We are very excited to announce
the launch of our special design
t-shirt fundraising event!

Support Between Horses and Humans in style!. Available for purchase now you can choose from 'The Horse in the Heart' design or 'Life Lessons from Horses'.

All profits from the sale of this apparel will go to support our very special program. Apparel from t-shirts to hoodies with our limited edition design can be purchased through a special store set up through Bonfire. Orders and deliveries will be handled through this site.

Between Horses and Humans has been changing lives and healing hearts since 2009. “Lives Changed, Hearts Healed” has been our tagline and is truly what our hope is for each child that enters our program.

While BHH is not therapy, we use the rehabilitative powers of horses to teach vulnerable kids successful relationship skills and mental/emotional resilience. This was the inspiration for the design of this special t-shirt with the horse in the heart.

Many thanks to one of our amazing volunteers, and board member, Laura Maffitt who designed these wonderful logos. Laura said she was inspired by the horses and humans she works with at BHH. We are inspired by you Laura!!

See below for examples of our fabulous designs...
more can be seen on the website here
Welcome to the latest member of the BHH family..
We are delighted to introduce Jupiter, the latest addition to the BHH family.
He arrived to a lovely welcome committee and is settling in wonderfully. He seems really happy to be here.
Jupiter is a 16.2hh, 21 year old Thoroughbred who was a hunter jumper until 3 years ago. He's had many years in a training program and has shown and placed in A circuit shows. 
He LOVES attention and being told how handsome he is :). He enjoys being talked to and scratched. Welcome to the BHH family Jupiter!!
Meet and Greet - Do you love horses and children? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of youth AND have fun teaching leadership through horsemanship? ....We are currently looking for experienced equestrians to join our dedicated team of volunteers! Please join us at the 'barn' for a meet and greet on June 3, 2021 at 4:00. We will have some fun getting to know each other, enjoy refreshments and discover how the work we do at BHH impacts the lives of the youth we serve!
When: Thursday June 3, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
Where: 310 Allerman Lane ( Maddie's Friesian Ranch) Gardnerville, NV
RSVP: volunteers.bhh@gmail.com or Jeannette Bostedt 408-313-8421
How BHH helps our students...
Marilyn is on the autism spectrum. She has been coming to BHH for about a year because she was getting bullied at school and struggling with life. She loves animals and especially the horses at BHH. She was telling me today how she is so much happier and confident now and believes in herself. She has dreams of becoming a veterinarian and working with animals some day. Doing ground work with rascal helps to build her leadership, focus, connection, and communication skills.
A story from one of our volunteers..
"The two siblings had never touched a horse before, and didn’t know much at all about them. It was the 9 year old's birthday . He apparently had been reluctant to come, didn't want to etc.. but when he arrived and was working with Doc, he repeated `this is so fun!’ Several times. When I told him that since its his birthday he could sit on Doc at the end of the lesson- he was SOO excited. Even though he was masked, I could see in his eyes, and his voice how moved he was to sit on an actual horse. It was so precious to be a part of that moment! I said," I bet you will never forget your 9th birthday!” He said ` NEVER!”  OH, and he told me he was taking a `part of Doc’ home- he showed me a tiny little wisp of Docs hair in his hand! So sweet! So, before he left, we got a ziploc baggie and got a lot more hair off Doc for his baggie. ...Love this `job’!"
With the retirement of Barbara Slade later this year, BHH is now accepting applications for two independent contractors to fulfill duties of Program Manager and Program administrator. Full job descriptions can be found here. And/or you can email inquiries to info@betweenhorsesandhumans.org or call Debbie McFadden-BHH Board Vice President 775-690-9911.
Volunteers help make the magic happen! If you have some time to share with us (no horse experience needed necessarily) Please contact us - Cell: 775.309.3879 (feel free to leave a message)

How your donation dollars help the BHH program thrive:

$25.00 - buys grain for one horse for month ($300 per year)
$50.00 - buys vitamins & supplements for one horse per month ($600/yr.)
$100.00 - covers tack, maintenance & winter stall bedding each month
$120.00 - $10 monthly donations will cover vaccines for one horse for a year
$200.00 - cost for equine dental care for one horse for one year
$450.00 - covers Shoeing (farrier) for one horse for one year
$500.00 - provides a one-on-one Six-Week Leadership Course for one child
$1,000.00 - covers Four-Week Group Leadership courses for up to 16 kids
$3,000.00 - pays for total care for one horse for one year
Your valued contribution helps us continue to share the magic and love of horses with more children, fostering an inner state of calmness and ease from which they can deal with life’s many challenges and questions.
Thank you for helping BHH serve the needs of our current and future students and making a lasting difference in the life of a child.
“Lives changed. Hearts healed.”
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2021 GOALS
Our goal is to expand our volunteer base and offer even more innovative programs this year to serve children with diverse needs in our community. We are always searching for individuals who are seeking to make a difference in our community – those who are philanthropic in the sharing of their time and expertise and have the passion to help us accomplish our mission to provide youth a place to learn leadership and life skills through horsemanship.