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2021 Virtual Virginia Datathon

The next Virtual Virginia Datathon is scheduled for October 7-8, 2021. Last year's theme was "Communities and COVID-19" where teams faced the challenge of determining how specific communities across the Commonwealth were impacted by the pandemic. We're ready to hear what theme you think we should focus on this year - and what a year it has been. Submit your ideas by June 30th and we'll select a theme right before team registration opens up in early July.
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Commonwealth Data Trust Spotlight: DBHDS and DOA
The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and The Department of Aviation are now part of the Commonwealth Data Trust, joining 13 other agencies in the trust. The Data Trust provides a scalable alternative to multiple “point-to-point” sharing, promotes trust among its members through common rules for data security, privacy, and confidentiality and reduces technical costs by onboarding to a single environment using standard NIEM protocols. The Data Trust ensures and supports data discovery and analytics for agencies and organizations across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Learn more about joining the Commonwealth Data Trust below!
The Open Data Portal and Community Policing Act

Effective July 1, 2020, the Virginia Department of State Police, Uniform Crime Reporting Unit began the collection of investigatory stop data based on the creation of the Community Policing Act. Each time a law-enforcement officer or State Police officer stops a driver of a motor vehicle, stops and frisks a person based on reasonable suspicion, or temporarily detains a person during any other investigatory stop, the officer collects specific data that is now published on the Virginia Open Data Portal, check it out!
Last Month's Spotlight: Commonwealth Data Governance Training

Available in the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center, the Data Governance course covers the data governance framework for the Commonwealth of Virginia, data lifecycle steps, different types of data (reference data, master data, and metadata), what defines a golden record, data owners vs. data stewards, data curators, data custodians and open data policies.

The Data Governance course is one way to increase data literacy across the Commonwealth and educate everyone on how they can utilize data as an enterprise asset to make evidence-based decisions, ultimately creating better outcomes for our constituents.

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