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"The only world-class public research university
for, by and of California"

John A. Pérez, Speaker Emeritus of the California Assembly, was appointed to the University of California Board of Regents in November 2014 by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.

In May 2019, John’s colleagues on the Board of Regents elected him to serve as Chair.

As a UC Regent, John has been committed to working toward “a more perfect university.” As Chair, John is focusing on ensuring UC provides an elite education without elitist barriers that keep qualified students out, having the cost of education at UC be affordable, equitable, and predictable, empowering individual campuses and chancellors, building upon the university’s model of shared governance, turning UC into the kind of employer the university encourages others to be, and making sure every cohort at UC better reflects the people of California.

As Board Chair, John assisted in creating five Regental working groups, including the Working Group on Innovation Transfer & Entrepreneurship, which is tasked with optimizing how UC moves discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace, in addition to enhancing the monetization of UC’s vast intellectual property assets.

Coming out of a Labor background, John took part in contract negotiations for UC with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), who represent 16,000 patient care and 10,000 service workers at UC. He was instrumental in helping reach an agreement swiftly after more than two years of negotiations.

In September 2019, after UC President Janet Napolitano announced her retirement, John appointed a Special Committee to consider the selection of a President, the university’s most diverse selection committee ever, to make recommendations to the Regents. John serves as an ex-officio member of that committee.

In 2008, John was elected to the California Assembly, representing downtown Los Angeles and surrounding communities. In 2010, his peers elected him Speaker of the Assembly, making him the first openly LGBTQ person to serve in that position.

John A. Pérez being sworn in by former State Senator Art Torres on July 1, 2019.

“I am honored to serve as chair of the board and continue advocating for our students and their families, in addition to the UC community at large,” Pérez said in the press release.
John A. Pérez

Chair of the
Board of Regents
Kum-Kum Bhavnani

Chair of the
Academic Senate
Janet Napolitano

President of the
University of California
TOP UC Hispanic Executives Reporting to the President or Provost
Dr. Carrie L. Byington
Executive Vice President
UC Health

Dr. Carrie L. Byington, born in Bryan and raised in South Texas, was th e first Hispanic woman to serve as dean of a U.S. medical school at Texas A&M College of Medicine.

As of October 31, 2019, Dr. Byington oversees UC's five medical schools and hospitals and is the top medical educator in California.

Alexander Bustamante
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance & Audit Officer

Alexander Bustamante was appointed chief compliance and audit officer by the UC Regents on July 13, 2017.

Since 2011, Bustamante had been the inspector general for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), responsible for providing oversight of the department and its 12,000 employees.

Theresa Maldonado, Ph.D.
Vice President
Office of Research and Innovation

On March 10, Michael T. Brown, provost and executive vice president, Academic Affairs, announced the appointment of Theresa Maldonado, Ph.D., as the new vice president of the Office of Research and Innovation. She comes from the University of Texas, El Paso where she served as dean and Riter professor in engineering.

HSI means the institution has a 25% enrollment of Latino students and qualifies for extra funding from the U.S. Department of Education. Five UC campuses have been designated HSIs and three are are close to meeting the criteria (UC Davis, UC Los Angeles and, UC San Diego).

UC BERKELEY - Chancellor Carol Christ
UC LOS ANGELES - Chancellor Gene Block
UC MERCED - Chancellor Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz - Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
UC RIVERSIDE - Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox - Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
UC SAN FRANCISCO - Chancellor Sam Hawgood
UC SANTA CRUZ - Chancellor Cynthia K. Larive - Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

Note: Three more Hispanic Chancellors would mirror the State's population.
Former Lt. Governor
Cruz M. Bustamante
Ensured Creation of UC Merced
Former Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante (D) and Speaker Emeritus, was instrumental in securing the UC 10th campus; UC Merced.

UC Merced is located in the Central Valley of California, a region known as America's bread basket with a $50 billion agricultural industry and home to Cesar Chavez's United Farm Workers Union (UFW). It has a large presence of farm-working Mexican American families.

