Spring 2013 Newsletter
A few of the newest GHRoW Scholars

More SVA students (11) received GHRoW scholarships this year than in any prior year.  A record $32,500 was awarded because gifts from SVA alumni and friends were also at an all time high.  And this year's gifts included matching donations from two SVA graduates.

Below you will meet the newest GHRoW Scholars as well as a couple of the earliest GHRoW Scholars, Sarah and Rebecca (including a letter from Rebecca).  Several alumni from the GHRoW Board recently had a chance to get together with the scholars for pizza and ice cream in Harrisonburg and you'll read about that, too.

If you have any questions about GHRoW or the scholarships awarded please visit  www.ghrow.org or email us at info@ghrow.org.  If you would like to be a part of the 2013 and future scholarships, you may provide your gift here.  We would enjoy hearing from you and having you join the growing number of SVA alumni and friends making a difference through GHRoW scholarships.

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The GHRoW Foundation Trustees and SVA Alumni
Byron, David, Donna, Jamie, Kim, Lauron, Paul, Rick, Steve and Tony
Eleven Scholarships Awarded for 2012-2013

2012-3 GHRoW Scholars
The generosity of SVA alumni and friends made a record $32,500 in GHRoW scholarships  possible this year - impacting eleven SVA students and their families.

Six students, Donovan Drain, Andrea Herrera, Daniel Jimenez, Julia Jedamski, Diana Ventura and Gabriela Whonder received a total of $25,000 in Worthy Student scholarships.  The Worthy Student scholarships are awarded to sophomores and distributed during 10th-12th grade at SVA.

Four Jump Start scholarships totaling $6,000 were awarded to Paola Nago, James Matthews, Amber Lawhorn and Mirna Cruz.  Jump Start scholarships are need based and awarded to first time enrolling students at SVA.

The 4th annual R. Scott Handel Scholarship was awarded to Lissette Rivera who is both the Senior Class and Girls Club president.  Lissette received $1,500 as part of recognition for her outstanding leadership at SVA. 

Pizza with the GHRoW Scholars
Pizza and Ice Cream with the GHRoW Scholars.

All 17 current GHRoW scholars and several SVA faculty were invited out for pizza and ice cream on March 3rd.  Most were able to join members of the GHRoW board at Franco's Pizza and Dairy Queen in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  It is difficult for a teenager to miss this diversion from cafeteria food.
Also, we were privileged to have Sarah Coulter (standing back row far left in the photo) join us.  Sarah was the very first SVA student to receive a GHRoW scholarship in 1994.  She now lives in New Market with her husband, Todd, and teaches at Shenandoah Valley Adventist Elementary school.
Modeling their new backpacks.

The GHRoW board members present shared with the students about their own time at SVA, how and why GHRoW started and they were told about the many, many alumni who make their scholarships possible. 

Questions from the students included:

"How do we get involved"
and "How can we contribute" to GHRoW?  

Each student genuinely appreciates their scholarships and the alumni who made them possible.  SVA Principal,Travis Johnson, shared that the students were excited to be part of something special - to be a GHRoW scholar. 

Besides leaving with leftover pizza, each student received a backpack filled with a few goodies targeted to help any teenager survive.  The GHRoW board personally sponsored the day's events including a back pack with the GHRoW logo for each student.

"Thank you ... for the scholarship I received"
Rebecca Iwancyzk with her family.

Rebecca (Jackson) Iwancyzk, 1995-6 GHRoW scholar and 1998 SVA graduate, wrote recently to share a few thoughts with you.

"The four years I spent at SVA were truly a blessing.  The deep relationships, solid education and diverse outreach and travel opportunities I received were life changing and prepared me well for college and life.  Most importantly though, SVA provided the spiritual environment where I fell in love with Jesus and gave him my life.

Today I am a wife and a mother of two boys.  I'm also a Speech-Language Pathologist, working with children at a private practice.  I am active in my local Seventh-day Adventist Church and am in the process of enrolling my oldest son at AW Spalding Elementary so he can enjoy the benefit from a Christ-based education as I did.

Thank you to the GHRoW Foundation for the scholarship I received my sophomore year at SVA.  My experience there had a far reaching influence in my life and more than I could have ever imagined.  God bless you as you continue to award scholarships to SVA students." -- Rebecca

Thank you on behalf of the 17 GHRoW Scholars at SVA today,

The GHRoW Foundation  

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