May Newsletter

Summer is just around the corner! We have some great opportunities for you to get out and enjoy the park - 

Join us for National Trails Day

Enjoy a Classical Concert in the Park
Try your luck at guessing the hatch date for our osprey chicks
See you there!

- Friends of Island Beach State Park 

Volunteer Opportunities

Saturday, May 19th, 
11 - 3
Swimming Area 1

We need a few volunteers to represent the Friends and assist with kid's activities at our table. Ocean Fun Day features exhibits, classes, nature tours, and children's activities all about our coastal environment. 
Contact  Stevie Thorsen  if you are interested in helping out!

National Trails Day 
June 2nd 2:30 - 5:00
Swimming Area 2

Join us - we will be conducting trail maintenance, litter patrols and fixing split rail fencing damaged by the storms. Afterwards, we will have a bonfire, weather permitting. Event will be held rain or shine. Please bring shovels, pruning shears, bow saws, work gloves, drinking water, etc.

Let's Be Friends!

We will soon be embarking on another summer season at Island Beach State Park! If you have been looking for more ways to get involved with and to support your favorite park, please consider joining or renewing your membership with the Friends of Island Beach State Park. 

Our members come from a wide range of  backgrounds and occupations but have in common a  variety of interests in this beautiful State Park. Join us in furthering public appreciation and stewardship of the park.

Membership dues are just $15 for an individual and $25 for a family

Diamondback Terrapins at IBSP
by Dr. John Wnek

Diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) are a species of turtles that reside exclusively in estuaries, areas where freshwater and salt water mix.  In New Jersey, terrapin populations are thought to be in decline.  

Island Beach State Park (IBSP) is home to terrapins where studies have been conducted since 2002 by Project Terrapin to determine population estimates and nesting aspects of this species.   Terrapin are captured, marked, and released back to the marsh system where caught, which gives researchers a better indication on the population size and terrapin health.  It is estimated that the southern region of Island Beach State Park, within the Marine Conservation Zone, may be habitat for over 2000 terrapins.  

On land areas within IBSP,  female terrapins can lay an average of 12 to 13 eggs per clutch (group of eggs) and may come back to nest up to three times during the nesting season that runs from May through July.  There are many predators that feed on eggs in terrapin including:  crows, fox, raccoons, and mink.  Eggs incubate for at least 60 days, where the temperature of the nest determines the gender (warmer nests produce females).  

We are constructing a hatchery at the Island Beach State Park Nature Center to protect eggs from nests that are predated. 

Please keep an eye out for nesting female terrapins crossing the roadway on the Park during the summer months (June - late-July). 
Terrapins are an important indicator species of the health of a marsh system and through research, Project Terrapin will continue to learn more about the IBSP terrapin population, especially impacts caused by storms such as extra tropical cyclone Sandy and seasonal Nor'easters.  Natural areas, like those found at IBSP, are important for the survival of this species. 

P lease contact us at  and/or visit the Park's Nature Center for more information about terrapins. 

Pete McLain Osprey Cam

Have you checked out our Osprey Cam lately? Bandit and Bay are expecting chicks, three to be exact! 

The Friends of IBSP would not be able to keep the camera running without the generous support of our members and donors. The osprey camera costs ~$5,000 per year to run. 

Would you consider making a tax deductible donation to help support our Osprey Cam Project? Bandit and Bay, our resident osprey, appreciate your support! 

IBSP Chamber Orchestra
June 2nd
4:00 - 6:00
IBSP Interpretive Center

Join us for a magical afternoon in the park as we experience the work of Mozart, Vivaldi and Haydn surrounded by the beauty of Island Beach State Park. 

Rain or shine!

May Day

The first annual May Day Spring Festival and Pet Expo was a huge success! Over 2000 people were in attendance, plus their pups (and pigs!). 

Highlights of the day included a k9 demo with the State Park Police, a dog walk on the beach, free nail trimmings, and  microchipping services. 

Save the date for next year, first weekend in May!

Save the Date for our 2018 Events

Want to know the date for all of our events in 2018 - we've got you covered! Check out our calendar so that you can mark yours and plan to attend the Beach Plum Festival, General Meetings, Dune Grass Plantings and more ...

We're committed to making Island Beach State Park - one of New Jersey's most popular state parks - one of it's best cared for. Thanks for your continued support!
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