Volume 19| May 2023

Wellsville Chamber News

Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement: 
“To improve business opportunity and build a better community”

We Business Directory -

Whenever you are wanting to shop local and keep your business in Wellsville and the surrounding areas, please visit our website at https://wellsvillechamber.org/business-directory/ where you will find Chamber businesses broken out by industry. We are planning a marketing piece with all Wellsville businesses listed by industry as well. (The marketing piece will be coming later his year.)

You can also read Entrepreneurial and Organizational Leader Spotlights here.

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Host a Meeting - Showcase Your Business

If you would like to showcase your business by hosting a Chamber meeting and/or luncheon at your location, please let us know. This is a great way to familiarize other business owners with the tools and resources you have to offer the community and show off your physical space. Or you can cater the lunch and hold it at the Wellsville City Library or Wellsville Health and Rehab has also offer their space and can cater on site.

Schedule a Luncheon or RSVP


  • Paul Bean with the FCDC will host lunch at Wellsville Health and Rehab on June 13th at 11:30AM. Meeting will begin at noon.

  • Extreme Wireless will host lunch at Wellsville Health and Rehab on July 11th at 11:30AM. Meeting will begin at noon.

  • USD #289 will host on October 10th and provide a tour of all the new updates at the high school. FACS class will provide food. Additional details to follow.  

Entrepreneurial Spotlights

Entrepreneurial Spotlight - Alonzo Hernandez

Las Catrinas Mexican restaurant was founded by Alonzo Hernandez in 2022. Alonzo is one of seven children born to his parents in Mexico. He has two brothers who are also in the United States running Mexican restaurants in small towns. One of his sisters is also here in the United States. Alonzo has been married to Luz Maria for 13 years. They met in Mexico and have three children ages 8 years, 4 years, and 7 months old. 


When we talked about how the idea for his business came about, Alonzo told us, “I worked for several years in the restaurant business. I had initially considered renting a space in downtown Ottawa and creating a Mexican market-type store. When that space didn’t work out, we decided to open a family restaurant in Wellsville to fulfill our dream of owning our own business. My driving force to become an entrepreneur stemmed from wanting to get ahead financially and have something that was mine.” 


We discussed what he has done over this past year to build his customer base. He told us, “We try to provide the best service and offer a good product to keep our customers coming back. We feel like we’ve been able to do that and have many loyal customers.” As far as marketing goes, Alonzo mentioned he uses many different types of media. He said, “We do a lot of marketing and advertising on social media, and we also utilize the Wellsville Chamber sign at least once each year. We feel that program has helped let people who aren’t necessarily from Wellsville (but are out at Casey’s or Bert’s for gas or snacks) know that we are downtown.” 


As you may or may not know, the Mexican culture reflects hard-working, family-oriented people. Mexican families can be large, and they love to gather to eat as they celebrate holidays and their lives. Part of the culture also includes bright colors, lively music, and dancing. Another piece of Mexica culture behind the name of this restaurant if the Day of the Dead. This holiday is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of November each year. The Day of the Dead is probably one of the most relevant nationally and one of the most recognized worldwide. 


In this celebration, elements of the pre-Columbian beliefs, of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and of the Christian beliefs, incorporated by the Spaniards during the colony, are combined. The celebration of the Day of the Dead dates from pre-Columbian times and has its origin in the Aztec celebrations in honor of the “lady of death” and the deceased ancestors. In our day, this lady of death is known as Catrina. Alonzo tells us, “We wanted to incorporate as many aspects as possible of our culture into our restaurant. We want the culture to reflect the product that we sell.

We learned that La Catrina is an image depicting a skull created by lithographer José Guadalupe Posada in the first decades of the 20th century. In 1948, the skull was taken up by Diego Rivera, who painted it on the mural, “A Sunday afternoon dream in the Alameda Central.” Also, Rivera gave a new name to this figure: the Catrina (or La Catrina). Thanks to this mural, La Catrina was transformed into an iconic image of Mexico. Today, it is the symbol of the Day of the Dead. Alonzo reached out to the Wellsville Chamber to help him locate an artist to paint a mural from the movie Coco onto the wall of the restaurant. We were happy to help him locate some local talent to bring this colorful artwork to life! 

