E-Connections Newsletter
May 2022
If it matters to you, Polar is here to protect it. We offer a wide variety of security and surveillance gear, tested by experts and customized to meet your needs.
The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) is happy to announce the 2022 Community Grant program is now accepting applications. The Community Grant program awards grants up to $5,000 for nonprofit organizations in our community doing great work. Eligible categories include:
  • Business and economic development 
  • Community development
  • Education
  • Telecommunications applications
Spring thaw often means spring projects, whether commercial or personal. Spring projects often mean digging. But what happens if you damage a utility? The cost could mean thousands of dollars in repairs and fines. Soon that little project is a big project. There is a free solution — Call 811! Let them know of your project and all your underground utilities will be located and marked so you can avoid damage.