahles, Project Smart, A Rotary Project.

04/03/2024 - Club Assembly.

Upcoming Events

03/11/2014 - Churchill HS Interact Club and Livonia AM Joint Meeting at Churchill High School at 2:30 PM.

04/19/2024 - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), April 19-21, 2024 at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, MI..

04/27/2024 - District Assembly 2024, St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario.

05/03/2024 - District Conference, May 3-5, 2024, Amway Grand Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI, Registration HERE.

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We meet at the

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Every Wednesday, 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

All Are Welcome!

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Member News

Divine Mercy Academy

February 21, 2024

The meeting was opened by President Claude; following the Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation was given by Bob Carris. Since upcoming events were carefully reviewed, there was no collection of Happy Bucks. Our Club is willing to take the leadership for the Fall KCAH (Kids Coalition Against Hunger), with Tammy Bonifield heading it up and several volunteering for the KCAH Committee. We will reach out for help, as well.

Divine Mercy Academy (DMA) - Filling “A Gap”

Today’s speakers were Principal Barbara Brish and Teacher Louise Zilka from DMA. They shared a fine brochure, with the front picture of Sts. Genevieve & Maurus School on Jamison St. in Livonia.

This K-8 private school in the Roman Catholic tradition serves children and families with special needs of all kinds, many having emotional problems. Ten students are currently enrolled. DMA has been in existence for five years and receives no funding from the State or from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese.

Their presentation also tugged at our heartstrings, since many of the children have been “expelled” (or suspended, etc.) from public, parochial, or other schools where they cannot fit in.

DMA teaches social skills, as well as providing physical, speech, and emotional support. Each child has an individualized plan, with students entering the school at different times of the year.

DMA has joined St. Valentine’s RC School in Redford Twp. For a weekly chapel. The school is funded through tuition ($15,000/year), though many cannot pay the full freight, and through charitable donations. DMA has student teachers from Madonna University. DMA needs reading volunteers, please call (734) 855-4997 or email

There are no coaches in the school; DMA is “bare bones,” but always with at least three teachers in the building. (See the attached video.) No traditional report cards are issued until 7th & 8th grades, though “brain mapping” and progress reports are given to the student’s parents. A helpful Q&A!

 Dave Stechholz

Past Meetings and Events

Junior Achievement

February 14, 2024

Beth O'Conner, VP of Programs for Junior Achievement of SE Michigan, was our speaker for today's program. She explained that through JA, young people discover what is possible in their lives, helping them to connect what they learn in school with life outside the classroom. JA does this by using the personal life experiences of volunteers in finance to teach financial literacy and careers in finance. Other volunteers teach about the use of credit cards, interest rates, and setting up a bank account. (Detroit ranks as the 5th unbanked society in the U.S.) Students learn how to fill out job applications and interview skills taught and practiced.

Corporations in business, manufacturing, and medicine also provide volunteer leaders to mentor the students. 

Beth told us how a group of students developed and made lamps that showed how much electricity was used when it was turned on. The students then sold the lamps to the public.

The programs are delivered by corporate volunteers, community-based organizations, and educators. The lessons, which are aligned with the State of Michigan educational standards, are designed to provide relevant experience and knowledge needed for vocational and personal success.

  JA was started in 1949 and serves youth from 5 to 25. Classes are taught in schools, community centers, and libraries. Career fairs are held for the students to explore different fields available in Michigan. JA has programs in Livonia and Clarenceville Schools.

Through Junior Achievement, students learn that it's possible to invest in their future, get a better understanding of how the world works, and pursue their dreams.

Susan Paluchniak

JA of Southeastern Michigan 2023 Programming

Thank You From Guatemala

February 14, 2024

Dear Livonia AM: I bought a couple of soccer balls from your club on eBay last November to take to Guatemala on our service trip with the Lake in the Hills Rotary Club. These kids were thrilled with the soccer balls! They had an ancient rock-hard ball to play with. Soccer is a big part of their day during free time at the AkTenamit School in La Libertad, Guatemala. Thanks for making these soccer balls available. All the best, yours in Rotary.

Diana Mark

McHenry Area Rotary Club

McHenry, Illinois

More Photos

Wayne County Commissioner

Terry Marecki

January 31, 2024

Building Connections

The Invocation was done by Victoria Haltom. She pointed out that Pluto moved into Aquarius and that we should welcome change and focus on the gifts each member has to offer. She said this is a new era of connectivity.

Tammy Bonifield pitched in for Happy Bucks, since our Sargent of Arms, Sharon Pommerville is in the hospital with a broken shoulder. She is slated for surgery Thursday. Prayers were extended to her.

Reverend David Stechholz and John Clay were happy to be recuperating from their back surgery.

A guest from the Trenton Rotary Club attended the meeting, Bill Jasman. He was happy to be going to Africa in 2 weeks in Ghana putting in a well at a school.

Special thanks were extended to all the members who helped out at the Livonia Hockey Allstar Game with Redwing Alumni. Special cheers went out to member Eric Ladwig who skated at the game. The game netted over $10,000 for local charities. The Livonia Rotary PM group rented a room at the arena during the game for the players serving pizza.

Bob Carris announced that the club will be meeting with the Interact Club at Churchill High School on March 11, 2024 at 2:30. Nancy Darga will pick up snacks and Tammy is bringing water.

The Guest Speaker was Wayne County Commissioner Terry Marecki. She pointed out that the voting districts for Wayne County Commissioners were changed with the census and she now represents the west end (60%) of Livonia, Northville City, and Northville and Plymouth Township. She was first elected as Wayne County Commissioner in 2015. She listed all of the committees she serves on. Some of the affiliations she listed was being a member of the National Assoc. of Counties and the Planning Group for the Tri-County Summit. She informed the Rotary Club that each Commissioner gets to appoint a student to the County wide Youth Council. These students get to go to Lansing. Applications are open in September. She encouraged the club to nominate someone.

In speaking about current legislation pending, she stated that recently a Senate Bill at the State was introduced to add a $2.00 charge to all water bills to establish a fund for people who cannot pay their water bill. This fund would be overseen by the State Health and Human Services Department. She does not support the bill in that the administrative costs are estimated over 20% (12 million of 60 million to be collected). She pointed out that she helped Livonia secure 8 million ARPA Funds for a new Senior Center.

The biggest challenge Wayne County is facing currently is rebuilding the workforce. Wayne County is losing Sheriff’s and Prosecutors to other municipalities due to low wages, high workloads, and stressful work environments. Union contracts are being re-opened to introduce incentives to improve the retention rate of the workforce.

The new Criminal Justice Center on I75 and Warren will be opening. The next project is the Civil Justice Center. She expounded on improvements the County is making.

