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Spring is here! We have workshops, a spectacular show, and fun planned for May. We have several coaches coming in from out-of-state to teach workshops and we also have a few pop-up events you won't want to miss! Also check out the show on May 4th that features many artists in our very own community and out-of-town guests too!

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Workshops with Paper Doll Militia Artists!

Workshops with Saffron

Weavy Silks Magic

Thursday, May 2nd

7pm - 8:30pm


(Intermediate+) Uncover the secrets of fluid transitions, intricate sequences, and aerial theory as you elevate your skills to new heights. From weaving through mesmerizing transitions to crafting your own unique silk sequences, each moment in the air becomes a spellbinding journey. In this workshop you will discover how to infuse simple movements with a touch of magic, creating an experience that will leave you spellbound and inspired.

Twirly Whirly Sling

Sunday, May 5th

2pm - 3:30pm


(Intermediate +) Twirly Whirly Sling: Join us for a thrilling aerial adventure full of fun twirly choreography, creative entrances, and transitions. Delve into the art of dynamic movements and perfect your spin technique to twirl and whirl through the air with confidence.

Workshops with Rain Anya

Swish, Sway, Swoop

Sunday, May 5th

10:30am - 12pm


(Intermediate) This workshop will utilize both silks and rope, using momentum as a foundation for adding dynamic movement into your skill set. This workshop covers a broad range of dynamic techniques which will help you salt and pepper fanciful flair into your movement vocabulary. We will move away from static poses and into a world where circles and levers rule.

Slacking Off - Silks

Sunday, May 5th

12:30pm – 2pm


(Intermediate) Silks – “Slag Drag” theory is a termed coined by Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes of Paper Doll Militia. We realized that there are countless ways that you can “drag” the “slack” of a piece of fabric or rope to create new and interesting ways into your standard wraps. In this workshop, every sequence taught will have some element of slack dragging, so that by the time you leave you will be thinking in circles and loops.

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Performance Art for Mental Health Awareness Month: Touching Two Worlds - A Circus Show!

Touching Two Worlds: Integration

Friday, May 3

6:30 pm

Continuing Education Event for Mental Health Professionals

Saturday, May 4

Two shows: 4 pm & 7 pm

General Audience

700 N 1st St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Performance Art for Mental Health Awareness Month: Touching Two Worlds

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the Luminary Arts Center proudly presents, ‘Touching Two Worlds: Integration’ a circus performance which explores the beauty and diversity of our inner worlds through artistic movement.

The three-act show will feature a troupe of Twin Cities circus performers, including Kristen Shaw, Clara Younge, Leo Bruslavtsev, Katie Capistrant, Grace Zenzen, Grant Robinson, Dylan Portoghese, and Brooks Larson, with ensemble numbers including: Julie Elias, Allison Diverde, Liminal, Alissa Kaasa, Erin Gargaro, and Amanda DeGraw


Visiting artists will include Rain Anya of Paper Doll Militia and Saffron Van Rossem of Circus with Purpose.

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Trapeze Workshops with Carly Schuna!

About Carly Schuna:

One of only a handful of U.S.-based circus artists specializing in German wheel, Carly Schuna is a five-time competitive wheel gymnastics national champion. With over a decade of training, coaching, and performance experience,

Carly also performs professionally in static trapeze, juggling, and tricks with her dog, Piper. With a style characterized by high-level technique and dynamic, momentum-based skills, Carly enjoys creating senses of tension and wonder in her work and lives for the moments when her audiences gasp.

Carly is based in Madison, Wisconsin, where she is a founder and executive board member of the Madison Circus Space. The mission of Madison Circus Space, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is to be a home for modern circus and movement arts and to foster appreciation for a variety of circus-related talent and creativity. Madison Circus Space is the largest community of circus artists in Wisconsin, with 70+ members, 50+ hours of weekly programming, and 16 public activities per month. To learn more: and

Introduction to Duo Trapeze

Saturday, May 24th

1:30pm – 3pm


This workshop will give you an overview of all the basics of aerial partnering on duo trapeze. We’ll go over trust, timing, and working as a team, and everyone attending will have the opportunity to base, fly, or both. Come with a partner or by yourself! Bases will learn the two main basing positions, sitting and catcher’s, and flyers will learn how to hold body tension and fundamental shapes.

Prerequisites: None, but some basic previous trapeze experience is useful.

Intermediate Duo Trapeze

Sunday, May 25th

11am – 12:30pm


Ready to dive into duo trapeze dynamics? This workshop is for you! We’ll explore how to dial in timing with your partner, how to generate momentum and height for flips and release moves, and how to hold tension and power in beats. Students will have the opportunity to provide input on class content.

Prerequisites: Bases must be comfortable in catcher’s, be able to successfully base waist wraps, and be able to do at least two pull-ups. Flyers must be able to invert independently, have some familiarity with beats (on any aerial apparatus), and be able to do at least two pull-ups.

Basic Dynamic Trapeze

Saturday, May 25th

3pm - 4:30pm


This workshop will go over the fundamentals of dynamic skills on trapeze, including beats, circles, drops, and release moves. We’ll work on hip circles, sample different beats and talk about skills that come out of them, explore a couple of basic drops, and learn drills for release moves that will help you generate and use momentum for harder skills down the line. Come ready to be challenged and have fun!

Prerequisites: Must be able to mount the trapeze independently, have a comfortable knee hang, and be able to comfortably hold a pike under the bar position.

Intermediate Dynamic Trapeze

Sunday, May 25th

9:30am – 11:00am


Come explore the wide world of momentum on static trapeze! Students will have the opportunity to provide input on class content, which may include drops to ankles, half or full release moves from hands or knees, muscle-ups, and moves out of armpit beats, plank beats, or side beats. It’s recommended that students bring long sleeves and ankle protection.

Prerequisites: Must have an unassisted pullover on trapeze (tagging ropes with feet OK), have comfortable knee and long hang beats, and be able to do at least one pull-up. Comfort with ankle hang is useful but not required.

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Duo Aerial in May

Duo is Back!

Duo Aerial will be back on May 7th! This month*, we'll focus on partner trapeze!

Tuesdays at 5:45pm

*Please note we will be taking Tuesday, May 14th off, so no duo that day!

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Circus Nutrition Workshop

Are you interested in learning about nutrition for your training? If yes, we'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts by filling out this five-question survey.

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Circus Nutritition Workshop Survey

Youth Summer Camp

Summer Camp is just around the corner!



5-9 Year Olds

July 15 – 19 / Session 1

Aug 5 – 9 / Session 3

10-14 Year Olds

July 22 - 26 / Session 2

Aug 12 – 16 / Session 4

*Snacks and lunches are not provided and will need to be packed and brought from home. We have a water bottle filling station so students should bring a reusable water bottle.

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