" The power of today…every day! Seek out this mid-point between yesterday and tomorrow and you will be able to literally change your life!" ~ Randi Levin
Imagine if your life were divided into 3 chapters.

If yesterday, today and tomorrow were 3 distinct places, where would you hang out, and what would you give your attention to?

Where your thoughts go you follow. Your energy follows as well.

So here is a mid-summer mindset reset for spending your time and expanding your attention to the middle page of your story. That middle page is TODAY. It is the departure point for leveraging your legacy and the sweet spot for happiness and balance.

Will I meet you in the middle? Here is why you will find me there…
If you focus on yesterday your energy is behind you. You may feel overwhelmed and tired and your motivation may be drained. Your mind may be replaying a relationship that ended, a job that you were downsized from, a difficult encounter, a grudge, or all the things that you think you “should have” done “if only.” The truth is that you cannot change the past or re-experience the moments your mind is wandering to.
MINDSET RESET: Take a moment to reflect on the situations that you are recycling. What was successful about them? Where were the wins? Even the most negative memory has some golden moment found in what you learned or in what you yearned for. What was it about that particular event that was so important to you? Find the gold and bring it forward. Where can you take what you learned, gather the successes from your past, and bring them into TODAY. Cashing in on the moment at hand you can lean into more of the things you loved, celebrate your own growth and make choices about what is now and what is next in your life. Yesterday was a pathway to today. Let go of what did not work and celebrate what did. Where is it leading you NOW?
If you focus on tomorrow your energy is ahead of you. How interesting that all our goals, business plans, New Year’s resolutions, and dreams live in the future? That is why it is often hard to focus on the day you are living. If you are enraptured with dates and finish lines that live in tomorrow, then you may miss the moment. Feeling stressed and way too busy? Procrastinating or stuck? When your thoughts are locked in tomorrow your energy is not focused on the solutions you possess today. Don’t get me wrong, you need to have those goals and dreams and you need to program your GPS towards them. The secret to successfully doing that is in…TODAY. Celebrate what you can do now, even if it is the smallest step.
MINDSET RESET: Today is the magic ticket to tomorrow! When your energy is thriving in this middle spot of NOW it is usable energy! It is in today that you drive tomorrow with the choices and decisions that you make and with the action and traction that you curate. Today is the day that you can become a legend in your own life! Why? Because you call the shots on today’s success. The decisions and choices you make and take NOW redirect your life. The first step is to shift your definition of legacy from tomorrow to today. What can you do RIGHT NOW from this vantage point? What will have the most impact and meaning for you today?

DO THIS NOW: Create a solution focus by adding color to the middle page of your story. For the month of August challenge black and white thoughts with a pop of color! Try something new and allow growth to wash over you in the current moment. What happens to your energy when you allow creativity and color to impact and inspire you?

How is your day transformed when you concentrate on highlights and wholeness?

  • Focus on a color of the day. Every day for the month of August focus on a new color! I know it sounds silly but give it a try! (EX. Monday is yellow day, Tuesday is green day, Wednesday is pink day etc.) What are you curious about? Where can you add dimension to what you have already done or already know…right now? If you live TODAY in a vibrant hue what does it bring to your conversations and interactions? In yellow, is today a partial  success or a partial fail? Where is your energy?

  • Create evidence and move your thoughts from your head to your heart. Write about your pink day or your green day. Wear the color that you choose for the day. What does this in-the-moment mini shift do for your soul and where does it impact the decisions you make right now? Does it make you smile more, or does it motivate you to do more? Are you seeing and seeking things differently from a colorful middle page?

  •  Redefine Success: How does a fresh hue bring a beginner’s mindset to the table at work and at play? What meaning are you associating with a more vibrant day? How does and can this simple tweak impact you each and every day to seek the solutions and celebrate wins now? Does it bring you back to today?

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