September 2023 Newsletter

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Personal Care Child Profile Forms

Check the date

A Child Profile Form is valid from the date a physician signs the form for up to a year. Ideally the forms are updated with an annual IEP update. If a new form is expired or needs to be adjusted, the start of the school year is a perfect time to update the form.

Create or update your Caseload

After you log into the Service Portal choose Manage Caseload in the upper right corner. You can check a box to "only show students on my caseload." Remove students from your caseload that you no longer serve. Uncheck this box to search for students to add to your caseload.  

If your caseload includes a student that is no longer active in the system, make sure to uncheck the box "only show active students." This will allow you to remove inactive students from your caseload. If you cannot find a student in our system to add to your caseload, please fill out a Student Information Sheet and send using the ShareFile.

If a student is listed as inactive but should be active, please have the student on your caseload and send Lisa an email with the initials of the student and she will get it fixed.

Please be patient

Student grade and school information will be updated soon


Updates to student grades and schools happen during September and October. If you notice that a student's grade or school is still incorrect after October 20th, please email Lisa Waterman for direction on how to get student records updated. As long as a student has a valid IEP, you can log services in the Service Portal.


Please do not email student names or send email attachments with student information. You can use student initials and a date of birth to reference students in an email

If you need to add a student to the Service Portal, please fill out a Student Information Form and send it to Lisa using our secure ShareFile link

‌Personal Care Manual ‌

If you are new to logging services or just need a refresher, the Service Portal Manual is a great resource.

‌Direct Care Therapy Manual‌ ‌

SSoM Medicaid Billing

School Services of Montana has partnered with RELAY to provide secure online Medicaid Billing for school districts and education cooperatives throughout the state of Montana since 2015. Over 800 school physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, paraprofessionals, nurses, social workers, and school administrators use this platform. Thank you for continuing to support your Montana school districts!

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