  • The County will be spending 5 million each year for the next 5 years in new technology to improve operations.

  •  Commission meetings are Zoomed in and recorded. The public is welcome to make comments.

  • The Roads Division has set up a road call center for complaints. If anyone has a problem with a road call 1-888-762-3273. Do not call her office. Greg Green wanted to know how our club could sponsor a road like he does in Caton. She told him to call this road number.

  • Nancy Darga asked if she was still sponsoring a project for Rouge Rescue Day. She explained that the Friends of the Rouge do not do a single Rouge Day. She suggested our club contact the Friends through their website. Nancy agreed to do so.

  • The Commissioner explained that the Parks and Recreation Department have made great improvements to the parks. Their goal this year is to connect all their parks and waterways.

In closing accolades were made about the club setting up a text chain to keep everyone in communication about Sharon’s accident and need for assistance. Claude Kendrick offered to add everyone’s name in the phone chain as a way to keep everyone connected in real time.

Nancy Darga

Autism Alliance of Michigan

January 25, 2024

Our club was recently recognized by the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Club members Sharon Pommerville, Bill Fried, Mike Ladwig, and Steve Alexander attended the dinner event held at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute in Southfield.

This event was the Autism Alliance of Michigan's first event to induct supporting organizations that donate to their cause/mission in the BRIDGE BUILDERS SOCIETY and the Founders Society.

Livonia All-Stars vs Detroit Redwings Alumni

January 28, 2024

On Sunday, members from both Livonia Rotary Clubs came out to help support the Livonia All-Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings Alumni charity hockey game.

Our club was well represented by Tammy Bonifield, Steve Alexander, Mike Ladwig, Bob Carris, Claude Kendrick, and Pat Zucal.

Club member Eric Ladwig was suited up and playing for the Livonia All-Stars team.

Laugh and Learn Austism Therapy

January 24, 2024

Smiles and Laughter Cut Through Fog and Rain at the Livonia Rotary AM Meeting

Despite the fog and rain, a large contingent of members attended the January 24, 2024 meeting both by Zoom and in person. Many of them wearing Detroit Lions Football gear as they savor the Teams’ victory over Tamps Bay Buccaneers, on January 21, 2024. This victory places Detroit in striking distance to the Super Bowl game. The current President, Claude Kendrick, wearing a Lions knit cap, and looking quite sporty, thanked Tammy Bonifield on behalf of the club for hosting a Lions game viewing party and taco bar.

Invocation: Larry Stephens asked God to give us wisdom. He asked for peace in the world. Prayers were extended to Rick Poppa and his son Nick who is struggling with MS. Reverend David Stechholz was sent intentions for his speedy recovery from back surgery.

Happy Bucks: Bob Carris reported that due to the efforts of Mayor Brosnan and her assistant Dave Varga, Sears will let us use the parking lot again for the annual carnival. Everyone cheered hearing the happy news.

Erin Dobbs reported that she is happy she will be attending a Rotary Peace Conference at the Richard Nixon Conference Center north of Los Angeles.

Mike Ladwig was happy that his son, Eric Ladwig, also a Rotary member, will be skating at the Livonia All-Star Hockey Game vs the Red Wing Alumni on Sunday, January 28th. Volunteers are needed at the Livonia Ice Rink from 10 to 2:30.

Correspondence: Claude reported that the club received a thank you letter from the “Restore the Horse,” for the donation from the Churchill Interact Club's, Touch a Truck fundraising event. The funds will go to the Wayne County Mounted Unit who participate in the event with their horses. A thank you letter was also received from M.O.S.T. Ministries, for their grant to provide optometric services to a poor region in Mexico.

Tammy encouraged members to sign up for the District Assembly 4/7/2024 at St. Clair College Windsor and District Conference

5/3/2024 in Grand Rapids. Registration is through the DACdb website.

Special Speaker: Karoline Kennville, the Director of Laugh and Learn Therapy for Autistic Kids, gave a presentation of their program to help children with developmental disabilities. She pointed out that the ratio for autistic kids used to be 1 in 36 and now has climbed to 1 in 6. Studies are trying to ascertain why the increase. Their program is private and they currently have two centers, one in Grand Blanc and one in Brighton. Their program offers learning through “Applied Behavioral Analysis.” They stress play as a learning experience and want to offer more outdoor play experiences. They are in need of outdoor play equipment and gently used toys and bikes for their clients. They have applied for a grant.

Nancy Darga

Post Meeting Thank You Note: Thank you for giving me the chance to speak today! Here is a picture of some of our staff with the ball. This is a new addition to our play area. Great for teaching rolling the ball back and forth for social and working on gross motor skills!

Karoline Kennville

Detroit Lions Watch Party

January 21, 2024


A pre-game gathering for the Lions Football Game on January 21, 2024, was hosted by Tammy Bonifield at her home, with a taco bar.

Club members Bill Fried, Greg Greene, Erin Dobbins, Nancy Darga (with Mike), Claude Kendrick (with Jeanne), Bob Carris, and Bill Friske (with Rose), enjoyed Tammy's hospitality and the Lions watch party.

Bob Carris brought his popular bean dip. Prior to the game starting, a "brainstorming discussion" was held on future fund-raising events or programs. The game was a nail-biter at times but this rowdy group cheered our beloved team to victory as well as Tammy’s two dogs and Erin's pooch.

Freezing Weather Meets a Heat Wave at the Livonia AM Meeting

January 17, 2024

This past week's meeting was held via Zoom only due to weather conditions. Thanks to the technical help from our member Bill Friske, who set up the regular meetings both in person and virtual, the group met by Zoom. The warm greetings and laughter shared by members in the Zoom warmed up the day and kept the cold at bay.

The Invocation was done by Bob Carris. In continuation of a conversation from the previous meeting, funding opportunities for the walk-in coolers for the Clarenceville Food Pantry were discussed. Erin Dobbs asked members who would be willing to help write letters, to contact her.

The special guest speaker was

Elana Voyles of Gentiva Hospice. She described their philosophy on giving personal care at a vulnerable time in people's life. Gentiva is a national service provider with three centers in Michigan, Southfield, Canton, and Flint. A heartfelt PowerPoint with video clips of patients describing how grateful they were for the care they received was presented.

Several members shared their experiences with hospice care for their family members, and how important it was during their challenging times.

Nancy Darga

Churchill HS Interact Club Presentation Of Checks

January 10, 2024

The Churchill HS Interact Club's leadership team met with Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan at City Hall last week to present checks to groups that they are committed to supporting.

Club members Dave Burton, Bob Carris, Susan Paluchniak, Dave Stechholz, Pat Zucal, Eric Ladwig, and Claude Kendrick were on hand to share in the ceremony.