When asked how being an entrepreneur and restaurant owner affects his family life, Alonzo mentioned, “Having a business requires a LOT of time. Sometimes we must work seven days a week. A lot of time is lost with my family. But my wife works here with me. And you have probably seen my 4-year-old daughter here, too. She would rather be at the restaurant than at home with nothing to do. We try to take time off here and there to spend time together as a family, whether it’s local or going away for a few days.” Many of Alonzo’s family works alongside him at Las Catrinas.  

Then we moved our conversation to what motivates him. He said, “Continuing to generate jobs and seeing our customers happy with what we are offering and them returning to see us.” As a smart entrepreneur, Alonzo tells us that one way he generates new ideas is by listening to his customers. “The customers tell me what they like, and then I put it to the test,” Hernandez says. He recently reached out to the Wellsville Chamber to help him find an English teacher. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Alonzo recognized the need for his employees to learn more English. We have located a Spanish teacher for him, introduced her, and they have a plan for a summer class. 


As with any entrepreneur, fear can be a huge aspect of being a business owner. For Alonzo, he tells us, “My biggest fear is that the business will not work out. But at the same time, it’s that fear that drives me to work even harder, so that never happens.” We moved the conversation onto how Alonzo defines success. With that, he tells us, “Success to me is being the best person I can be and treating my employees and customers with kindness and respect.”  


It's important to find satisfaction in your work, to find the motivation to continue operating a business as difficult as running a restaurant. It’s also important that we, as customers and patrons of our local businesses, be sure to show our appreciation. When we asked Alonzo about his most satisfying aspect of his business is, he replied, “It feels really great when customers come up to thank me or my employees for all the good, we are doing in the community and that our food is the best!” 


We talked about what Hernandez would tell someone wanting to be an entrepreneur in the resturant industry. He admitted, “They need to know they need work hard, maybe 7 days a week for 10-12 hours a day to get their business established. It can be very tiring, but it’s worth it in the long run!” When we asked what his top three skills were to be a successful entrepreneur, Alonzo said, “First, you need to be a dedicated person and do something you enjoy. Secondly, you must be willing to dedicate lots of time to ensuring your business will be successful. Lastly, don’t EVER GIVE UP!” 


When we mentioned “tricks of the trade,” and asked Alonzo which ones helped him to stay focused and productive every day, he told us, “Be sure to hire employees who have other skills than your own who can help in areas you aren’t the best at. You can’t do everything by yourself.” And when we inquired about what key activities, he’d recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in, he mentioned, “Continue learning about your business and industry. Always stay up to date on the newest trends and processes.”  


To wrap up our time together, we asked Hernandez who has been his greatest inspiration on his entrepreneurial journey. To this question, he replied, “All the people I’ve seen who had nothing to begin with when they began their business, worked hard, and become successful.” We told him how glad we are that Las Catrinas chose Wellsville, Kansas to be their home. Alonzo and his family live in our town, and his oldest child attends school here. He feels he and his family have been welcomed with open arms and love the people in our little town. 

If you’d like to learn more about Alonzo Hernandez or Las Catrinas Mexican restaurant, you can visit their website at http://orderlascatrinasmexicanrestaurantandcantina.com/, call 785-883-2496 or stop by at 520 Main Street in Wellsville. Las Catrinas is open seven days each week from 11AM-10PM. 


Wellsville Chamber Sign Advertising program -

Have you noticed the beautiful banners displayed every two weeks on the Wellsville Chamber sign sitting on Highway 33 in the field next to Bert's and across from Auburn Pharmacy? If not, take a look next time you are driving by. We have received lots of positive feedback about the program. You can use the sign to celebrate a milestone, award, an employee or anyone or anything about our town.

