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Howdy Folks
My clients give me a lot to think about, because they tell me about their problems and it seems they have more than their fair share. WHY?
This simple newsletter won’t answer all the questions but maybe it will help. 
First, they made bad choices. Most people spend money they don’t have - to buy things they don’t need- at prices they can’t afford- to impress someone- who doesn’t give a damn.
Was told that when the government gave money to people during the covid scare, the sales of expensive TVs and entertainment toys broke records.
Seems logical people would have bought food, clothes and necessities to provide for their family.
Suggestion # 1 Use LOGIC and buy what you need instead of something fancy to impress people.
Suggestion # 2 Pay attention to what you put in your body. As they say, "you are what you eat." 
 Alcohol is more expensive than water and you will probably never be arrested for drinking too much water.
Taking care of your body is less expensive than trying to fix it. Same is true of your car.
Received a call from the ‘Governor’s Council on Aging’ or some such title. The caller wanted to ask me some questions since I have lived long enough to be a concern to the government.
First question: When did you last have a physical checkup?
Answer: When I was discharged from active duty in the Army in 1966.
Next question: What medications are you taking?
Answer: My memory is bit foggy but seems I took an aspirin about 40 years ago.
Next question: How do you compare yourself with your age and peer group?
Answer: Considering many of them died, and others are on oxygen and lots of medication. — I am still driving a tractor, growing big gardens, climbing mountains, building barb wire fences, catching bee swarms and running chains saws, — Seems I'm doing ok.
Next question: Are you fearful in your house?
Answer: As I look around, I see nothing to be afraid of. There were two times when a 3 ft. blacksnake crawled across the floor but I just picked him up and threw him out the door. Nothing more than that.
Last question: Are you afraid outside of your house?
Answer: I carry a large caliber pistol on my belt and have not found anything it won’t kill. So -No am not afraid of anything outside my house.
The interview was cut short and never heard from them again. 

Suggestion # 3 Don’t let anyone intimidate you into giving them the answers they want. 
 Had some more ideas but like to keep letters blunt and to the point so maybe will continue this later.


 Really APPRECIATE many of you folks supporting the Energy Clearing Project which I do EVERY morning and most evenings. 
Wanted to send each of you a personal email to THANK YOU ~but ran out of time. 
Your nice comments are APPRECIATED. 

Classes have filled this year as never before. So am offering another class Oct. 1 & 2 . If there is enough interest, will consider offering more locally-so let me know. 

An idea is in the works for an online class so folks won’t have to travel. Just have to work out the details. Will let you know when we are ready.



PS: Am getting more mail than I can answer during gardening season and teaching classes. Will answer as best I can with priorities. 

Needing information concerning classes has priority over questions that aren't important.

Emails asking me to predict events and help win lotteries will be deleted.

Sick kids have priority over lost cats~~ You get the idea.

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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • Dear Raymon

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to write and thank you for the style and manner you present your dowsing knowledge.

In any event, since watching your video series 'Blueprint for Freedom', I haven't looked back and have utilised many of the methods you describe in that film and elsewhere with remarkable results. Some of the most telling in past workplaces and colleagues who I originally had issues with, which were soon resolved thanks to 'tuning the energy' as I like to describe it. Your, as you put it, 'no nonsense, blunt and to the point' delivery of information is a huge breath of fresh air and uncomplicates what can be a complex topic. Leaning off some of your ideas I've developed a few methods of my own which I think have kept my energy and that of my family in great condition during what has been a rather tumultuous 18 months.

Thanks to you, dowsing has become a part of my daily life and energy work is something I can see myself doing for the benefit of others on a larger scale. I see this as a way I can positively impact the lives of people everywhere, as you do, and you've been a big inspiration in this ideal. 

One of my friends grew a field of hemp and VA Tech processed it into hemp oil [CBD oil]. I spoke with a knowledgable person in Switzerland who had researched it and found it among the best available anywhere and priced reasonably. 
If you are interested in this, here is the website.  www.clinchmountainhemp.com