The gift recipients were - The Livonia Police Department, The Livonia Fire Department, Restore The Horse, VT Seva, and Shelter Box.

The funds were raised from this past summer's successful Touch A Truck event.

More Photos

RACCA Cancer Foundation

January 10, 2024

President Claude presided over the meeting today. Claude mentioned that the Churchill HS Interact Club will be presenting checks this afternoon at 4:30 to several recipients from the proceeds of the Touch A Truck. 

Claude would like as many members who can be there to support the Interact Club as they make these presentations.

A brief discussion occurred with possible fundraising /grants for the coolers for the Clarenceville food pantry. Those interested in helping were asked to please stay after the meeting.

Reminder - the Rotary District Conference is in Grand Rapids, at the Amway Grand Plaza, May 3-5.

The January Rotary Magazine has several good articles, especially " The Race to Save Lives".

Jimmy Hill and Brandon Melin were our presenters on ZOOM for RACCA Cancer Foundation.

This foundation started with a group of friends, driven to raise funds and awareness, inspired in the name of our fallen brother, to benefit local members in our community affected with cancer.

They raise these funds by having a disc golf tournament at Blue Ribbon Pines in Minnesota. This has grown through the years to include 4 live bands, lots of food, and raffles. 

We were having difficulty in showing their taped presentation and ran out of time for our meeting. They were invited back.

Susan Paluchniak

Club Assembly

January 03, 2024

New Year, New Outlook

Mike Ladwig gave the invocation. He stated that he would like to get back to basic civility and dedication to serve others be the focus in 2024.

Tammy Bonifield the past President, chaired the meeting as Claude Kendrick, the current president, was stuck in a traffic jam. Shortly after the meeting started Claude arrived to cheers from the group.

Treasury Report: Tammy Bonifield stated that the club was in a good financial position. She will bring in updated accounting reports at the next meeting.

Fund Raising: Nancy Darga asked what the status was of the carnival for 2024 in that it is the largest revenue generator for the club. Bob Caris reported that he talked to Clarenceville School District about using their parking lot for the carnival. He also talked to Burton Manor on the I96 service drive. It was

suggested that the club talk to Dave Varga who has a meeting with Shostak to see if we can use Sears one more time. Pat Zucal offered to speak with Sears. It was pointed out that the club needed a more permanent home for the Carnival. The Clarenceville School complex was voted the best site of the three being considered. A generous donation could be given to the school for hosting the carnival. Bob and Pat would follow through with negotiations.

Giving Committee: Bill Friske reported that the following organizations applied for grants from the Livonia Rotary AM Club:

  • Clarenceville School $1,400 for a 3D printer in their stem lab.

  • Livonia Ballet, $500 for a scholarship. They will be asked to speak to the club in April.

  • Divine Mercy Academy, $1,000 for science supplies for special needs children. They will be asked to speak to the club in February.

Reverend Dave Stechholz motioned to approve the recommended grant awards, Nancy Darga seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.

The Livonia Allstar Hockey Game

is fast approaching on January 28, 2024. Claude will set up a SignUp

Genius. It was agreed the club would volunteer at the event.

Rotary International has decided to eliminate separate "themes" in two years. They are going to have single branding. Separate themes and logos have proven to be confusing. Rotary magazine is distributed to 55 countries. A single branding campaign will provide a unified voice.

The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) will combine youths from district 6400 plus 6480. The camp

is scheduled for April 19-21st. The theme will be “Imagine the Future.”

Tammy asked for ideas for a

meeting at the Seedlings Event in May. Greg Greene asked if the Rotary Livonia AM Club would like to “Adopt a Road.” This involves doing a cleanup four to five times a year on a section of road. A cleanup day could take four to five hours given

how many volunteers show up. It was pointed out that such a commitment would take a lot of time and physical challenges. Tammy would like the club to consider a “Service Day.” The annual Rouge River Clean

Up Day was mentioned. Nancy Darga will contact the Friends of the Rouge to see if a Livonia site is


Reverend Dave wants the club to focus on enrolling new members with whatever service project is adopted.

Nancy Darga

Club Assembly

January 03, 2024

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive training program that brings together our youth, ages 14-18, to develop character, and leadership skills further, learn about Rotary, and create service projects centered on the 7 Areas of Focus.

RYLA 2024 will be on April 19-21, 2024 at Camp Copneconic in Fenton, MI. Planning for 2024 has already started and, our new program will be the best that District 6380 & 6400 has ever seen!

High school students from your community need to be a part of it! Registration is open now.


High School Students – Attend as RYLArians to build a foundation as future leaders, develop tools to find their own leadership ability, gain confidence to go out and make positive change. AND come back to their communities to perform service projects!

College Age Young Adults – Attend as Team Leaders to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment. Grow as leaders through guiding high school students in their leadership development and gain mentorship from our passionate Rotarian's focusing on the future of Rotary.

Read More

Livonia Historical Society

December 20, 2023

At our last meeting before the Christmas break, the Invocation was given by Victoria Haltom. Kudos were given to the Livonia Civic Chorus per this past Sunday afternoon’s Christmas Concert. Thank you notes were highlighted by President Claude Kendrick, and Bob Carris mentioned that over $472 was raised by Livonia A.M. Rotary members and guests who ran the red kettle bells last week for raising funds for the humanitarian work of the Salvation Army. 12 members were present face-to-face, and 2 members were online.


Bring him back again!” That’s what members said after Jim McConnell from the Livonia Historical Society gave a presentation on Livonia’s history. What a fabulous history our community has! What became Livonia began in 1818. Created as Livonia Township in 1835, it also saw in that same year the beginning of the Clarenceville Fractional School District, one of the little villages that made up the township of 36 square miles. This was two years before Michigan became a state in the Union (1837). Today we are blessed with Greenmead, the site of the old Simmons Hill Farm, with buildings that were moved from Quaker Acres (the 1846 Quaker Meeting House near Seven Mile) and the hamlet of Newburg (Newburgh Road and Ann Arbor Trail) and elsewhere in Livonia.

Jim related how Livonia once had nine small school districts. Seven of those nine came together to former the Livonia Public Schools, with old Bentley High School starting in 1947.

Jim shared a host of dates, of which, these are a few:

  • 1945 - Founding of the Rotary Club of Livonia

  • 1948 - GM’s first hydraulic plant, with Ford coming to Livonia in 1949

  • 1950 - Livonia becomes a city and is able to tax the race track, among other things

  • 1956 - Livonia Historical Society founded

  • 1976 - The beginning of Greenmead in the nation’s bicentennial year, and fast forward to...

  • 2025 – 75th Anniversary of the City of Livonia

Jim shared much more, including Rosedale Gardens, with its fascinating history, and the Wilson Barn, and a smattering of the LHS’s history and his involvement. Did you know that 22 LPS second-grade classes participate annually in “Spend a Day at Greenmead Newburg School?”

