Join Calflora's 6th Annual Photo Contest
Fouquieria splendens
by Dan Fillipi 3rd place 2017
Calochortus pulchellus
by Eddie Risse 1st place 2017
Clarkia gracilis ssp. tracyi
by Sue Graue 1st place 2019
Wild California plant photos taken in the month of May and/or added to Calflora in the month of May qualify for the photo contest. Dust off your plant photos from bygone days and add them to the contest!

Q: What does the photo contest winner win?

Q: How do I use a camera to add photos?
A: Put your photos onto your computer and add them here . Here is a video tutorial.

Q: How do I use photos from my phone for the contest?
A: Use Calflora phone app Observer Pro for Apple or Android. Alternatively, load your photos on your computer and add them to Calflora here .

Q: How do I register as a data contributor?
A: From the Calflora home page , click on LOGIN - REGISTER in the upper right. You may also retrieve your password from there.

Q: What if I don’t know the name of the plant?
A: Add it to Calflora as “unknown” or with the genus, then add it to Plant ID Help group .

Q: Which species lack sufficient reference photos?
Please reply to this email with any questions, and show us your best shot!
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