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Upcoming Events:
January 26-28, 2021
San Diego Convention Center
Booth# 641 (tentative)

This year marks Taiyo America, Inc.'s 30th year!  We thank you for your continued business, support and loyalty and look forward to bringing you Unmatched Innovation for many years to come!

 If you're not innovating, what are you doing? 

At Taiyo we're innovating!

We're shattering the high temperature requirements before Christmas!

In the past I have introduced you to inkjet solder mask, crack resistant white solder mask, flexible dryfilm solder mask and our solution to thermal management. However, it doesn't stop there.

For the automotive industry, we are working on a product that will shatter the old high temperature requirements and it should be ready before Christmas.

For the communications market, we have a new low Dk / Df solder mask available right now and our parent company Taiyo Japan is working on a new dielectric build up material with super low Dk / Df properties.

Hopefully, something mentioned above has you as excited as I am; please let us know if you would like to discuss!

I'm not sure who said "Nothing changes if nothing changes", but this is a great time to really take hold of that quote and take action. A lot of us are working from home unable to do our jobs the way we have for years, so this is the perfect time for transformation, or better yet innovation. We won't see any change unless we do something different, as reflected in the famous management consultant Peter Drucker's statement, "If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old."

If you look at the stock market you will see the giant companies succeeding and the little guys falling behind. The key to surviving is always innovation. Innovate your product offerings, innovate the way you do business; just start doing things differently. Personally, I'm excited with the recent changes at Taiyo America; in just the past 4 months, we have added 6 new faces to the company, and we acquired an equipment company, Circuit Automation. To top that, the Taiyo group companies have new products in the pipeline that customers and OEMs are very excited about.

When you are ready for a virtual technology roadmap exchange, let your Taiyo America sales contact know and we can arrange it in record time. We look forward to hearing from you! Please stay safe and healthy.
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing

Meet Taiyo America's President Takuji "Zach" Maekawa

A talk with Takuji (Zach) Maekawa, Taiyo America's President, about Taiyo today and in the future. As well as how they are coping with COVID-19.

Dan: Good talking with you today Zach. When did you come to Taiyo America?

Zach: Good talking with you Dan, I came to Taiyo in June of last year.

Dan: What is your background Zach?

Zach: Most of my career has been spent with cross-border technology companies working as a new business launch specialist, Intrapreneur, business turnaround specialist, start-up company manager, and venture capitalist. I've started a number of new businesses in Japan, the U.S. and Asia. I have always had a passion for new ideas, new products, and new companies.

Dan: How do you like working with Taiyo America?

Zach: It's awesome!

Dan: How are things going at Taiyo during this time of COVID-19?

Zach: We are doing everything we can to stay open and support our customers. Our goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied, and this focus does not change no matter what because customer satisfaction is our top priority. It's tough for everyone; we are seeing some of our customers struggle and we are doing all that we can to help them.

Dan: What are your goals for the company?

Zach: I'm focused on business growth as well as customer satisfaction. We have many new business opportunities in both North America and Europe. We are growing our solder mask business by expanding our solutions for our customers. In July we acquired the equipment manufacturer Circuit Automation, which was a good step for us; we knew they had great technology as well as great customer service. In fact, we share many of the same customers, so we fit very well together. The new company is called Taiyo Circuit Automation. Our customers are very happy with this acquisition because this makes us a one stop shopping resource for them when it comes to solder mask solutions. I expect that during the next five years we will continue to innovate by expanding our technologies and coming up with new and uniquely innovative products. We will then be of even greater value to our customers.

Dan: How do you see the North American market in general, and as far as your business?

Zach: Like I said earlier, we see a lot of business opportunities in North America for our company. I see companies spending more time, money and effort on new products. With the situation in the world right now companies are solidifying their electronics supply chain and are looking for more and more domestic sources. Taiyo has a wide range of product lines for dielectric materials including liquid based and dry film products which these companies are going to need as they develop new products.

Dan: What kind of new products is Taiyo able to offer right now?

Zach: We have a number of new products including inkjet solder mask, low temperature curing via fill, high thermal conductivity material, low dk/df materials, and flexible solder mask. Conductive stretchable paste for flexible electronics applications, as well as a number of other new products, are in development and will be introduced to customers in the next few months.

Taiyo is a global company with a wide network of sales, marketing, R&D, and technology capabilities. We have over 100 engineers world-wide focused on developing new solutions.

Dan: What would you like your customers to know about Taiyo America?

Zach: When you think of building electronic products and you require dielectric materials always consider Taiyo America, we are here to help solve your problems not only today, but in the future, as well.

Dan: Zach, once again thanks for taking the time to talk to me today.

Zach: My pleasure Dan!

For more information about Dan Beaulieu's DB Management Group:   https://www.dbmanagementgroup.com/

Hey, I made it out!
Once again, I hope you are all safe!
Sometime in early July, I made appointments to carefully visit customers and investigate new opportunities. Prior to the trip I discussed meeting agendas, attendees, required time for meetings and room configurations. I also informed all customers that I would be wearing a mask and asked if they would as well. Safe to say, everyone I visited was being as diligent and as vigilant as I was. It was a good trip, I'm glad I took the extra time to make sure everyone was prepared and safe.
On a personal note, fast forward to the end of July; my fishing trip was cancelled as entrance into Canada is currently a no-no. The outfitter I work with is very understanding of the situation. Thank you, COVID-19, for making me stay home because I really didn't want to go fishing anyway.
And on a business note, Inkjet and crack resistant white solder mask continue to be of growing interest. Most of the inquiries I receive are pertaining to these two offerings. I'm hoping that August will allow me a few visits to current customers, potential customers and OEM's, but there is no guarantee at this time. Please remember that if you need something from any of us at Taiyo America, call or e-mail and we will get back with you as swiftly as possible.
Again, I hope to see you soon, but until then, stay safe and healthy!

Donald Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Taiyo's upcoming events:

January 26-28, 2021 San Diego Convention Center
Booth # 641 (tentative)

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Established 30 years ago TAIYO AMERICA, INC. is a subsidiary of TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the world's leading manufacturer of specialty inks and solder masks for printed circuit boards. Taiyo offers conductive inks for manufacturing printed electronics, lighting & displays and other applications. www.taiyo-america.com

Dear Valued Customer,

Taiyo America now offers ACH as a payment method.  If your company utilizes ACH, please contact Taiyo America's AR Department @ 775-885-9959, ext. 105.
Kindest Regards,
Staff Accountant

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