If you would like to advertise to the thousands of cars passing by our billboard on Highway 33 each day, we can help produce and display a banner designed just for your business. This Chamber sign is especially important to your business if you are a business located somewhere other than on 33 highway. Many people who live outside Wellsville or are coming off the highway to stop at Bert's or Casey's don't know what other businesses Wellsville has to offer. They might make it a point to use your services each time they are in town if they only knew where you were!

We have NO dates remaining for the 2022-2023 Chamber year. We will be soliciting 2023-2024 Chamber dues soon. Platinum members will get first pick of dates. We will publish remaining spots in September of this year. Please reach out if you would like to book a spot.

Email the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce

City of Wellsville

City Wide Garage Sale!!!

  • June 9th and 10th
  • If you would like to have your garage sale advertised in the booklet bring a list of those items you want advertised, your address, the times and dates of the garage sale and $5.00 to City Hall by June 7th
  • Booklets are free of charge to the public

The City Council has placed a dumpster at the Public Works department at 730 S. Main in the gravel lot.

  • It is JUST for yard waste and limbs and will be marked as such. This service is provided to the residents free of charge.

Reminder: You are able to put up to 8 bags of yard waste out on trash day. They will also take limbs if they are cut up no larger than 4ft and tied together.

City Council Meeting Minutes

Wellsville Police Department

Chief Hackler graduated from Central Christian College of Kansas on May 6th with A Bachelors in Criminal Justice. 

Police Administrative Assistant Deb Swank celebrates 5 years of service this month. Deb was hired May 5, 2018. She is the police department admin assistant and court clerk. We are very lucky to have her part of our team. 

Learn more about the Wellsville Police Department

Chamber Member Help Wanted

Please let us know if you have any job opportunities you'd like to share with the Wellsville Chamber members and the Wellsville community.

Special Chamber Member Promos

Please let us know if you have any special promotions you'd like to share with the Wellsville Chamber members and the Wellsville community.

Commercial Space Available

If you are a Chamber member with a commercial space opening, contact us with details and we will gladly post in our next Chamber newsletter.

Franklin County Info

Monthly FCDC Report -

Workforce -

Paul Bean has finalized the first “Know Your Local Industry” letter that will feature a Franklin County Industry (Attached).  This month we are featuring MAC Fasteners.  The target audience will be parents of high school students in Franklin County. This will be disseminated by our school districts and will provide information to parents, so they have a way to understand the career opportunities more fully for their kids. I also sent a similar letter to NCCC and OU to share with students. I will work with any industry/business that wants to be included in this marketing effort for workforce. We also hope to have some parent open houses within our local industries in the coming months.

I continue to work on new housing. I am working with a potential development in Ottawa that most likely will make application for an MIH grant in the current round of funding. In addition, I have introduced a builder and a developer for another potential housing development in Ottawa. I am supporting the same builder in their efforts in Wellsville. 

Full May FCDC Report

Franklin County Optimist Club -

The Franklin County Optimist Club is pleased to recognize WMS Student of the month:

  • Braeten Fletcher - 6th Grade
  • Kali Johnson - 7th Grade
  • Autumn Turner - 8th Grade.
  • Each student received a certificate from the Optimists
  • Each student received a gift card from Hot Off The Press donated by Bill Lytle

USD #289 Info

Wellsville School District Projects and Programs -

Virtual Tour of Wellsville Middle and High School Renovations

Facilities Update

The USD 289 bond project continues to move forward. Below are a couple of important announcements regarding the project and notes regarding access to district facilities this summer.

  • We will have a tour of the current progress/projects that have been completed for any stakeholder that is interested. The tour dates, times, and details are below:
  • May 8th, 6:00 pm (meet in the lobby/concession stand area outside the KD gym)
  • May 11th, 6:00 pm (meet in the lobby/concession stand area outside the KD gym)
  • The tour will include the following areas:
  • New middle school office/entrance 
  • New middle school classrooms and science lab N
  • New high school classrooms, student lounge, and maker space area
  • New weight room and wrestling room. 