Finally, he thanked the LAMR for $1,000 to place the Bentley historical marker.

Happy bucks came rolling in, followed by the Four Way Test and Greg Greene’s “bad jokes,” oxymoronic or otherwise!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Dave Stechholz, Scribe

Salvation Army and Livonia Cares Gift

December 18, 2023

Club member David Stechholz proudly hand-delivered a $500 donation check to the Salvation Army Services Director, Colleen Dahl, from our club and in cooperation with Livonia Cares (Linda Holman) for a family in need in Livonia at Christmastime. Colleen expressed sincere thanks to our LAMR club for this quick charitable gift.

Livonia Civic Chorus Coincert

December 17, 2023

Club members David Stechholz (with son Andrew), Larry Stephens, and Victoria Haltom (on Violin) participated in the Livonia Civic Chorus presentation of “Hark, ‘tis The Season”. The Chorus most definitely added ‘JOY’ to this Holiday Season!

Member Spotlight

December 13, 2023

The meeting of 12/13/2023 was focused on being a “Showcase of Members.”

Mike Ladwig started the meeting in that the current President, Claude Kendrick was stuck in traffic. However, he showed up shortly with a big smile and wearing a Santa hat. Reverend David Stechholz gave an invocation.

Victoria Halton, a concert violinist played a beautiful piece on her violin and then played Happy Birthday and we all sang to Sharon Pommerville.

Susan Paluchniak, the first speaker stated that she was born in Detroit. Her father was the pilot for the President of General Motors but joined the military. He was in charge of a base in Germany and eventually became a colonel working on the missile project introduced in the late 1950s. As a result of her father being in the military Susan lived in Germany, South Carolina, her mother’s parents' farm in Ohio, and then Florida. She met her husband who was from Dearborn Michigan and settled here teaching

Junior High School. They have a son, Jason, who lives in the Redford area.

Stephen (Steve) Alexander, our next presenter, also served in the military traveling to 15 countries. He used Taiwan as his home base. A graduate of John Glenn High School, his mother wanted him to become a teacher like herself, but he had an interest in science spurred on by his discovery of a science magazine. He worked for Ford Motor. He has a daughter, Audrey, 15 in Franklin High School and a son, Trevor, at Michigan State University studying physical therapy.

Victoria Haltom was the last speaker and she jokingly pointed out that she was not named after the queen, but a Ford car known as Victoria. She chose to become a professional musician, a career she

dedicated her life to. She was inspired to learn the violin when she was 8 years old after hearing the Detroit Symphony play at her school. Since Livonia did not have a string instrument program at the time her parents sent her to a special program but she came back to Franklin High School for her senior year before enrolling into the University of Michigan. She played for the New Orleans Symphony, spent time as a backup musician in Nashville, taught in the Bloomfield School district for 10 years, and the Metro Youth Program for 17 years. She went back to college in her 60s to be a social worker and now councils’ people. She is very active in several coral groups. In response to Rev. David's question about why she is so active in several groups, she pointed out that as you age your circle of relatives and friends shrink and you need to make an effort to expand your network of friends and enrich your life.

Sponsoring a Family for the holidays, an annual tradition with the Livonia AM Rotary was approved to spend up to $500. Reverend David contacted the Livonia Cares Program. They work with the Salvation Army to screen families.

He was made aware of a family from Livonia whose house had a major fire. He

will see if we can adopt this family.

Nancy Darga

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

December 09, 2023

Thank you to all of our club members who participated in the bell-ringing event for the Salvation Army last Saturday.

It was heartwarming to see members of the Churchill HS Interact Club

volunteering alongside our club members. The weather was perfect, and everyone had a great time while contributing to a noble cause.

Thank you ALL for your commitment to making a difference in our community.

More Photos

Membership Summit

December 09, 2023

On Saturday, December 9th, I attended a Rotary Membership Summit in Troy. The Summit was a hands-on event with Rotarians from 6 districts covering Michigan and Southwest Ontario. 

Here is a message from DG Russ Jones as stated in the December D6400 Newsletter:

"Membership. It is a universal concern among all clubs in our zone and should be a priority for all Rotarians. Keeping ourselves and other members engaged and bringing in new members is vital to maintaining a vibrant organization. If you want a Rotary club that has an impact on your community and the world, you must be the one actively promoting the club and asking other leaders to join."

At the Summit, we worked on "developing an action plan to ensure we as club members increase our impact, expand our reach in the community, enhance member engagement and increase our club’s ability to adapt." I had the honor and privilege to meet in-person and learn from some very distinguished Rotary leaders; Rotary International President Elect, Stephanie Urchick, RI Directors Drew Kessler and Chris Etienne (Elect), Louisa Horne and Tom Gump.

Once again, I was very proud of our Livonia AM Rotary Club for doing things right and checking most of the boxes for being a vibrant, inclusive, diverse and equitable club; promoting Rotary in our community; and always working to increase membership.

RIPE Stephanie explained to us that Rotary was founded as, and remains to be, a membership organization. We are defined as a "membership organization with opportunities for service." 

The emphasis of fellowship in Rotary at the Summit really struck home with me as the chairperson of the District 6400 Pathways to Understanding Committee.

Our first breakout session reminded me of the town hall our club had a few months ago (and that we should follow up with a "part 2" after the New Year.) During the work session, a member of the Grosse Pointe Rotary club stated that she really enjoyed the meeting format that includes the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation. I was lucky to have a personal audience with RI Directors Drew Kessler and Chris Etienne during the next break. I took the opportunity to discuss the statement from the Grosse Pointe member while she was included in the conversation. The Directors were very decisive in explaining that prayer is inappropriate for Rotary club meetings and should be replaced with a non-religious "moment of inspiration". I explained that I am a Christian and that is a tough thing for me to promote as the District Chairperson for the Pathways committee. We left the conversation very peacefully with the message that religion, like politics, has no place in Rotary.

However, as a Christian and member of the Livonia AM club which has many Christian members, it has been a difficult struggle for me to be called to "shine my light" by Jesus but hide it under a basket by Rotary. After several months of prayer, contemplation, multiple bible studies and even one-on-one discussion with theologians, I came to my personal conclusion and wanted to share it with you:

Acts 15; 1-21 teaches about deference; respectful submission or yielding to the judgement, opinion, will etc. of another. Just as Paul and Barnabas showed deference in Judea about who can be saved, I can certainly show deference to Rotary, the greatest organization for good on Earth, by encouraging our clubs to relax on public prayer during meetings that are called in the name of Rotary in order to welcome those who are not yet working on their faith journey. I appreciate our club and value all the new friendships formed with our members. Thank you again for letting me be a part of the "cool kids"!

