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Howdy Folks,

Am continually looking for useful information to share with you and some of this information comes from friends and their successes.

My friend Warren Black of Perth, Australia gave me some good material to share with you. 

Warren has made a couple of films with us doing a Zoom session for his audience. The most recent one is where I was asked to clean up the water in the lake that supplies water for the two million people of Perth.

It was a small audience with maybe 40 people from Perth and a few others scattered around. 

After doing the water clearing [which was the worst water I have ever worked to clear] 27 people from Perth wrote to say the water tasted better than ever. That was the plan.

Here is what Warren sent to me and wanted to share with you.



Ever since I did Raymon's dowsing self empowerment workshops in 2014 by myself and in 2015 with my sons, I have been using it ever since to keep myself clean and also work on my State leaders.

I also see a brilliant homeopath regularly who uses a machine which scans and measures body organ frequencies, finds what is out of balance and gives flower essences and other remedies to infuse into me through drops which have been energised by a machine.

In around February this year, I saw him for a session. It showed some of my organs were out of balance and showed 3 Bach flower essences needed. I asked him before we did any drops, could I use my bobber, do dowsing and infuse the flower essences energetically into my system and he re-test me on his machine. I video'd him as he did it. 

The machine results showed a significant shift in my organ frequency. 

I also had shoulder pain and the machine showed issues around my cells and ligaments. Again I asked if he could re-test me after I raised the frequency and restored the cellular structure of my shoulder. He re-tested it and was back to optimal frequency, even higher.

What is even better ~is I got it all on camera!

That excited me so much that since that time, I have been practising many new things. I've been very strict on my diet for a long time for health reasons. I started experimenting with more ice cream, burgers, eating more meat, having less vegetables, and using the bobber to energise my body and digestive system every day. I've noticed my need for digestive supplements has disappeared and it feels the best it has ever been. I've been infusing vitamins into my system and needing less of them (which has saved money).

I am also discovering if every day I put my business on the frequency of prosperity, I see a difference in sales, energy of staff, etc.


For some of you, this won’t be a surprise and there may be some who just don’t believe it. 

Just remember, you will always accomplish more believing you can ~~than believing you can’t.

Too many people write and ask if they can do a certain thing with dowsing. My standard answer is 


Warren didn’t ask me if he could do this~~HE JUST DID IT.

Please don’t write and ask me any questions about this. Just take it or leave it.

I want to THANK all you folks who have attended or signed up for a future class. 

We have limited space, so when a class gets near full, I offer another one. 

I do my best to schedule classes when nothing much is happening locally. 

Festivals and car races are weekends to avoid because hotels are more expensive and restaurants are crowded. 

The classes will be listed at www.raymongrace.us  - Button below

If you do nothing~then nothing will happen ~~If you do something ~then something might happen.



P.S. - For you folks in Australia and other parts of the world~~Warren has asked me to have a Zoom session with him on May 31 at 6 am Eastern US time. This will be 6 PM Perth, Australia time. 

If you are interested in participating and sending in a question in advance, you can contact Warren at  warrenblack1111@gmail.com 

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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

(Response to our last newsletter.)

Hi April. I wanted to send in a note from the newsletter on school shootings.

 I have used Ramons video “change your energy change your life” to clear my kids schools and lots of different places that we go on a regular basis. 

One morning about a month ago I dropped my kids off for school and was reminded of the shooting in Nashville. I asked if there was anyone that had intentions to do this at our local schools and got a yes, 4 of them. I proceeded to do the energy work that I do on a regular basis to help these people heal and shift their energy. . I then used Ramon’s video as I always do.

Shifting energy all the time as my job, I’m a little bit more sensitive to these things maybe than the regular mom but either way I was able to do a lot of work that morning right after drop off. 

I went about my day and was contacted by my daughter at two in the afternoon that a mass email had gone out to all of the parents that morning that there was a shooting threat the day before for her school. We just don’t check email that much and I didn’t get any texts or any notifications so I didn’t know. My guides were wonderful to help me see this without all of that. 

I have been using the Video and problem package quite often over the last month. 

The original threat was online and that child was arrested. Another threat came out and that child was investigated. 

A third threat happened online again and that was investigated as well. 

So far, the days that were threatened about have passed and gone peacefully.

I have had my own shields around the schools for a few years that my children attend and have done it from the best perspective I have. 

I am extremely grateful for his videos!!!! 

I also am very, very grateful for the extra information he shared in this newsletter!!

 I will be using all of it to add to the schools here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and the surrounding towns. 

I have a podcast called “Lighten Your Load”where each episode has a healing tool in it for people to use themselves. 

I just recently shared some things I learned from Raymon and tagged his information in the show notes so the audience can go purchase his videos. I hope many many people come and get his videos for themselves. 

I have enjoyed everything I have learned from him and I’m very grateful he’s sharing what he does! 

Tell him “thank you!!”for me! 

-Tanille B.

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I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY?

Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. 

No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.

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