  • Work on the project will continue this summer. The elementary school building will be closed beginning May 19th for the summer so that the roof replacement, HVAC replacement, and secure entrance can be completed.

  • The front parking lot, front exits, Blue Gym, and most of the 6-12 building will be closed beginning May 19th. The weight room, wrestling room, KD Gym, and previously completed classrooms will be open and used at times throughout the summer for weights, camps, Driver’s Education, etc.

  • We greatly appreciate all of our staff, students, and parents' flexibility that has allowed the project to be worked on during the school year and summer! The majority of the project will be completed by the start of school next year. 

  • We genuinely THANK all stakeholders for their support of this project and the new facilities and learning areas it has provided our students, staff, and community!

Learn more about the Wellsville School District

Community Chamber Events

Monthly Meeting -

  • June 13th at noon at Wellsville Health and Rehab. Lunch provided by Paul Bean and the FCDC at 11:30AM.

Annual Chamber Golf Tournament -

  • Wellsville Chamber Golf Tournament - Saturday, July 15th @ 8AM
  • Flyer and details coming soon!

Community WJRC Events

Check out all the Wellsville Recreation Commission has planned for our community kids and seniors this month!

Learn more about WJRC events

Wellsville Library Events

Library Updates -

Summer is almost here, and we are busy getting ready for our Summer Library Program. As we have in the past, we are planning on serving sack lunches to the kids on Wednesdays.

  • We are going to need about 800 individual bags of chips, and we were hoping to get some help from the community
  • We would take any variety of the small bags of chips you would like to donate to us
  • You may just drop them off at the library or we made a wish list on Amazon for you to shop from and just have them sent to us.
  • As always, we appreciate everything the community does for our Kids' Summer Programs!
  • https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1R8F11ML39MFL

The library is growing walls! It's growing season! Thank you, Loyd Builders and Lumber One!

Wellsville Public Library ebsite

Community Events

Kaw Valley Wine Rally - June 24th from 5-8 PM

Join us for the second annual Kaw Valley Wine Rally on Main Street in Wellsville! Guests will be able to sample from 10 of the best local Kansas wineries, breweries, and distilleries! There will be live music from local artists, Food trucks, corn hole, local artisans, boutiques, and crafters.

This event is rain or shine. Tickets are non-refundable.

All of Kansas’s best will be pouring at this fest! Join us for a day of sipping, shopping, and sweeping you off your feet on the charming main street of Wellsville!

Tickets will be available at the gate for $40

Tickets for Kaw Valley Wine Festival

Wellsville Days Father's Day Weekend Fishing Tournament -

Are you going to be at the lake over Father's Day weekend? Or planning to hit up your pond? Fish from wherever you are for a chance to win prizes! All proceeds benefit Wellsville Days 2023!

  • Register by June 16th. $25 per adult and $10 per child (12 and under)

  • Requirements for fish:
  • Proof of Length - Picture of fish along a ruler w/ proof of date must be emailed to wellsvilledays@gmail.com by 8pm on Sunday June 18th
  • Proof of Weight - Picture of fish on a fish scale, full scale in picture w/ proof of date must be emailed to wellsvilledays@gmail.com by 8pm on Sunday June 18th

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for biggest fish in adult and kid categories
  • Prizes will be based off of amount of people signing up

  • Winners will be contacted on Monday June 19th via phone and/or email provided

  • Prizes can be collected at Wellsville City Hall

  • Payment must be received by June 16th in order to be officially entered
  • Payment can be dropped off at Wellsville City Hall, mailed to PO Box 496, or Venmo to @Natalie-Patton-14 with subject "Fishing Tournament"
  • Cash, Venmo, or Check to "Wellsville Days"

Wellsville Days Events Details -

  • All Main Street businesses need to complete the booth application for their 10X10 space