Erin Dobbins

Connection Church - Hanna and Hope House

December 06, 2023

Our speaker for this morning, Jeanne Henderson, spoke to the Club about a faith-based support housing located in Canton.

This housing is run by the Connection Church, which Jeanne and Claude belong to.  

The church has two homes for residents, the Hana House for women and the Hope House for men.

Residents must be 18 or older, have a job, and transportation to work. No children or pets are allowed in the homes. The residents are required to attend services at the Connection Church and pay $500.00 per month with $100.00 put in escrow for them when they leave which can be used on housing.

While at the homes the residents are supported by classes in home maintenance and finances. Support is given in helping them find better paying jobs. Clients are allowed to stay for 18 months. This is not a transition home.

Club members were reminded to stop by Joe's Produce on Saturday to support our Interact members who are Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army.

Our Club still hasn't heard from The Methodist Children's Home about the need for gift wrapping.

Susan Paluchniak   

Club Meeting

November 29, 2023

The speaker for this morning, Karoline Kenville, from Laugh & Learn Autism Therapy was unable to attend the meeting this morning due to illness, so instead we had a Club Assembly.

President Claude read several "Thank You" notes for donations from the Club.

The following items were discussed:

 1. Tour de Livonia had 400 riders. Next year's event will be on September 15th.

  2. Livonia Civic Concert is December 17th at Christ our Savior Church on Farmington Road at 3:00. Several of the singers are Club members.

 3. Dec the Rec, We might be too late to sign up for this year, maybe next year.

 4. Salvation Army Bell Ringers needed on December 9 from 10 to 3:00 at Joe's Produce sign up on Link . 

 5. Spaghetti Dinner was a big success with more people than last year. Place mats with the donor's name/logo was a good idea. Discussed making placemat two sided to increase sponsors.

6. Discussed the need for a freezer for Clarenceville Food Pantry. Possibility of getting a grant from Rotary Foundation as the type of freezer needed is in the $15,000 to $25,000 range. 

Susan Paluchniak   

Yum, Fun and More to Come at Schoolcraft College

November 15, 2023

At our meeting of November 15, we participated in a delicious treat as we had lunch at the new American Harvest Restaurant at Schoolcraft College in the Vista Tech Center. This special meeting was organized by Dawn Magretta, the Director of Schoolcraft College Foundation and a Livonia AM Rotary member. The President and CEO of the college, Glenn Cerny explained to us that the restaurant was a lab for students in the culinary arts program. It is open to the public by reservation.

Building the restaurant was part of an 11-million-dollar expansion referred to as Vista Tech 2.0. In addition, a Main Street Cafe and Craft Grille, which features crafted beers, were built. Margaret Fleming, the dining room instructor was introduced to our group, and she explained how the students are rotated between jobs from cooks to


Chemistry and cooking labs were part of the expansion. We learned that Schoolcraft College is held in such high esteem, the Nationwide Master Chef Certification testing is held at the college.

Dawn gave us a short tour of the Vista Tech Center. She explained the College offers programs that are responsive to the manufacturing and medical industries. They offer classes teaching trades, CAD drafting, accounting, health services, medical imaging, surgical technology, in addition to its core liberal arts program. She stated that that the college has outgrown its space and is looking to optimize their classrooms and offer hands-on experiences. Education facilities need more than traditional classrooms. There is a need to shift from classroom to training facility with actual real-life equipment. She hopes to engage community organizations in supporting their educational outreach efforts.

Nancy Darga

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Churchill High School Livonia Rotary AM Tour

November 08, 2023

Inspiration Behind Door 21

The Livonia Rotary AM Club met at Churchill High School for a private tour of the facility organized by Mike Ladwig a member of Rotary and former student. Little did we know that behind door 21, where we assembled, we would experience an environment that exceeded our expectations in the educator’s approach and aspirations to learning.

Paul Shepich the school district Superintendent and Melissa Carruth, the Assistant Superintendent were our tour guides, and their enthusiasm was contagious as they outlined the school’s curriculum and current project to build a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Lab (STEM). Computer-generated pictures of the built-out lab were shown and we learned that the Clarenceville School District is four square miles and consists of two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The schools are in Wayne County, but they are designated as part of Oakland County Intermediate School District. The district is classified as a “Title One,” community meaning that the medium-income

level is below average.

Funding for the new lab was through corporate donations from MASCO and other sources. It was explained that many of their capital improvements are made through their own foundation and outside support. Annual fundraisers such as golf outings are part of their funding strategy. It became apparent that this small district was ready to hustle for the resources their students needed.

Currently, the school district handles 1689 students of which 48% live outside the school district boundaries and are enrolled through the “School of Choice Program.” Although most of their students are from Livonia a large group are from Redford, Detroit, and as far away as Southfield.

A testimony to their perceived success with students.

As we toured an Engineering Lab we learned that the teacher, Deb Krummer was a former mechanical engineer and her repour with the students was dynamic. Smiles crossed the faces of her students as she explained they taught electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering in the lab.

A walk through the current STEM Lab we were shown “Tiny Houses,” built by students and their current project to design a colony on the planet Mars.

These classes went way beyond books in terms of critical thinking, working in teams, and using their creative minds and hands.

Melissa pointed out they needed more 3D printers ($620) and Robotic arms ($2,000) for the labs and were looking for sponsors. We also learned that the school has a partnership with OTC and Schoolcraft College for additional classes and access to their labs.

In addition to the STEM and Engineering Programs, the school had a curriculum in CAD, IT Coding, and Woodworking. On the cultural side of learning the school offered Broadcasting, Journalism, Choir, Theatre, Art, Ceramics, and Graphic Design Programs. A strong Athletic Program is supported by the district.

The food pantry was the last stop on the tour, and we learned that the pantry provides groceries to families who are in need determined by the Student Support Coordinator and Social Worker located in each school building in the district. The pantry is operated by cognitively impaired students as a means of teaching life skills. These students also grow organic foods such as zucchini in a garden on site. The zucchini was used to bake muffins served to our group with coffee in the cafeteria before we left. These students bake cookies and muffins for sale at their “Trojan Store,” located in the school. Melissa pointed out that the pantry needed a walk-in cooler for perishables items. This item could cost from $4,000 to $10,000 dollars.

As we left, the rain was falling but our spirits were rising thinking about the commitment and excitement the teachers and administration exhibited during the tour.

Nancy Darga

LSO Celebrates 50 Years of Beautiful Music

November 04, 2023

Club member Claude Kendrick (and Jeanine) along with David Stechholz attend the concert honoring the Livonia Symphony’s 50th Anniversary this past Saturday at Clarenceville Louis Schmidt Auditorium.

Great jazz at its very best.

