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MAY 2022 | Newsletter
Asian elephant Prince in his habitat at ARK 2000.

Asian Elephant Prince Turns 35!
This month PAWS is wishing a happy 35th birthday to Asian elephant Prince! This elephant may have had a sad start to life, but today he is flourishing at PAWS.

Prince – originally named Chang Dee – was born at the Oregon Zoo to mother Me-Tu and father Hugo on May 24, 1987. But his time with Me-Tu was soon cut short. The zoo dragged Prince away from her just 16 months after his birth, an age at which elephant calves are still nursing and never far from their mothers. The mother-calf bond is so strong that both Prince and Me-Tu would have suffered unimaginable trauma from their unnatural separation. In nature, male calves do not leave their families until about age 14; most females stay with their mothers for life.

To make matters worse, the zoo sent Prince to the circus. Fortunately, fate had something good in store for Prince. In July 2011, he was donated voluntarily to PAWS, at its request, by Feld Entertainment, the parent company of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Today, Prince roams a spacious, grassy habitat at the ARK 2000 sanctuary, and he especially likes bathing and splashing in his pool. His days are filled with the peace and quiet of living in nature – a far cry from life in a circus. In fact, you can often find him peacefully napping on the hillside. Attentive caregivers not only provide for Prince’s needs, they give him the love and respect he deserves.

Won’t you join us in recognizing Prince’s 35th birthday – and his new life at PAWS – by making a generous donation today? You can also “adopt” Prince for a year by clicking here.

Thank you!
2022 Big Day of Giving a Tremendous Success – Thanks to You!
A BIG thank you to all of our amazing supporters who donated so generously to PAWS during the 2022 Big Day of Giving on May 5th. With your help, we exceeded our goal by thousands of dollars, raising $134,393!
Your kind support provides a new life for elephants, bears, big cats, monkeys and other wild animals rescued or retired from circuses, zoos, and the exotic “pet” trade. Thanks to you, we can continue to provide the animals a more natural life and the love and care they need.
We appreciate each and every contribution, large and small, because we know you give from the heart. This year, friends from 36 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, and Great Britain showed their generosity.
All of us at PAWS thank you for your compassionate support for the animals!
PAWS is grateful to these wonderful friends for their matching gifts: Christopher and Vanessa Aycock ($4,229), Tigers In America $2,500), Dr. Deb Hoffman ($10,000), Laura Dowling and Doug Davis ($2,000), Margo Duckett, Colonel, USAF NC (ret) ($5,000), Kevin and Susan McCourt ($1,000), Sandy and Ray Monticelli ($10,000), Dr. Kristina Wiley, DDS ($1,000), and three special donors who wish to remain anonymous ($6,250).
Big Day of Giving is an annual fundraising event to benefit non-profits in the Sacramento, California, area.
Dr. Jackie Gai (left) carefully attaches soft cotton strips to an injured owl's legs with Kris Reiger (right), wildlife care director for the Suisun Wildlife Center. The gauze safely restrained the owl's feet so that radiographs could be taken.