Wellsville Days Website

Chamber Member Church Events

Family Church

Sunday Service -

  • Three identical in-person services at 8:00AM, 9:30AM, and 11AM
  • Live online service at 9:30AM

Helping Hands Food Pantry Grocery Distribution -

  • Fri May 18th
  • Sat May
Learn more about Family Church
Register for Family Church VBS Here
GriefShare -
  • A faith-based, friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.
  • How GriefShare works: Support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.
  • You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you cope with your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life. Grieving is a process and not meant to last forever.
  • Mondays at 7pm at Family Church
  • For more info contact Debra McCullough (913) 206-5372

Celebrate Recovery
  • A 12-step program to help you find freedom and healing from hurts, habits, and hang-ups
  • Meets weekly at Family Church on Thursday's at 7PM
  • For more info contact Mike Holtwick 913-710-6255
Wellsville Baptist Church

Sunday Service -

  • One in-person service 9AM
  • Sunday School for all ages at 10:30AM
  • Potluck on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:30AM
Learn more about Wellsville Baptist Church

Bible Study -

  • Wednesday mornings from 9:30-10:30AM
  • No matter how little or how much you know about the Bible, we guarantee you’ll learn something new at this study
  • All are welcome to join us for an hour of study followed by a visit to Hot Off the Press for snacks

Men’s Bible Study -

  • Tuesdays at 7PM

Revelation Bible Study -

  • Wednesdays at 9:30AM

Youth Group -

  • Wednesdays from 6:30-8PM

Small Groups -

  • Wednesdays from 6:30-8PM (starting this summer)

Homeschool Co-op -

  • Thursdays from 9AM-12PM

Men's Breakfast -

  • Saturdays at 8AM

Women's Brunch -

  • Every third Saturday from 9AM-12PM

Wellsville Methodist Church

Sunday Service -

  •  In person worship and Church@Home - 10:45AM
Learn more about Wellsville Methodist Church

Shared Experiences Bereavement Group -

  • First and third Tuesdays at 10:30AM
  • Open to anyone
  • Coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided

Zoom Tuesdays -

  • Bible study each Tuesday evening at 6:30
  • Lasts about one hour
  • Invitation needed
  • Call 785-883-2737 for Zoom link
  • Everyone is welcome

2022/2023 Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Officers

Wellsville Chamber President
Susan Stueve
Sales Associate
Farm Bureau Financial Services 
Vice President
Nicole Vlcek
Wellsville Chiropractic
Susan Larsen - Driskell
Simplot Grower Solution Location Manager
Ken Larsen
CFO - Retired
Desoto School District

Wellsville Chamber and Health Coalition Partnership Description
Many interested parties have asked for clarification regarding the relationship/partnership between the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce and the Wellsville Health Coalition. In 2021, the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce (WCC) and Wellsville Health Coalition (WHC) embarked on a collaboration to share resources where appropriate in order to boost both organizations’ efforts in areas of overlapping interest. The organizations are separate entities, but they often meet concurrently and share in other ways. The mission of the Chamber of Commerce remains "“To improve business opportunity and build a better community.” The Chamber exists to serve and build business in our community. The Wellsville Health Coalition exists to serve as a local health policy coalition that connects people working on such shared goals, facilitates cooperative and streamlined efforts as appropriate, and ultimately improves all aspects of health, civic engagement, community partnerships, and overall resident and community wellbeing. To accomplish this, the coalition seeks to monitor community-specific data, help prioritize ideas, share resources, promote activities, seek funding, and make a greater impact together. Additionally, the WHC aims to prepare the community for healthy growth through attention to social factors affecting health, to serve as an example for other rural communities, and to coordinate with the Franklin County Health Department on community health assessment and planning.

As always, if you have events or job postings you'd like included, please send the information and any fliers or pictures to wellsvillechamberofcommerce@hotmail.com prior to the beginning of the month of your event. We welcome any feedback and suggestions about what to include and the layout. It's a creative process together. We wish you and your family an amazing 2022!
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