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Here in CA we are still under pretty strict SIP orders.  I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.  What crazy times we are living in!!  I have been busy working both my businesses in new ways.  One thing that has kept me busy are my weekly YouTube Videos.  Here is this weeks video.  If you enjoy it, I would love to have you subscribe and be part of my community over on YouTube where I publish new videos weekly.  

5 Ways To Lift Your Spirts 
These are tough times. When I check in with friends, everyone seems to be experiencing the same mix of feelings and emotions: worry, fear, crankiness, trying to stay positive, and more. But alongside those emotions, there are bright spots, moments of kindness, surprise, and delight. While there's so much we can't do anything about, there are things that can bring comfort. I have created a list of ideas for you and I hope it helps to lift your spirits. 
Examples of how to transform your closet during a life transition
Examples of how to transform your closet during a life transition
1. Are you a music person? While at home, you may still be working or you may be home schooling but don't forget to have some YOU time.   Think about putting on some music and tackle that project of getting in your closet and really giving it a good spring cleaning. Let the music be your friend while getting things done. A clean and organized closet feels awesome and is a great way to lift your spirits.  
2. In your old day-to-day life, you may have had a morning routine of skin care and makeup application before leaving for work or errands. Now that you may have a little more time on your hands think about pulling out those samples that stores give you when you make purchases. They're probably stashed deep inside a cabinet in your vanity. Try that cleanser, apply that mask, see how you like a brand's eye cream. This pampering could provide a healthy beauty break in your day.
3. This is the perfect time to wear an accessory that was given to you by a friend or relative. Every time you notice it, you'll think of them.  Maybe even schedule a Zoom Chat, it will make them feel great to know you are wearing their gift and lift their spirts too.   
4. When things are out of your control--like finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus--focusing on what you can control can bring you some peace. More than ever, this could be the right time to get up every morning, put on a cute and comfy outfit, add jewelry, apply makeup, and wear a pair of shoes that aren't your workout tennis shoes. 
5. Create a date night with your family. Since you're home most of the day, consider lifting your spirits by changing into something special for dinner, setting the table with your nice dishes, and serving a family favorite. It really works...Tom and I have had a few date nights!
This period will pass. Months from now, you'll likely remember some of the sweet moments you shared with friends, relatives, or even strangers. Maybe you'll reflect on how well you took care of yourself as you navigated through uncertainty.
I hope these tips have provided you some ways to create memories and to be kind to yourself during such a difficult time. Take care, stay well, and know I'm here for you if you want help online!  I have helped clients online over the last number of weeks by cleaning out closets and deciding what to keep and what to let go of, creating outfits, helping clients find their personal style by creating their style story, teaching classes for company Lunch & Learns, and much more!
Missing the Salon??

If you are missing your hair stylist, getting your nails done or getting your waxing done here is a video I made a few weeks ago that will give you some great products to create a home spa experience!

Must have beauty products during the Corona Virus
Must have beauty products during the Corona Virus

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