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In my recent book, Messages from the Afterlife
I explained how a good reading can be extremely helpful to a bereaved person, but that a bad reading can to more harm than good. I then shared my intention to create a resource that would address this issue. In alignment with this goal, I will be setting up a testing program to identify gifted mediums and connect them with people who desire a reading / sitting.

The unique aspect of my program is that I will only list mediums who have achieved favorable results through a testing process. No medium will be listed as a recommended resource on my site unless they have demonstrated their ability through the process - even mediums I already know and trust. This will provide an equal playing field for all, yielding a list of trusted people for the bereaved. It is also my hope to discover some truly gifted people who are currently unknown.

If you would like to apply as a medium or a sitter please send an email to and advise me of which role you wish to pursue. This is just the first step and more specific information will follow further into the process. For now I am compiling a list of interested persons and it will take some time to put this all together. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this idea so please write me if you have anything to share.

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