A Note from Scott and Marsha
May 7, 2020
I don't know about you, but this extended spring with cold mornings is pretty much insane. Don't get me wrong. We feel like March and April zapped us physically, mentally and emotionally. So to enjoy an extended spring and have some normalcy in May? We are very grateful here. We won't complain.  

With Mother's Day this weekend, it is bittersweet this year. First, every Mother's Day at the garden center is so gorgeous because it's when we are fully stocked and the weather has warmed up beautifully. Second, we celebrate with lots of graduates as it seems to always fall on Mother's Day weekend. And last, we celebrate Mrs. Davis for her birthday in May. She would come to the garden center, pack a picnic and eat on the patio overlooking the goats, chickens and lake.  

This year? Not so much. It's incredibly sad for God knows how many moms who are missing a graduation ceremony. Maybe I'm overdramatizing this, but seriously? I don't think I am. These two beautiful girls would have graduated high school and college. Meet sisters, Sophia and Lily. I changed their diapers. We babysat them. They are like daughters to us. We have not missed a graduation in their family until this year. And their parents? It's just so sad! It's a lot of work raising kids for 18+ years to not even have the chance to send them across the stage with pride knowing it's done! No, ceremonies do not take away from the accomplishments of high school and college graduations. But let's be real. Ceremonies celebrate the accomplishments. And there are many who have worked hard to achieve this milestone, not to forget the parent(s) who also worked so hard to support them.  

And with all the craziness the last six weeks, we haven't even had a chance to truly grieve the many losses. Mrs. Davis would have brought carrots, apples and pears for the animals, and she would have sat under the umbrella smiling and taking it all in. We didn't even have an opportunity for a normal and proper goodbye. There is sadness for everyone who lost someone recently.  

In all of this, bittersweet is the only word that came to mind. So to all the amazing moms, grands, women, friends, teachers, mentors, confidants who have poured tirelessly into the generations behind you, this is for you. You know who you are. We raise all our blooming flowers for you this weekend.  And to all those who lost a loved one recently or experienced a totally different loss of some sort, we raise more blooming flowers for you, too. No loss should be overlooked. All we can do is continue to scatter kindness like wildflowers in the wind. Bring your green home to be a bright spot in your day. You deserve something beautiful.  
Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10, 2020! We know it is an unusual year with everything going on. But that makes it the perfect year to bring mom to FGS and let her pick out her favorite plant, pottery, or other gift. The weather looks great, and we have plenty of room for everyone to spread out, enjoy our beautiful property and treat mom to something beautiful that will last much longer than cut flowers or take-out again from a restaurant. We can't wait to help you celebrate Mom this weekend!
If you are looking for a tree to dazzle mom, Dogwood trees are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Two of our favorite Dogwood varieties are Cherokee Brave and Chief Dogwoods. They are blooming now! Instead of the traditional white blooms, they have pink blooms. Dogwoods are best planted where they receive morning sun and afternoon shade. The summer heat in the afternoons can be a bit much for them. These varieties will grow to 25 feet in height.
Instead of a bouquet of roses for mom this year, consider roses that will last for years! We love Knockout and Drift Roses with the beautiful color they add to the landscape for months! Most varieties begin blooming in early spring and bloom their hearts out through fall. We have pinks, whites, reds and a cool apricot color as well! Roses love full sun and good drainage, so make sure to plant them where they can enjoy both.
Moms are sure to love the fabulous fragrance of Daphne. Daphne plants prefer deep shade, but can be planted in the ground or in a container. Be aware they can be challenging to grow. Do a little research about how to care for a Daphne shrub before planting. Our associates will be glad to give you best practice tips. Although challenging, Daphne's beauty and fragrance make it worth the time and effort!
Paver patios are a specialty of our landscape installation team. A paver patio will add a beautiful landing for your favorite outdoor furniture or firepit. In addition to improving your outdoor living space, a paver patio is an investment that will add significant value to your property. Pair your patio with the perfect plants to accent your landscape, and you will enjoy it for years to come! Request a consultation today!
Due to the current situation, we are putting all classes and workshops on hold until further notice. If classes are canceled and included a fee, a full refund will be issued. We will notify any participants of these changes well in advance.
Happy May, friends! Can you believe May is here already? There is plenty to do in the lawn and garden this month, and we made the to do list for you! Read this blog post to find your list.

Refresh your containers with new annuals to enjoy through the summer. We love the thrill, fill, spill technique . If you aren't sure what that is, or need suggestions for which plants are best, you will find what you need in this post .
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