Update on Jamie Herman
2019 Alden Artisan Advancement Recipient

Our Alden Artisan Advancement recipient, Jamie Herman just had his table photographed at the annual Furniture Masters' photoshoot on May 21. Below are some progress shots in anticipation for unveiling of his final piece at the Gala in October.

Pictured below is his "first draft" of the table which he created to test all of the joinery (20 joints coming together at once, in fact!) Each joint comes together at a compound angle, so every piece had to be jigged up to cut the joinery.

Beyond working on his piece for the Advancement, Jamie also won a scholarship at Anderson Ranch for two weeks and has been accepted for a 4 month fellowship at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine from July - October.

To stay up to date on Jamie's endeavors, follow his Instagram @jhstudiofurniture .

Check out some progress shots from him below...
Fitting joinery for the twisting lower stretchers.
The fourth and final glue-up stage
for getting all the joints together.
A look from above after glue-up, showcasing how the legs twist downwards.
The bookmatched veneered tabletop after being vacuum pressed and cleaned up.
Up Next in our Exhibition Gallery
Our next exhibition, "Creative Release: Celebrating 20 Years of the Prison Outreach Program" opens on June 11. This exhibition features work by inmates participating in our Prison Outreach Programs in the Maine and New Hampshire state prisons. You will see a range of work including jewelry boxes, a variety of tables and desks, a vase and Shaker boxes. Many of these pieces are for sale. 

Creative Release: Celebrating 20 Years of the Prison Outreach Program is open June 11 - September 9. An Opening Reception will be held on June 28 from 5-7pm in conjunction with the League of NH Craftsmen and their exhibition.
Cultural Heritage and Arts Day at the NH State House
Wednesday, June 5 from 10am - 4pm
Richard Oedel, Jeffrey Cooper, Roger Myers and Jeff Roberts will be participating in Cultural Heritage and Arts Day on the State House lawn on Wednesday, June 5. They will be joining nearly 20 other performers and demonstrators on the State House lawn to showcase NH's rich cultural heritage as part of the NH State House's Bicentennial Week Celebrations .

The Furniture Masters will be demonstrating carving, inlay work, and general furniture making techniques. We hope to see some familiar faces!
The Furniture Masters at Experience NH

Owain Harris and Evan Court are headed back to Washington D.C. to represent the Furniture Masters at Experience NH , Wednesday, June 5. Hosted by The New Hampshire State Society and spearheaded by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Experience NH showcases a variety of the state's businesses, organizations, products, and services to members on Capitol Hill. 

Owain Harris, Evan Court and Roger Myers will have their work on display at the event.
Powers of Nine, Owain Harris
Human #3, Evan L. Court
Chippendale Side Chair, Roger Myers
Summer Mentorship with New Hampshire Institute of Art

Last month, participating Furniture Masters and New Hampshire Institute of Art students met for a welcome mixer at Kelly Stelling Contemporary in Manchester, NH.

This was the first of many meet-ups, as each student has been paired with a Master to complete a summer mentorship program. Students will be visiting the Masters' workshops and learning about fine furniture making. They will take what they have seen and learned from the Masters and reflect, draw, design and create a piece in their own medium in response. 

The students' pieces - along with other pieces of their artwork - will be displayed alongside the Furniture Masters during the "New Works" exhibition at NHIA. This will be the preview exhibition for The Main Event in October.
Master/Student Pairings:

 Tim Coleman and Lucas Grodin
Jon Brooks and Brittney Bowne
Roger Myers and Jackie Hanson
Owain Harris and Olivia Letendre 
Jeff Cooper and Jamesley St. Juste
Jeff Roberts and Jesus Carmona
Photographer: Chayanne Lawrence
The Main Event
October 5, 2019 at the Currier Museum of Art
Stay tuned for more details!
Sponsorship Opportunities Now Available

Sponsors and friends of the Furniture Masters are our true partners and vital to the sustainability of our organization. We rely on sponsors, grants and donations to keep our programs running, including the Prison Outreach Program. Please consider sponsoring or donating to the Furniture Masters this year.  Contact Mary McLaughlin at (603) 496-1089 or email   admin@furnituremasters.org with questions.
Photos in header shot by Bill Truslow:
Richard Oedel (top left), Liz Hallen (top right), Jeffrey Cooper (top left) Jamie Herman (top right)