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In this edition, you'll have the opportunity to learn about TLG's newest coach, meet our new intern, and see what we've been up to in the community.


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  • Never Finished by David Goggins

  • A Minute to Think  by Juliet Funt

  • Why Mental Health Needs to be a Top Priority, by the American Psychological Association

In this Issue: 

  • See the recap of our May event featuring Dr. Erika Hamden, Astrophysicist, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, and TED Talk Speaker.

  • Learn how to be authentic on video and own your brand by tuning into episode 2 of the LeadHER Lounge Podcast, featuring Pat Lore, Founder of Headline Productions.


From the Experts: Coaching and the Mental Health Crisis


In the workplace, there is a mental health crisis that has been unfolding for the past number of years. Driven by uncertainty, rapid change, and accelerated by a pandemic, employees today face higher levels of burnout, exhaustion, and anxiety among other things. So, what can we do and where do we start to fight back?...


Mental Health Exposed

By Tino Mantella,

President & CEO, TLG


Why does it take so long for most adults to see an issue, understand it, and then address it? Pick any topic that has raised its head in the last three decades or centuries, and there is a typical human process in response, whether it’s about race, sexual orientation, or even the climate. The commonality is we see the issue, but most of us wait for the momentum to build before we address it...


Featured Articles:


TLG Launches Website Redesign

By Turknett Leadership Group


Turknett Leadership Group (TLG), a nationally recognized leadership development firm based in Atlanta, GA, is excited to announce the complete redesign and launch of its new website,, which showcases the company's portfolio of leadership development solutions, insights, and more...

A Dialogue for Learning and Rational Self Counseling

From Bob and Lyn Turknett,

Co-founders and Co-chairs, TLG

Nothing has impacted our personal mental health more than learning Rational Behavior Theory, a version of cognitive-behavioral theory, from Dr. Maxie Maultsby, in 1973. Bob wrote “A Dialogue for Learning Rational Self-Counseling” in 1979, when he was a licensed psychologist in private practice.  


Coach Spotlight: Vicki Abelson - Managing Your Mental Health


Vicki Abelson has always had a true passion for people. Before she began helping individuals and teams unleash their potential through coaching, Vicki enjoyed an accomplished career in the healthcare industry that would span 15 years. As a result, Vicki understands the critical role that mental health and overall wellbeing play...


In the News:

TLG Welcomes Iolanda Martinas as Summer Operations Intern

Iolanda is an enthusiastic and driven student at the University of Georgia, pursuing her dreams of becoming an I/O consultant. With a deep-rooted passion for improving lives and fostering inclusive communities, she serves as the President of the Terry Student Diversity Advocacy Council, where she works to ensure minority students feel seen and valued. Her previous experiences include working with clients on planning, strategy, and development to promote social and societal change through technological developments, as well as creating a marketing and redevelopment plan for a segment of Highway 15 running through the city of Sandersville. In her free time, Iolanda indulges her love for material arts, fantasizes about owning a cat, and delights in the vibrant atmosphere of renaissance fairs.


TLG Welcomes Aboard Rick Mattson as the Team's Newest Coach

Rick coaches influential leaders of character and enables them to transform organizations. He has coached and mentored leaders from Fortune 100/500/1000 companies, military academies, higher education, non-profits and family businesses. He has earned the ICF ACC certification and is an instructor of coaching for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program at Columbus State University. He has spent 25 years leading high-performing teams and empowers clients to innovate, take measured risks, and achieve wildly important goals.


Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 35 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


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