The theme was Zonjic meets Motown, featuring Alexander Zonjic and his award-winning band, and Serieux performing a Motown Temptations Review along with the Livonia Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Volodymyr Shesiuk.

Meet The Candidates

November 01, 2023

The final two candidates running in this year’s Livonia election spoke at the November 1, 2023 meeting, Special thanks goes out to Mike Ladwig who arranged all of the candidates to speak about their campaign.

Martha Ptashnik, is running for Livonia City Council. She has two kids in Churchill Highschool. She was a teacher for sixteen years. She also has business experience as a buyer for Marshal Fields and other retail outlets. She serves on the Livonia Zoning Board of Appeals. She wants to keep Livonia taxes low and is concerned about the recent cost estimate to repair the current Livonia buildings and infrastructure needs. She wants to concentrate on the development of neighborhoods and supporting senior serves.

Mayor Brosnan was the next speaker and mentioned she had to leave the meeting after her presentation to testify to the full Board of Wayne County on a grant application the city submitted for 8 million to rebuild the Senior Center. This federal allocation was coming from the American Rescue Plan. With this grant, the city has raised 21 million towards the total estimated price of 21.5 million for the center.

The Mayor mentioned that the residents have told her they want a downtown. The city is working to develop multi-density housing along Five Mile. The residents also told her they wanted a safe community. She increased the fire and police staffing levels to 90% by bringing back defined benefits and allowing lateral transfers. She bragged about repaving seventeen miles of roadways under her administration. Having the lowest millage rate in Wayne County.

In regard to a 98 million dollar cost estimate to repair all of Livonia's facilities, the Mayor stated that if elected she would set up a “Brain Trust” to address entrepreneurial solutions to find the resources and needed funding.

Nancy Darga

Spaghetti Dinner Community Fundraiser SUCCESS!

October 25, 2023

Thank you for a great day Wednesday at our Annual Rotary World Polio Day Community Spaghetti Dinner. It was a very large crowd, though I'm waiting for more of the attendance and financial information. Last year 20 tables were set up; this year there were 24 tables, and all the tables were used, with more people added after tables were bussed and new placemats "placed." 


My son Andrew and I delivered the left-over food - quite a lot! - to Family of God and Eglesia Pan de Vida Lutheran churches in the Springwells area of SE Detroit. The people who received it were so very grateful.


Many thanks also to Barb Moldenhauer (Our Savior Lutheran events coordinator) and the five men from the Church how helped out both yesterday and this morning - tables, chairs, canopies and lights; to the Interact students from Church Hill High School (11 of them); Thrivent and Rick Hart ($250 Thrivent grant for the food); and all of you who gave so much of your time, support, and efforts. Job well-done!

Many thanks to Rotary spouses and family members who also helped out, especially with clean-up. Interestingly, all 12 - I believe - of our candidates for elective office in Livonia were present and very respectful of our Rotary clubs (Rotary Club of Livonia [noon] and the Livonia A.M. Rotary Club) and the goal and singular focus on eradicating polio from the earth and immunizing all children world-wide. Many former Rotarians were also present, as well as Past District 6400 Rotary Governors Paul and Traci Sincock


Two other bravos with two new "firsts" at the Spaghetti Dinner: To Livonia A.M. Rotary President Claude Kendrick, for pulling off the placemats and sponsorships, with Pat Zucal readjusting the placemat donor settings and then printing them; and Eric and (his Dad, Mike Ladwig) of Livonia's UPS Store, for printing and furnishing the costs for the outdoor and indoor display posters and End Polio backdrop. With the latter, many people got their pictures taken with the backdrop.

 In Rotary Service, Dave Stechholz

I want to personally thank everyone for supporting this event year after year. This event is so much fun and our cause is so important! Let’s continue to show our support to eradicate Polio throughout the world, so awesome communities like Livonia are never affected again. 


As you all know, printing, designing, website IT, location set up, scheduling, marketing, etc. comes from from some awesome Rotarians and their businesses. Honorable mention also goes to Friday Musings, Livonia Chamber of Commerce, Rotary District 6400 website, City of Livonia website, Livonia Noon Club website and our very own AM Rotary newsletter for helping spread the word.


I want to also thank the Spaghetti Dinner Planning Committee; David Stechholz, Tammy Bonifield, Deanna Gaffney, Nancy Darga, and Barb Moldenhauer for another outstanding year! 


As we prepare for our debriefing; please send and share ideas with the committee for next year’s event. All Ideas are WELCOME!


YOURS IN ROTARY! Claude Kendrick

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Meet The Candidates

October 25, 2023

The meeting was another in the series of "Meet the Candidates" for the upcoming November City elections.

Scott Morgan is a current City Council member who is running for another term on the Council. Scott's background is a former Marine and Livonia police officer for 25 years. He served as a reserve police officer and a union representative for the police. Scott is a graduate of Madonna University. 

Andrew Lendrum is running for the office of Treasure of Livonia. Andrew served as Chairman of the Board of Review and believes that each business that is behind in taxes should be visited to determine the reason they are not paying their taxes.

Andrew's background was running an Insurance Agency, then real estate and building two Livonia subdivisions, Fox Creek Meadows and Stone House Estates, along with several private homes.

Susan Paluchniak

Kids Coalition Against Hunger Meal Packing Event

October 21, 2023

Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers who made the Kids Coalition Against Hunger food packing event at St. Edith’s Catholic Church a big success! Matt Collins with the Livonia Lions Club shared a bunch of photos and said. “We raised more than $17,500 to cover the cost of the meals. 175 volunteers participated on Saturday, so we were able to fill 13 production lines with additional volunteers in support."

"At 11:30 AM, representatives of area food providers (food pantries, soup kitchens, etc.) stopped by to pick up more than 33,000+ meals (154 cases) to be delivered to the hungry in Livonia and our surrounding communities! The balance of the meals were returned to Kids Coalition Against Hunger for World Hunger donations."

"Thank you all SO MUCH for your continuing support of Livonia's Kids Coalition Against Hunger Meal Packing Event.”

Matt Collins

Club member Dave Stechholz said “The event was amazing! There was a very large group from our Churchill H. S. Interact Club! All the volunteers together packed over 30,000 instant meals! Bravo also to Thrivent and Rick Hart’s team and our sister Rotary Club of Livonia (noon). And to Lion Matt Collins and Michael Corwell of KCAH. A tremendous annual event.”

Dave was joined by fellow club members Nancy Darga, Tammy Bonifield, Greg Greene, Mike Ladwig, Rick Hart, and Bob Carris.

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Meet Nancy Darga

October 19, 2023

Reprinted from Friday Musings

Meet Nancy Darga, lifetime polio survivor, member of the Livonia Rotary AM Club, serving 12 years on the Northville City Council.