Mr. Bustamente was the first Latino Assembly Speaker and first Latino elected to statewide office in 100 years of California history.
Pérez Honored For His Leadership In UC Providing Access To Quality "Education" For All Californians
Chair John A. Pérez , is the right person to lead the UC system into the 2020 decade.

He has exemplary professional and leadership qualifications, a legislative track record in Higher Education, is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the UC system, but more importantly, he is a champion for all students," said Neptaly Aguilera, Co-Chair, Statewide UC Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association (CLAA)

UC Latinx Quick Facts:

• Approximately 201,000 (10%) Latinx Alumni of the total 2 million UC Alumni 
• Approximately 21% of all statewide UC graduates were Latinx students in 2018-19
• Approximately 60,000 Latinx students are enrolled in the UC System
Neptaly Aguilera and Lupe Gallegos-Díaz
Co-Chairs, Statewide UC CLAA, present John A. Pérez (center) an award for being a champion of inclusion and diversity in the UC system.
------ ABOUT THE UC CLAA ------

The statewide UC Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association (CLAA) honored John A. Pérez , Chair, Board of UC Regents at their quarterly Summit Meeting at UC Casa California in Mexico City, Mexico, for his exemplary public service and leadership in Higher Education.

The UC CLAA meets quarterly at one of the ten UC campuses. A key objective is to advocate for increased hiring of Latinx leadership, faculty, staff and support programs for the growing number of Latinx students in the UC system statewide. 

"It is very exciting to see all the 'great' work the respective UC CLAAs are doing in each UC campus to engage alumni, faculty, staff and the Latino community," said Neptaly Aguilera.

The UC CLAA hopes to schedule their next Summit Meeting at UC Merced to celebrate and welcome Chancellor Juan Sánchez Muñoz , with community leaders, elected officials and statewide UC CLAA representatives.
José Medina
 Member of the State Assembly (D-61)

Mr. Medina, as chair, Higher Education Committee in the Assembly, has championed diversity and inclusion in California's higher education system and held a series of hearings. Click here to review.
Joaquín Arambula, MD
Member of the State Assembly (D-31)

Dr. Arambula has championed the medical doctor training in the California Central Valley and engaged the UC to enhance the Prime-US Program in partnership with the UCSF Medical Education School of Medicine to better serve the Central Valley.
TELACU (The East Los Angeles Community Union) Education Foundation is America's premier effort to recruit, develop and support Latinos as they earn their advanced degrees such as MD, JD, University Professorship, STEM, and other notable degrees. This is the only one of its kind in America.

A close examination reveals that TELACU students have attended top schools in America for decades and many now hold high-ranking positions in government, the private sector and academia.

TELACU is uniquely recognized for "Building the Dream". Here are a few of the hundreds of impressive dream builders ... recent TELACU graduates from the UC system or in graduate programs now.
Angélica Gutiérrez, PhD
Organizational Management
UC Los Angeles
MPP , University of Michigan
BA, Political Science and Sociology
UC Los Angeles
Brian Ramírez , PhD
Mechanical Engineering
UC Los Angeles
MS, Mechanical Engineering
UC Los Angeles
BS, Mechanical Engineering
Cal Poly Pomona
Nathalie Camarena, JD
UC Hastings College of Law
BA, Political Science
CSU Northridge
Bianca Lizárraga , MD, MPH
UC Los Angeles
BS, Psychobiology
UC Los Angeles
Damian León , MTM
Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
UC Berkeley
BS, Mechanical Engineering
UC Santa Barbara
Emily Moreno, PhD
Biomedical Engineering
UC Davis
BS, Bioengineering
UC San Diego
The Campaign for
College Opportunity

California's Higher Education Governing Boards Do Not Reflect the Ethnic, Racial and Gender Diversity of California and its Student Body
This study reveals the need to realign governance in higher education to more adequately represent California's population demographics.

It is a great resource for those who want to propose solutions or strategies to help with that realignment.

For more information please go to visit their website at by clicking here.
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