Dear Austin Women Invest to Elect Members-

Well April showers have certainly brought May flowers in many ways. We’ve been busy behind the scenes and have some exciting events planned.


May 13th @ 1:00PM Central - Electing Women’s Alliance Call

May 13th @ 2:00PM Eastern - Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, candidate for U.S. Senate. 
To learn more about Sarah, you can check out her launch video and the brief EWA Bio.
Please remember to RSVP to
We will meet on zoom and the link will be sent closer to the event to all RSVPs. 
Note, these calls are a great way to introduce a friend to the EWA. Please feel free to invite a friend to one of these calls should you choose.

June 1st @ 6:30-7:45PM Central- Governor Laura Kelly RSVP & Candidate Profile

(Note - The state of Kansas limits candidate donation to a maximum of $2000 per individual.)


End Substance Use Disorder (SUD): Founded by Austin Women Invest to Elect 2019 Co-Chair Erin Shanning. Erin is literally crafting federal legislation for consideration for this epidemic that has touched us all in some way, and recently achieved support from President Biden through Executive Action! Learn more here:

We can end overdoses, help our loved ones heal, and keep our families safe and together. End Substance Use Disorder is a national, nonpartisan campaign of leaders building a world where substance use disorder is prevented and treated, not shamed. You and your loved ones are our top priority: we do not take contributions from pharmaceutical companies, treatment facilities, or other organizations that make money on substance use disorder. And, we only support policies backed by science and proven to save lives. 

Take these actions today to help end overdoses:

Donate now to pass historic legislation to help end the overdose crisis: End SUD is leading a national campaign to pass the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act - historic, bipartisan legislation that will prevent overdoses, reduce stigma, and increase participation in treatment. We've won major executive action from President Biden and unprecedented support in Congress. Donate now to help end overdoses

Tell Congress to act to end overdoses: Tell Congress to pass the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act now. The bill removes a decades-old, stigma-driven federal law that severely restricts access to a life-saving overdose prevention medicine. The medicine is recognized by public health officials as the gold standard of care, cuts the risk of overdose in half, and supports long-term recovery. But fewer than 1 in 5 Americans in need have received this life-saving medication due to federal law. Tell Congress to act to end overdoses now.

Get involved >> Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on the latest solutions to end the overdose crisis and on opportunities to use your voice and your power to win policies that protect and support people and families with substance use disorder. Join us here.  

The 19th* News

The 19th* kindly reached out recently to share their gratitude for the generous support from I2E members that helped them reach their goals to launch. We were so fortunate to have Emily Ramshaw and Errin Haines share a preview with us in a member meeting last Spring. The 19th* recently celebrated an incredibly successful first year! It is mind-boggling to think how much this new women’s content focussed news organization has achieved in such a short time. 

The 19th* is in the middle of their annual membership drive should anyone wish to join or renew their support -

We are happy to support this woman led newsroom. Errin Hanes recently said it best. My hope is that you finally feel represented by a newsroom that keeps you and your lived experiences at the forefront of everything we do.” The 19th* News has quickly become a source and resource for women where we can:

Share our stories — we have a platform to speak on current issues and events and how they have impacted us and our loved ones. See ourselves in the news —we have ample opportunity to see ourselves reflected in news coverage of the issues that matter most to us.


Check out the new and improving Member's Only Page! We are working to provide a more user friendly experience with direct links to important information. Your feedback is always welcome! (Reminder: The password is at the bottom of every email.)

Thinking about introducing a friend to Austin Women Invest to Elect?

If so, please see our new pledge form HERE. If you wish to introduce a friend to the group through our membership committee for more information, please reach out to Kelly Dixon or Beth Falcone. 

Best WELL wishes -

Elizabeth and Laura
Executive Committee members:
Casey Chapman Ross, Beth Falcone, Karen Meyer, Karyn Scott, Kelly Dixon, Mary Anna Paul, Stacy Alexander, Hannah Temple, Laura Rose Wilson, Tanya Payne, Nan McRaven, Helen Bryan, Laura Cho, Lizza Harrison, Meena Vendal, Pooja Sethi, Amy Brown, Yael Ouzillou, Susan Blount, Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray

Group and Committee Chairs:
I2E Co-Chairs 2021 - Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray
Candidate Co-Chairs- Lizza Harrison (EWA) and Pooja Sethi (Texas)
Membership Co-Chairs-  Beth Falcone and Kelly Dixon
Events Co-Chairs- Amy Brown and Tanya Payne
Finance Chair- Susan Blount
Governance Chair- Laura Scanlan Cho