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May 2014
outofbalanceTwo ways to find
out of balance sales 
Keeping sales in balance is critical to your box office operation.

Did you know there are not one, but two easy ways of finding out of balance sales?

Learn more! 
addmoreseatsHow to add more seats
for sale when a chart is already in use 
As you know, Wintix will not allow you to change a seating chart size once you have made sales to protect it from any lost seats or sales.

But there may be a time when you are able to add new seats, so we have developed a smart work around for that situation.

Get the instructions on our Help Desk.  
numbergaHow to number your General Admission seats  
Have you ever wanted to print your GA seats for a general admission event so you can consign them  to different organizations or departments within your organization? Do you want each ticket numbered? 
Here's how.
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displayinfoHow to display important age restrictions
and other information on Webtix
Do you have special restrictions about ages that aren't allowed at certain performances? Want to be specific about how old someone needs to be to qualify for a senior discount? You can put this or any kind of other information your patrons might need to know right on your Webtix page.Read how to do it.
backupAn important message
about backing up your data

One day your computer simply will not work. Period. Through hard, painful experience, we have learned the best ways to back up your data. Read them here. 
pubcodeWhen someones answers "How did you hear about us," where does that information go?
The publicity codes are stored within each transaction. You can edit the sale in Wintix and click on the "Other information" tab.

pricecategoryHow to correct a sale made
in the wrong price category

What do you do if you have the same price for more than one price category (ie. both students and seniors pay $20) and a ticket was sold in the wrong price category? You'd certainly want to correct it so you can keep your sales records correct, right?

There is an easy way to find the sale and put it in the correct category. Read more here.