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Our community members worked hard in bringing new faces to our new member orientation last month! We hope to see many new community members support us in our growing work. Check out our updates and find out how you can help grow our work below! 
HOPE Spotlight
Healthy Corner Store Youth Leaders
HOPE Healthy Corner Store Youth Leaders ( from left to right), Berenice, Jesus, Natalie, and Stephanie.
Two years ago, HOPE began a partnership with Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA), a small high school in East Oakland serving grades 6-12. CCPA students develop as learners, thinkers, communicators, and citizens. The school connects student learning to the real world through partnerships with community organizations working on social justice issues. Graduating CCPA students are required to complete an internship at assigned organizations and present what they learned as part of their senior project. We previously featured Damarys Torres, who served on the YAB and was a CCPA student, and her social justice artwork as her senior project here.


This year, our CCPA interns are Berenice Aragn, Natalie Castrejon, Jesus Cervantes, and Stephanie Martinez. After their meet & greet with HOPE, they left pleased and excited about their placement. The CCPA interns will be members of the YAB and support the work around the Healthy Corner Store Project, specifically around the implementation of produce and prepared foods (?) at Eihab Discount Store, which is across the street from the CCPA campus. Some of the responsibilities they share include conducting corner store customer surveys, outreach, marketing produce to their peers, and reporting their progress at YAB meetings. As the youth are completing their internship, they're developing skills in leadership development, public speaking, and communication methods.  


Jesus conducting customer surveys at Eihab. 
All of our CCPA interns are enthusiastic about seeing their peers eat healthier and playing a role in preventing high rates of obesity and diabetes in their community. Samantha sees CCPA students frequent Eihab before class and snack on hot Cheetos for breakfast! She hopes that when the Healthy Corner Project is implemented, her peers will opt for a healthier snack instead. 


Food Systems
The Fight for the Right to Grow Food Continues!
Ed Mannassee, Strategic Planning Director for City of Oakland, proposes lifting restrictions on growing food in Oakland to the Planning Commission.

HOPE Collaborative members and partners have been working hard to transform Oakland's urban agriculture landscape. Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC), HOPE's core food policy partner, has been leading a campaign in support of urban agriculture in Oakland. On September 17, urban agriculture advocates won a huge victory at the Planning Commission. 


Esperanza Pallana, OFPC Director writes in OFPC's blog, "In a remarkable show of support, the Oakland Planning Commission voted 'Yes!' to the basic right to grow food. The Commission went above and beyond a significant liberalizing of code by Planning Staff to enable to growing, harvesting and selling of food 'by right.' They further voted to remove restrictions in commercial and transit zones. The proposal moved forward to City Council will enable 1) the right to grow food for personal consumption in nearly all zones without permits (we are still working on parks in support of the Edible Parks Program) 2) enable "Limited Urban Agriculture" which includes sales without special permitting (you still need a business tax license...death and taxes, my friend, death and taxes) in most zones in Oakland. Click the following links to read the proposed changes:


    Community Gardens 

    Limited Agriculture  

    Extensive Agriculture 


However, the proposal moved forward now includes the Commercial Business District Zones and Transit Oriented Zones."


This is a milestone for urban agriculture advocates who have been putting pressure on the City of Oakland for years to reduce barriers to growing food in Oakland.   


We ask for your on-going support as this issue will be brought before Oakland's City Council in the coming week:


Tuesday October 21st: Full City Council, Meeting begins at 5:30PM


Community Engagement
Healthy Living and Breaking Bad Habits
By Sandra Muniz, HOPE YAB Member
All the youth who attended EAT Summ'it on September 27, 2014.

As an organization that advocates public health, 10 youth from HOPE's Youth Action Board (YAB) attended EAT Summ'it, an event hosted by Project EAT that took place at Mosswood Community and Recreation Center on September 27, 2014. The event informed youth about prominent health problems in low income communities. Youth who attended the event were asked to participate in workshops that involved discussion around diabetes and how often this disease comes up in the everyday lives of certain communities because of unhealthy eating habits.  


Youth were then asked to give their thoughts on this issue in their own community and responses could be expressed in different ways. One HOPE YAB member, Luis Ramirez said "They gave us a poetry workshop to freestyle from random words that we came up as a group; this discussion was unique because it allowed us to express how we felt about diabetes in our own ways." Another youth representative from HOPE who attended the event, Natalie Castrejon said "This [issue] affects East Oakland because of the junk food around our area - too much sugar in the food."


The youth reported that this event was very informative and fun. One of the youth at the event said "I would recommend this event to other youth because it's different from other events. It's youth friendly, knowledgeable, and the event teaches you some facts on how to have a healthier life style." Overall, the event was a success with an informative impact on the youth.


To read the poem YAB member, Luis Ramirez wrote at the event, click here.  


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The food movement has grown and many food businesses and food justice organizations have found a home in Oakland over the past several years, but the residents in the flatlands still face challenges to healthy food access and healthy environments. HOPE is working to bring nutritious and affordable produce to corner stores in East and West Oakland to revitalize and promote economic development in the neighborhoods.


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