May 2018

Happy birthday baby bison!  bison

Is your Wintix email not reaching your recipient?email

This has happened to a number of our Wintix users. What happens is that the email IS sent and passes though Mandrill, our email server. What happens next, though, is that the next email server may not think the email is legitimate.

It all has to do with stricter, more vigilant internet security and an alphabet soup of important, geeky internet protocols and acronyms like DMARC and DKIM. 

Don't let these techno terms scare you off. You may need to take action.  Learn more about it here.
Did you get the latest news from

If you are using as your internet gateway, have you signed up to receive email and other important notifications from them? It's important that you do, so you will get word if there is an issue that may be affecting transactions and what they are doing to resolve it.

New to or want a refresher training course?video

Head to to watch a new 30 minute video that includes:
  • The credit card process, including transactions types
  • Security options for your payment gateway account, including the Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Code Verification (CCV)
  • Declined transactions vs. transactions that return errors
Make sure people have the right  permissions in Wintixpermission

In Wintix, clerks are - or are not - given permission to:

  • Change price codes
  • Edit shows
  • Exchange tickets
  • Release house seats
  • Allow promoters access to their shows
  • Dozens of other important functions
Time to spring clean your ticket printer for sparkling results! cleanprinter

  • cotton swabs.
  • a bottle of isopropyl alcohol.
  • a can of compressed air.
  • Open up the lid of the printer and blow out the dust.
  • Using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol, clean the sensors within the printer as well as the black platen that the tickets roll over.
Oh yeah:
  • Every printer comes with documentation, generally online, that displays images of the printer showing where to clean. 
Here's an example for Practical Automation printers.
Net neutrality set to end June 11netneutral

On Wednesday., May 16, 2018, in a largely symbolic gesture, the Senate voted to maintain the current new neutrality rules, but that vote is unlikely to survive the House or the West Wing.

It's too soon to tell how much the new laws will affect our businesses and everyone's everyday lives. A group of states have filed suit to block the new rules, but the facts are that internet service providers may be charging more for the free access we rely upon.

And how will this affect the ease of people buying tickets to your performances and events online? We don't know that yet, but you can click on the links below to learn more. 

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