PAWS Lends a Helping Hand to Injured Wildlife 
Our supporters know PAWS for its exceptional care of captive wildlife. But did you know that we also have assisted native wildlife in need by lending veterinary expertise? In May, Kris Reiger, wildlife care director for the Suisun Wildlife Center in California, brought a Great-Horned Owl and a Golden Eagle to the Pat Derby Animal Wellness Center at our ARK 2000 sanctuary. Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Jackie Gai provided a medical evaluation of the birds, both of whom had been found unable to fly, with significant wing injuries. Radiographs allowed Kris and Dr. Gai to clearly identify the type of injuries the birds had sustained, and blood samples provided insight into the eagle's overall health status.
PAWS is proud that Dr. Gai, when she’s not caring for the animals at our three sanctuaries, shares her dedication to wildlife by helping native animals. In fact, Dr. Gai has been volunteering with the Suisun Wildlife Center since 2001, and PAWS has supported their good work with funds and medical supplies.
PAWS Says Goodbye to Sawyer the Tiger
In February 2017, PAWS welcomed eight tigers from a roadside zoo in Colorado that had closed. Over 100 exotic animals were left in urgent need of homes, and all were eventually placed in reputable sanctuaries throughout the U.S. The zoo had made money by offering the public the opportunity to handle and take photos with tiger and bear cubs for a fee. This abusive practice requires constant breeding to produce a steady supply of cubs, who are forcibly taken from their mothers soon after birth. Sawyer was born in this horrifying, chaotic environment, and spent the first stressful nine years of her life this way.
Despite her history, Sawyer arrived at PAWS with a joy for life. Her past years of suffering seemed to fade quickly as she embraced her new life in sanctuary, where she could simply be a tiger. She enjoyed the freedom to explore her large enclosure with its shady oak trees, pool, and lush grass, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. For the first time in her life, humans treated her with love and respect. It was a profound experience for us to see her personality begin to shine through.
Caregivers describe Sawyer as a ray of sunshine with a sweet temperament towards people and other tigers alike. She had a special affinity for tiger keeper Jesse. The sound of his voice would often inspire her to excitedly run to the fence and chuff a friendly greeting to him. Sawyer was a friendly and reassuring presence for many tigers who shared a fence line with her, as she got along well with everyone. For instance, when Apollo – a tiger with significant mobility challenges in his later years – lived next to her, Sawyer walked side by side with him at his pace. When Tessa arrived shy and nervous, Sawyer helped bring her out of her shell. She shared a special friendship with Czar, jogging along their shared fence line every morning after breakfast, and sleeping near each other in the grass.
Sawyer was in good spirits and in good health until a cancerous growth appeared in one of her ears in late 2021. It turned out to be a very aggressive form of melanoma, a type of skin cancer common to many species including humans.  After reading her story in our March 2022 newsletter, many of you donated towards her medical care, which made it possible for us to provide specialized care for Sawyer. Despite surgical removal of the growth twice (once after it had regrown), state of the art immunotherapy, and the involvement of several veterinary specialists, her cancer continued to spread relentlessly, and Sawyer passed away on May 8 at the age of fourteen years.
We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who generously donated to her care, and to all of our staff and the veterinary professionals who worked so hard to help her. Sawyer remained in good spirits, with a good appetite and joyful spirit throughout her treatment period, and we are confident that these treatments gave Sawyer another six months of a good life. Her resilient, forgiving, friendly nature will be forever remembered and missed by all who were fortunate to know her.
Support the Big Cat Public Safety Act!

You can help end the private ownership of big cats and their use in cub petting operations by supporting the Big Cat Public Safety Act. The bill has been assigned to committees in the House and Senate, however it has yet to be heard. Click here for information on contacting your elected officials.
Dates Set for PAWS International Captive Wildlife Conference 2022!

The PAWS International Captive Wildlife Conference will take place November 11-12, 2022, in Sacramento, California, with an optional visit to the ARK 2000 sanctuary in nearby San Andreas on November 13. We are lining up an array of exceptional speakers for this in-person conference that will address issues involving big cats, cetaceans, elephants, and more. Registration will open in July.
May Amazon Wish List Donors:
Ryan and Lynn Coplen: one bottle CosequinDS, 132#; one box of Denamarin, 30#. Lisa Klotz: one box of Denamarin, 30#. Kimberly: one 6.5 oz. bag of Sweet Harvest Diced Pineapple. Therese Davis: one 32 oz. bottle of EicosaDerm; one bottle of Emcelle Tocopherol. Joleene Ladyman: one box of Denamarin, 30#. Kimberly Burlingame: one 32 oz. bottle of EicosaDerm. Betty J. Powers: one 4 lb. bag of Sunflower Kernels. The Gordon Family: one 4 lb. bag of Sunflower Kernels, one bottle of CosequinDS, 132#. Anonymous Donors: Six 2 lb. bags of Sunflower Kernels; two 32 oz. bottles of EicosaDerm; three bottles of AminAvast 60#; one bottle of CosequinDS, 132#; four 10 lb. tubs of Equithrive Pellets; three 3.3 lb. tubs of Equithrive Pellets.
We have chosen specific items that are needed at the sanctuary, which you can purchase directly from Amazon. We have an ongoing need for many of the products listed. Click here to review the items and donate. You can also review “wish list” items that are needed but not listed on Amazon. Click here for that list.
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Rescued black bear Mack lives in the Bob Barker Bear Habitat at ARK 2000.
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