May 2023

Please join us for the LWVMA Convention!

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A few items to note:

Pre-Convention materials can now be found on the Convention landing page on our website (note: budget documents will be available the week of May 29).

Delegate Registration: All LWV members are welcome to attend Convention, but only delegates can vote. The bylaws specify the number of delegates based on each League’s Feb. 1, 2023 membership total. An information sheet with local League delegate counts is available here.

Local League Showcase: We are asking local Leagues to send Brynne Gorman (bgorman@lwvma.org) one or two photos (with brief captions) that highlight an initiative/s from the past two years that you are especially proud of. The deadline to submit photos and a caption is Friday, May 26th. 

“League Night” at the WooSox, Friday, June 9th: Please join us for some pre-Convention fun at Polar Park to watch the WooSox play – there will be fireworks at the conclusion of the game! Our seats are on the first-base line and the cost per ticket is $25. Please feel free to bring friends and family along! Click HERE to buy your tickets.



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Advocate for Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign: May 2, 2023

Humor for Humanity with Jimmy Tingle: May 10, 2023

Part 1 - Carbon Countdown 2023 with Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer: May 16, 2023

Part 2 - Carbon Countdown 2023 with Senator Michael Barrett: May 20, 2023


Seeking Community Advisors for Massachusetts Civics Showcase Events

LWVMA has participated in the planning of the Massachusetts Civic Showcase events that are scheduled for June 2 in Worcester and June 5 in Boston. Students who have been conducting civics action projects will present them to community advisors who will give the students feedback. This is where you come in: 

June 2 in Worcester Community Advisor registration

June 5 in Boston  Community Advisor registration



First Step in Restoring Felon Voting Rights

The Joint Committee on Election Laws has favorably reported H.26/S.8, Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to voting rights, out of committee, the first step in the lengthy Constitutional amendment process. This proposal would restore the right to vote to people incarcerated for felony convictions. In past sessions, the joint committee has issued an unfavorable report on this proposal, so this is definitely progress. The next step is a vote during the next Constitutional Convention session of the legislature. READ MORE.

Lend Your League's Support for Hybrid Meetings

Thanks to all the Leagues which have responded so far to the request for statements documenting each local League’s support for a bill that would require public meetings subject to the open meeting law to use a hybrid format—both in-person and with the option to observe and participate remotely. There is still time for your League to send a statement. A template is here. If your League is willing to support this bill, please have the president or relevant officer create a statement using this template, then send the document to Nancy Brumback. READ MORE.

Advocate for Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign May 2

Feeding Our Neighbors Coalition Legislative Briefing: Tuesday, May 2 – from Noon to 1 PM in person at the Senate Reading Room, State House, followed by Lobby Day activities. Join State Senator Sal DiDomenico, State Reps. Tony Cabral and Judith Garcia as well as physicians, La Colaborativa staff and others to learn about the Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign to secure state-funded benefits for legally present immigrants. READ MORE.

Register for Carbon Countdown 2023: May 16 and May 20

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Massachusetts Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and Senator Michael Barrett discuss how the state will equitably achieve mandated emissions reduction targets for 2030. Click here to register for this 2-part virtual presentation with Hoffer and Barrett who are at the forefront of efforts that are already underway. READ MORE.

Learn More about Electrification

“When it dies, electrify!”

As federal and state laws and incentives kick in to support a transition away from fossil fuels, the most important contribution we can make as individuals is to electrify our homes and vehicles. And there has never been a better time to electrify. Check out the links below to learn about the generous incentives and rebates available from both the federal and state level to help you plan to make this power shift. READ MORE.

Medicare for All Lobby Day May 4

LWVMA supports H1239/S744 An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts. Please join us this Thursday, May 4, from 10 am to 3 pm for the 2023 Medicare for All Lobby Day organized by the Mass-Care Coalition. We will meet at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul at 38 Tremont St. Boston 02111 and then proceed to the State House to meet with legislators. For more information and to register, click HERE.


Current Status of the LWV Transformation Journey

In a recent letter to League Leaders, LWVUS President Dr Turner reported that LWVUS received over 8,500 responses to the recent survey. The responses, in addition to insights from LWVUS Framing the Future working groups, will be critical in guiding the next steps of our Transformation Journey. READ MORE.

Interested in more information about ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center)?

Here’s the link to a guest post on the Election Law Blog written by two LWVUS staff members: “Voter Registration Systems Need Both Access & Security – How ERIC Helps State Government Strike the Balance.” Massachusetts is a member of ERIC.

The Mass Action Newsletter is distributed to all LWVMA members. Anyone can request the Action Newsletter by clicking here. Please review this Newsletter for articles of interest to your League and include them in your local Bulletin.

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