This back story on Nancy Darga, a member of the Rotary AM Club who last year shared her story with the club on the eve of the annual Community dinner in support of polio awareness, was printed on the City of Northville website and Musings is sharing with minor edits:

Once you meet Nancy Darga, you are not likely to forget her. She says what’s on her mind and asks probing questions when considering a matter before City Council, a role she served in for 12 years before choosing not to run in 2019. Her approach to problem-solving includes a deep dive into details and talking to people – on both sides of an issue.

She has taken on tough challenges to keep Northville unique, historic, and well-run as a City government during her years on the City Council and 20 years serving the Parks and Recreation Department in advisory capacities, primarily as a board member.

Read More

AAA Pregnancy Resource Center Fundraiser

October 12, 2023

Bob & Teri Carris, Pat & Lori Zucal, and Father Dave Stechholz attended the recent AAA Pregnancy Resource Center fundraising dinner featuring Dr Ben Carson as the guest speaker. This dinner was attended by more than 1700 people, over half of whom had never attended a AAA event.

AM Rotary has donated $2,000 a year for several years to AAAPRC which goes to the purchase of new car seats and pack-n-play cribs. Peggy Roberts, AAA CEO, noted that over 10,000 babies have been born to AAA clients in the 50 years the center has been operating, and 2,700 babies are believed to have been saved from abortion due to the support offered by AAAPRC.  

Bob Carris

Meet The Candidates

October 18, 2023

Mike Ladwig gave the invocation. 17 members were in attendance, with 5 members on Zoom, and 12 live-including our 2 guest speakers. We had lots of happy bucks; thank you, Sharon Pommerville!

Upcoming service events are this

Saturday’s KCAH (Kids Coalition Against Hunger) meal-packing event, October 21st at St. Ediths at 8:30 a.m., and World Polio Day Community Spaghetti Dinner, Wednesday, October 25th, 5:00-7:00 p.m., though volunteers are needed before and after. All hands on deck! Dave Burton gave a most encouraging update on our

Churchill High School Interact Club, now with 47 members!! 35 were present at the Interact meeting he attended.

Our two speakers today were part of the Meet the Candidates series for the upcoming Livonia City elections.

City Clerk Candidate Linda Scheel shared the following:

She is coming to the end of her 8-year term as City Treasurer. She has served 20 years in service to the City of Livonia.

Linda has 33 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry.

She has completed the State of Michigan Clerk training and has reviewed the extensive work of the City Clerk’s Office.

As Treasurer, she served on numerous boards and committees, including President, VP, and Secretary of the Wayne County Association of Municipal Treasurers.

Her goal would be to run the Clerk’s Office with integrity, transparency, fairness, and continued cross-training of the Office’s staff. She welcomes questions that people have.

She assured us that protocols are in place in the event of COVID and flu resurgences.

She reported that it takes $97 million to maintain the current City buildings. The heating and cooling and leakage and flooding matters need serious consideration in the aging City Hall building.

Linda addressed questions about keeping accurate updates of voting rolls.

Linda has worked very closely with Susan Nash, the City Clerk.

City Treasurer Candidate Sue (Susie) Nash shared the following:

Sue’s term of 8 years as City Clerk is coming to an end. She has been interviewed on CNN and the Washington Post, always being transparent and accessible.

She has worked with every department of the City of Livonia as well as managing the Clerk’s Office budget.

Susie, if elected City Treasurer, would like to partner with local organizations to help local high school and college students in terms of learning personal finances.

She has been President and Vice President of the Wayne County Clerks Association and holds the high award of being a Certified Municipal Clerk.

As Treasurer, she would like to have City “town hall” meetings to address people’s concerns and would like to increase City engagement with the community.

Sue noted that in discussing Livonia’s taxes, the citizenry needs to address both the positives and negatives of Livonia having the lowest tax rate in Wayne County.

She has this attitude: “We will get it done,” in response to citizens’ needs and concerns.

David Stechholz

District 6400 Foundation Dinner Celebration 2023

November 09, 2023

Our District is holding a Rotary Foundation Dinner event, to be held Thursday, November 9th, at 6:00 PM at Crystal Gardens in Southgate.

It will be an opportunity to celebrate and thank foundation supporters, raise some funds, and have some fun!

Supporters who reach their next level of giving will be recognized that evening. More details HERE.

Just Released - Touch A Truck 2023 Video

October 07, 2023

Though we were unable to get our usual "Live Drone Video" for this year's Touch A Truck event, we were fortunate that Captain Todd Wesley, a Paramedic with Livonia Fire & Rescue stepped up to help. He was able to sort through the more than 300 photos that various of us took, to come up with the video referenced above.

Captain Todd did a great job and I know everyone in the club will appreciate his efforts. Please feel free to pass it along to others who volunteered. 

Bob Carris

Churchill High School Interact Club Meeting

October 16, 2023

Club member Dave Burton joined the Interact Club at Churchill HS for their club meeting. Dave sent along this photo to help introduce us to their many members.

Meet the Candidates

October 11, 2023

New Sponsor for Meal Packing Event.

Madonna University was announced as the latest Sponsor for the Meal Packing, event on October 21, 2023. This financial support will now allow us to pack 50,000 kits.

The newest member of the Livonia AM Rotary Club, Steve Alexander was welcomed to his first official meeting.

Kathleen L. McIntyre, a Mayoral Candidate, and Jim Baringhaus, a City Council candidate were introduced.

Kathleen L McIntyre talked about her volunteer service that included being on the City Council, Planning Commission, Senior Services, Zoning Board of Appeals, the Community Foundation, Chamber of Commerce and Brownfield Authority. She also has been very active at St. Aidan. She worked at Ford Motor for 22 years at executive level dealing with international trade.

She stated her reason for running for office was to make Livonia an extra special city who supports the police and public safety services. Kathleen wants to focus on fiscal responsibility without increasing taxes. She feels the upcoming budget will present challenges. During the question period, she addressed concerns about the upcoming garbage services and the need to address the stability of the electrical grid system. She addressed questions about steps being taken to provide public transportation in the city now that Livonia has opted out of the SMART System and the need to find bus drivers.

Jim Baringhaus stated that he is running to make Livonia a safe, strong, and vibrant city. He pointed out that the police and fire associations have endorsed him. He has a long career working for Fiat Chrysler with dealerships and field operations. He has a long history of serving on the Greenleaf Commission,

Planning, and Zoning, the Livonia Vision 21 Master Plan development, and the Livonia Bike Walk Commission. He serves on the Livonia Emergency Response Team and on the Board of the Newburgh

Swim Club. He wants to focus on responsible development that is compatible with the neighborhoods.

