May Newsletter

Working in Contradiction

by Executive Director Claire Louge

I’ve been wrestling with a particular contradiction. It often shows up in group work around systems change. I don’t know if it can be resolved, but I’d like to share in case you wanted to join me in my noodling.

This contradiction can be summarized by these opposite truths:

·       There are many problems that are causing harm to children and families right now. We must therefore urgently take action for children and families. In short, we’re in a rush.

·       There are many problems that are causing harm to children and families right now. Creating the best solutions requires the slow and deliberately inclusive work of building trust, and that, we cannot rush.

We’re in a rush, but we cannot rush. It’s urgent, but we need to build trust.

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Impact Story

Pinwheel Party Celebrates Families

If we want to help children thrive, we must strengthen the environment in which they grow: their families and their community. During April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month, Regional Child Abuse Prevention Councils across Arizona hosted community events to celebrate family strengths and deepen community commitment to supporting families.

Prevent Child Abuse Arizona leads the Yavapai County Regional Child Abuse Prevention Council, Yavapai Communities for Kids, which hosted the sixth annual Pinwheel Party on April 15 to provide families with opportunities to create positive memories and learn about supportive resources in their community. One participant shared: “The Pinwheel Party was AMAZING. This is the best community outreach event I have ever been to. This is something every community should have.”

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Discussing the Impact of Triple P with State Leaders

In April, Triple P Chief Executive Officer Bradley Thomas and Head of Affairs Marissa Morabito traveled to Arizona to join the PCA Arizona team and partners to meet with legislators and state agency leaders about the impact of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) in Arizona.

Triple P Arizona Impact

Today in Prevention

2023/2024 Prevention Resource Guide

This new edition of the Children’s Bureau Prevention Resource Guide incorporates the theme "Doing Things Differently: Moving from the Challenge to the Change," and highlights the many innovative strategies that communities nationwide are doing to help children and families thrive.

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Separating Poverty from Neglect in Child Welfare

Three-quarters of child welfare cases involve neglect reports. Research tells us that families experiencing poverty are far more likely to be reported to child protective services than families with more resources, but it does not tell us why this is the case. What is increasingly clear is that helping families move out of poverty decreases the risk to children.

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Sponsor the Child Abuse Prevention Conference

Joseph Hawthorne, a Tucson-based fitness coach of over ten years, understands that clients’ experiences in childhood and adulthood impact their wellness journey. In an effort to create a healthier future for his clients and all Arizona families, he is committed to reducing adverse childhood experiences by supporting Prevent Child Abuse Arizona.

Since Block Fitness Collective’s inception in February 2020, Joseph has donated a portion of every membership to Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, totaling $16,927.66.

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