You're Invited! 
Join Us and  Meet Jade Work, 
the  New Owner of  2757 Gird Road!
The former Fallbrook Golf Course's back nine. Photo: Ken Seals, October 31, 2016.  
Mark your calendars! Jade Work, new owner of the former golf course, will be at 2757 Gird Road, Noon to 2 PM, on Wednesday, November 23. Swing  by during that time and say hello! 

Jade and his crew are already hard at work and have lots of decisions still to make as they transform the property into a vineyard but Jade wanted to make himself available to the neighbors on Wednesday. This is your chance to meet him, get to know him and express your thanks for all his hard work securing this property and saving it from imminent development. 

Gird Valley painting, courtesy of  Mijoa Rho.
Jade lost valuable time due to delays during the escrow process so he and his crew are starting work on his property as soon as possible. Expect to see a lot of activity this winter as this badly neglected landscape is transformed! 

We trust Jade will create a stunning property that is in keeping with the rural character of Fallbrook, and we support his efforts as he and his crew begin to work. We know he has great vision combined with skills and experience and can't wait to have this important property become, once again, the gem of Gird Valley! 

Along with Jade, some of the Steering Committee members will be there too and we look forward to seeing you between Noon and 2 PM, Wednesday, November 23.   

The Steering Committee

  • Stop by Wed Nov 23 between Noon and 2, say hello and thank you to Jade and crew! 
  • Visit our website, urge your friends to sign up for our emails. 
  • Contact us to donate to help with expenses and/or support a nonprofit to be formed in 2017.
  • Add your comments to the new articles about the property. Keep the discussion going!

Protect Fallbrook's rural character!
A BIG THANK YOU to Jade and Julie Work for saving Gird Valley from development and to Fallbrook for supporting them and the property's transformation this winter!