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The National Safety Stand-Down aims to raise fall hazard awareness nationwide, preventing fatalities and injuries. This event unites employers and workers to prioritize safety measures, training, and fall-related hazard awareness. Participation in the Stand-Down underscores a commitment to safety standards, reducing workplace accidents and cultivating a secure work environment in construction.

OSHA offers several resources for conducting a safety stand-down. Materials on working safely at height are available in English and Español.

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Enroll your employees in Elevated Work (ARSC) A13ELW, covering vital information from OSHA General Industry Standards and Construction Industry Standards. This training focuses on key areas such as stairways and ladders, scaffolding, and fall protection. ARSC Accepted. Let's work together to ensure safety on construction sites and prevent falls.

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May is National Electrical Safety Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of electrical safety in our homes, workplaces, and communities. With our increasing reliance on electrical devices and systems, it's crucial to prioritize safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries. This month, let's focus on educating ourselves and others about proper electrical usage, maintenance, and precautions. By working together to promote electrical safety, we can create a safer environment for everyone.

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Sign up for Electrical Safety For Non-Qualified Worker (ARSC) A13ENQ training! As May brings electrical safety into focus, we're dedicated to equipping students with crucial skills for navigating potential hazards associated with electricity. From mastering grounding techniques and understanding GFCIs to safely handling extension cords, this ARSC-accepted course empowers individuals to prioritize safety while working with or around electrical systems. Let's prioritize electrical safety together!

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2023 Contractors Safety Awards Banquet

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Celebrate excellence and safety! Become a sponsor today—your moment in the safety spotlight awaits!

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Why You Should Up Your Training Game:

The Safety Council of SWLA has a team of experts at your disposal to develop courses that are the ‘six-million-dollar-men’ of training: Better, Stronger, and sometimes Faster. Our experts consult to understand your needs and use today’s advanced adult learning techniques to provide the best possible training for your employees. Training developed and delivered with adult learning theory (ALT) at its core aligns with the unique characteristics and needs of adult learners. Here are some reasons why: 

  • Relevance and Practicality: ALT emphasizes the importance of making learning relevant to the learner's experience. By focusing on practical applications and real-world scenarios, often within specific frameworks you contribute, training programs resonate with learners seeking immediate applicability to their responsibilities. 


  • Building on Knowledge/Experience of Learners: ALT recognizes the importance of building upon a trainee’s existing knowledge base. Training programs designed with this in mind incorporate opportunities for learners to connect new information to prior experience, facilitating deeper understanding and retention. 


  • Active Participation and Engagement: Adult learners thrive in environments that encourage active participation and collaboration. Training developed with adult learning theory incorporates interactive activities, group discussions, and hands-on exercises to promote engagement and interaction, enhancing comprehension and retention. 


  • Immediate Application: Adults are more motivated to learn when they can see the immediate relevance of the content to their lives and jobs. Training developed with ALT focuses on practical skills and knowledge that learners can apply immediately, reinforcing learning and increasing effectiveness of training. 


  • Respect for Individuality: ALT recognizes diversity among learners in terms of background, experiences, and learning styles. Our training is flexible and adaptable, allowing for customization to meet the distinct needs of participants. We accommodate various learning styles and preferences, ensuring that all learners can succeed. 

Training developed and delivered with adult learning theory acknowledges the unique characteristics and needs of adult learners, resulting in more relevant, engaging, and effective learning experiences. Knowing the unique characteristics of adult learners allows us to empower them to achieve their learning goals and yours – creating a safer workplace AND community. Watch upcoming newsletters for more about the course standards our staff uses to guide elevated learning and develop cutting-edge training for your team! 

Attention: Annual Contractor Permit Receiver Orientation 2024


The annual Permit Receiver Orientation at the Westlake South Facility is mandatory for Contractor Supervision handling permits.

Contractor Supervisors must pre-register through the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana.

(code: 13WLCSPR) Click here for an instructional step-by-step guide.

To view the Annual Contractor Permit Receiver Schedule 2024, click here.

For additional information, please call 337-436-3354 or email

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LINKmobile: There's an app for that!

The LINKmobile app brings an innovative and intuitive connected worker portal to your mobile device!

Visitors can access their digital badge, get real-time alerts for scheduled training and occupational health services, and access campus maps and quick facts.

