February 24, 2023

Medical Supplies Show God's Love in Grenada

This is 14-year-old, Jeremiah. He lives in Grenada, and is a ray of sunshine to everyone he meets. Jeremiah also has a few physical limitations, having multiple surgeries since birth which left him with physical challenges. He needs a wheelchair for mobility, and also requires disposable diapers so he can enjoy life as a young boy. 

In Grenada, medical supplies and diapers are expensive, and unaffordable for most. Health is one of the four core areas at Midwest Mission, providing medical supplies and equipment to those who do not have access to necessary items. The last shipment from Midwest Mission included an assortment of medical supplies as well as disposable diapers, to help meet medical needs in their communities. 

As Food For The Poor’s in-country partners in Grenada distributed supplies, they stopped at a children’s home. It happened to be the children’s home Jeremiah lived in, where they distributed medical supplies and kits.

Jeremiah was given disposable diapers.

His response to the donation?

“God really loves me.”

How touching, yet heart-breaking that these disposable diapers were so needed yet unattainable that this was his sign that God really loves him.

At Midwest Mission, our mission is to show God’s love in a practical way - we want everyone who receives a kit or item to know that they are loved by God, and by the people who sent the items.

Juanita, Jeremiah’s social worker, said, “He is never down, if you were not seeing him, but only hearing him, you would never know that he has all these challenges. He is an inspiration to me.”

May Jeremiah be an inspiration to all of us, and a reminder that each item we send shows God’s love to someone who really needs it. 

An Item for "Some Day" is Needed by Someone "Today"

As part of Midwest Mission’s area of health, we send medical supplies and equipment in most of our international shipments. There is a great need in developing countries for supplies we take for granted in our country. 

We have access to wheelchairs, crutches, and canes. We can borrow them from a friend, or purchase them from our doctor. Orthopedic supplies are a part of our everyday health care.

But for others? This is a luxury. 

According to the Wheelchair Foundation, over 110 million people in the world need a wheelchair, but do not have one. Less than 10% of people who require a wheelchair in developing countries have access to one.*

Many of us in America have wheelchairs, crutches, and other orthopedic supplies sitting around, taking up space in closets and garages, because we might need them some day. 

But, what we might use some day, is desperately needed by someone today. 

We will have access to another item, should we need it again. 

They do not have access, and they need it now. 

At Midwest Mission, we collect medical supplies, such as wheelchairs, crutches, and canes, to give to those who are in desperate need today. 

Do you have something you are ready to donate? 

You can bring it to Midwest Mission (1001 Mission Drive, Pawnee, IL 62558) from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday, or leave it in our front breezeway when we are closed - don’t forget to fill out a donation form! 

Visit midwestmission.org/collect-donate for more information. 

*Read more statistics here.

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Prayers to Lift Up

When it seems like the devil is trying to get under our skin, we know God has amazing things in store. Please pray for continued faithfulness as we listen to God's call for Midwest Mission. Pray that we will continue sending the right items to the right places, in God's time.

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."

Proverbs 16:9

Midwest Mission Weekly Projects

Work of the Mission Volunteers

Projects completed

  • 10 Feminine Hygiene Kits
  • 560 Layette Kits
  • 280 Student Kits
  • 270 UMCOR Menstrual Hygiene Kits
  • 10 Personal Dignity Kits
  • 270 Off-Site Student Kits, Wesley UMC, Naperville, IL

Other work done

  • Bikes repaired
  • Sewing machines repaired
  • Desks built, polyurethaned
  • Counting items into inventory


  • St. John's Breadline, Springfield, IL: Redirect food Value: $1,482.40
  • Fairview Elementary School, Springfield, IL: Redirect hygiene and school supplies Value: $182.00
  • Salvation Army, Springfield, IL: Redirect food Value: $1,642.20
  • Springfield Rotary, Springfield, IL: Redirect food Value: $5,752.80

Midwest Mission is able to do this work because of your generous donations and willingness to volunteer. Thank you!

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