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Excess liability insurance offers crucial protection against major unforeseen events that could potentially devastate your business, from auto accidents to product liability claims.
At FRM Group Insurance, our expertise is deeply rooted in industry knowledge, allowing us to deliver tailored insurance solutions that address the specific risks and challenges your business encounters daily. With excess liability limits available up to $25 million, you can trust FRM Group Insurance to provide the coverage you need, backed by our unwavering commitment to financial strength and stability.
Who can benefit from excess liability insurance?

Real estate entities
Retail businesses, including clothing, department, and grocery stores
Financial institutions and insurance companies
Media companies (excluding media liability)
Printers and publishers
Hotels and motels
Construction contractors

What does excess casualty and commercial umbrella insurance offer?

  • Lead umbrella and excess liability coverage
  • Capacity of up to $25 million
  • Coverage available through our A/B umbrella form
  • Crisis management service expenses coverage included in our A/B umbrella form at no extra cost
  • Ability to provide coverage worldwide
  • Coverage for various risks, including aircraft, foreign, personal umbrella liability, miscellaneous professional liability, and media liability for printers, publishers, and broadcasters
  • Most-favored jurisdiction endorsement available, providing admitted coverage for punitive damages
  • Ability to write both admitted and non-admitted policies*

Excess liability insurance vs. commercial umbrella insurance:
While umbrella insurance provides additional limits for losses covered by your primary policies, excess liability insurance acts as an extra layer of protection for losses exceeding your primary and umbrella policy limits without offering broader coverage beyond those underlying policies.

Considering both commercial umbrella and excess liability coverage may be vital for your organization's risk management strategy. Trust FRM Group Insurance to provide comprehensive coverage tailored to your business needs.
Jessica Martinez
Operations Manager
Agent, Commercial Lines
Jonathan L. Comeaux
Account Manager
Commercial Lines
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On this special day, we honor the incredible women who inspire us, nurture us, and shape our world with their love and wisdom. Whether you're spending the day with family, enjoying some well-deserved pampering, or simply taking a moment to relax, we hope your Mother's Day is filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories.
Thank you for being the heart and soul of our families and communities. Your love knows no bounds, and we are forever grateful for the love and light you bring into our lives.

Wishing all mothers a day as beautiful and special as you are! Happy Mother's Day!
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