Contractors can register and track personnel training and occupational health services on the go and get real-time activity and expiration alerts to utilize one-click registration.

Owners can quickly access GateCheck to scan digital or physical badges and verify that contractors meet site entry requirements.

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After-hours and Off-site Safety Training Services

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Introducing our after-hours and off-site safety training services! Whether it's responding to emergencies like floods, hurricanes, fires, or chemical spills, or just unexpected need for training, we're here to ensure your team is prepared—even outside normal operating hours.

Please note, this service is exclusively for customers, plants, and contractor companies requiring emergency training support outside regular hours. Emergency situations demand immediate action, and we're committed to mobilizing quickly to equip your team with the necessary training.

Please be aware that these specialized training services may include a convenience fee. Contact us today to discuss your emergency training needs and ensure your team's readiness in any situation.

Live Online Proctoring

  • Maintain integrity of the training process for best-evidence recordkeeping
  • Remotely proctor trainees by watching through online video
  • Legally-sound record retention with subpoena support
  • All training records are automatically stored in our database and available through LINK
  • Best-evidence recordkeeping captures the trainee’s photo and ID when proctored
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Trainees now have more flexibility and opportunity to schedule training at their convenience.

Register for Live Online Proctoring courses via LINK™.

Monday-Friday 6 AM-6 PM (CST) & Saturday-Sunday 8 AM-4:30 PM (CST)

Safety Essentials Suite

The Safety Essentials:

 A revolutionary alternative to reciprocal safety orientation, Safety Essentials

(SE-SAFE), tackles industry onboarding challenges. Engineered for effectiveness, engagement, and retention. Over 360 exclusive sites accept SE-SAFE. Don't miss out—equip your teams with the best industry orientation.

The Safety Essentials Enhancer: Dynamic annual training updated yearly, tailored to industry feedback. 1.5-hour course for refining, petrochemical, heavy manufacturing contractors, covering common hazards and safeguards. Requires Safety Essentials completion.

The Safety Essentials Elements: The Safety Essentials Elements Library provides awareness level training across various topics in alignment with the respective OSHA 1910 and OSHA 1926 standard. Each course is approximately 30 minutes in length, and continues the same adult learning techniques utilized in Safety Essentials and Safety Essentials Enhancer. 

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Attention: Construction Underway

Front building parking is very limited during construction. Entrance to overflow parking lot can be accessed through N. Cities Service Hwy/ LA-108. (across from Burger King)

Please allow additional time for parking and walking to the building.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Safety Training and Development

Certified Occupational Safety Supervisor

COSS® is a training program designed by safety professionals for the entry-level safety employee, or for the experienced person who needs a refresher on safety. Its main objective is to equip employees who have safety and health responsibilities with the core competencies they must master to be successful in occupational safety and health.

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Group Training Available

Bringing Safety Training Directly to You and Your Team!

Our group training programs are designed to make workplace safety education convenient and accessible. Eliminate uncertainty and guarantee consistent training for your entire team with our Group Training program! With our expert instructors at your location or ours, you can ensure that everyone on your team receives a consistent, high-quality education, tailored to your industry.

Contact us now to elevate your team's skills and knowledge.

  • OSHA 10
  • Forklift Training and Certification
  • First Aid, CPR, & AED Training and Certification
  • Crane and Rigging
  • Defensive Driving
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Series (COSS)
  • Principles of Leadership
  • Supervisors' Impact on Safety

ASSP Monthly Meeting

When: May 19, 2024

Where: Porter Hall

Sponsor: ASSP

Speaker: ASSP Leadership

Topic: Law Enforcement Recognition

Lunch will be available - $15 per person Click here to RSVP


We have upgraded and improved the PreQualification Form- "Industry PQF"

Simplified Electronic Collection and Management of Man Hours

For more information please contact Holly Hassell at or visit our website.

GateCheck Site Security & Access Control

Stress or confusion at your security checkpoints?

GateCheck will ease your burden and speed up the line.

For more information or to get started with GateCheck, please contact us.

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OSHA 10 & 30

Innovations in Workplace First Aid

How new technologies are making safety more accessible.

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OSHA Releases 2023 Injury and Illness Data

OSHA collects work-related injury and illness data from establishments that meet specific industry and employment size specifications through the Injury Tracking Application (ITA).

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5 Reasons Why Falls in Construction Keep Happening

(and what to do about it)

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