Sustainability is an interest of his which prompted his work with Rotary to introduce recycling at the Touch a Truck Event. He is also dedicated to keeping the financial health of the city a top priority. During the question period, he pointed out that there are many things the city can do to improve the sense of place in the community as we look for ways to encourage the redevelopment of closed facilities.

Nancy Darga

Operation Pollination

October 04, 2023

Worked continued on our Butterfly Garden after our meeting last week. Thank you to club members Erin Dobbins, Sharon Pommerville, Susan Paluchniak, and Claude Kendrick.

The groundwork has been laid for a viable pollinator habitat. This is our club's effort to help increase pollinator habitat and ensure their survival. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and bats help plants carry out reproduction by spreading pollen from plant to plant. Since 1985, the populations of a wide variety of pollinators have declined by more than 45%.

Club Assembly

October 04, 2023

We held our monthly Club Assembly this past week. Topics discussed were:

1.      Presentation by Robin Persiconi, Livonia Chamber of Commerce, to the Rotary Club Of Livonia AM for 10-year membership in the Chamber of Commerce.

2.      Financial Report- Tammy Bonifield reminded members to get their dues in. The Club is looking for speakers that are informative rather than ones that are looking for donations. 

3.      The Giving Committee approved a donation to Giving Songs a charitable organization that gives grants to families with disabled children money to purchase wheelchair accessible vans.

4.      The Tech Committee needs help in the morning of the meeting to help set up for the meeting. This takes about one half hour - report at 6:45. Contact Bill Friske or Pat Zucal.

5.      Tammy Bonifield is seeking help to rewrite the Club By-Laws. Please contact Tammy.

6.      The Fund Raising Committee needs ideas to bring in extra funds to the Club. Currently, we have the Carnival, but the old Sears spot is not guaranteed. Ideas/ suggestions for new Carnival locations are needed. Contact Pat Zucal or Joanna Hardesty.

7.      Newsletter article writers are needed to write a summary of what happened at the meeting for the newsletter. Several members agreed to take turns on this project. They are week 1 - Nancy Darga, week 2 - Susan Paluchniak, week 3 - Pastor David Stechholz. Week 4 is open... If you are willing to help, please contact Claude.

8.      Approved membership to Steve Alexander.

9.      Discussed Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser.


Susan Paluchniak 

Learning to Lead Conference

September 30, 2023

Club member Tammy Bonifield joined Rotary International President 2022-23 Jennifer Jones, District Governor Russ Jones, and many of our Rotary friends at the Learning to Lead event in Toronto recently. Tammy is the Treasurer of our Rotary District 6400.

Steak & Lobster Dinner with Livonia Rotary

September 27, 2023

District 6400 Governor Russ Jones is passionate about preserving our natural

environment and promoting environmental sustainability to ensure future generations

can enjoy natural wildlife and clean water. DJ Russ noted in his official visit to our club that 80% of planet Earth’s fresh water is supplied by the Great Lakes. In keeping with this theme, Livonia AM is participating in Rotary International’s Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) initiative, Operation Pollination.

ESRAG Committee Member, Therese Maggioncalda of District 6400’s Passport Club, visited our club on September 27th along with special guest from District 6380, Scott Nelson of Ann Arbor Rotary, to talk about service projects and the importance of our pollinating friends, especially the monarch butterfly. Operation Pollination is “a simple 7th Area of Focus environmental framework and growing Rotary movement that enables and encourages Rotarians to engage in pollinator protection and education

projects” according to

During their visit, Therese and Scott brought the MOMA Hope Statue as it completes its tour following the natural migration of the monarch.

The statue is a beautiful butterfly that was sponsored by the Monterrey Metropolitano Rotary Club (Mexico), Canadian Pacific Kansas City Railroad, and others. ESRAG states “this tour builds on last year’s 1st Monarch statue event that raised more than $100,000 for 60,000 oyamelfir trees necessary for Monarch Butterflies.

During these dates, the MOMA Hope statue will travel between Calgary/ Edmonton to Winnipeg, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, and several points south into Mexico ending its journey at the Monarch Biopshere Reserve (near Morelia, Mexico).”

We are fortunate to be honored as a stop on the tour of the MOMA statue. Be sure to check our our Operation Pollination Participation project garden located just outside the entry to our weekly meetings.

Erin H. Dobbins

Steak & Lobster Dinner with Livonia Rotary

September 25, 2023

lub member Erin Dobbins enjoyed an evening out with our friends at the Livonia Rotary PM club recently. Erin helped the club celebrate their annual Steak & Lobster Dinner at Rotary Park. More Photos

Western Wayne Leadership Business Leadership Conference

September 25, 2023

Club members Dawn Magretta, Claude Kendrick (and wife Jeanne), and Eric Ladwig attended the Western Wayne Business Leadership Conference last week.

Hundreds of Western Wayne’s business and political leaders met for this annual influential gathering designed to connect people to initiatives and opportunities across metro Detroit.

More Photos

Ice Cream Social

September 20, 2023

Our club came out in strong numbers to serve up ice cream at the Senior Center this past Wednesday. Thank you to club members Tammy Bonifield, Sharon Pommerville, Mayor Maureen Brosnan, Dave Stechholz, Bob Carris, and Claude Kendrick.

More Photos

Meet The Candidates - Lori Miller & Brandon McCullough

September 20, 2023

The Rotary club had as a speaker Lori Miller who is running for the position of City Clerk and Brandon McCullough who is running for City Council.

Lori Miller is currently the Deputy Clerk running for City Clerk. Lori stressed her certification she has for this job position. She has been giving classes at the Senior Center and Senior housing facilities to help the residents keep informed on how the new Proposal 22 will affect them. The legislature is still working on finalization of that Proposal before it can be implemented.

Lori is also interested in holding mock elections so people can see the voting machines and see how the voting process works. Lori hopes to target young people to vote.

Brandon McCullough talked about the need for the City to increase its infrastructure. The Civic Center library has a huge cooling machine outside because the current system is not working. City Hall has tiles falling down and front steps that are roped off. He brought up Noble Library that currently has residents wanting to "Bring back Noble Library". This library has a severe mold problem that resulted in previous administrations ignored. He stressed that money has to be used to keep Livonia's infrastructure sound.


Susan Paluchniak

American Harvest Restaurant at Schoolcraft College - Grand Reopening

September 20, 2023

Club member Dawn Magretta along with Claude Kendrick and his wife Jeanne attended the grand reopening of The American Harvest Restaurant on the grounds of Schoolcraft College. This news is exciting because our Rotary District enjoys holding events at the Vista Tech facility that houses the restaurant. Not to mention, Dawn is the Executive Director of the Schoolcraft College Foundation. Claude said the award-winning student-made beer was incredible and the food was pretty terrific as well.

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