RWD - May 2024 Newsletter

What Really is SEO?

You have a nice new web site that is attractive and functions well. The question you should now be asking yourself ... How am I going to get new potential customers to come to my web site? They are not simply going to call your company and ask, 'Do you have a nice new web site? What is the web address?' They aren't going to stumble across your site either.

They are going to use GOOGLE and search for your products or services!

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Are you selling specific products? Specific services? What are those products and services? You need to inform Google about what these are so that they can now show searchers what your business is all about. This is called SEO!

Process -

1: To start, you and I brainstorm and come up with a list of 12-15 phrases that you feel people will be using to search for your business / services. Then we use specific tools that help to narrow down these phrases so that the phrases we use will bring in the most visitors. This is called determining your TARGETED PHRASES!

2: Once these targeted phrases are determined, then I use specific techniques to inform Google what these phrases are. These are not super-secret tricks, they are proven, verified and highly targeted as I know what Google wants and needs.

This all is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! You can have the most beautiful web site, the very best products, the very best prices, the best services ... but if visitors cannot find your site ... It is completely a WASTE OF YOUR $$$!!

3: I run Monthly Ranking Reports on all of my clients that use my SEO service. These reports tell me and you how your phrases are performing. The goal is to have your site show in the Top 10 positions on a search result page ... Maybe even the Top 3 positions.

SEO is usually a one time service, after which we simply do tweaking every few months.

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How important is MOBILE SEO? Extremely important! The search algorithms / parameters that Google use for mobile searches are similar to the desktop search, but slightly different.

Where so you do most of your searched? Yes, on your mobile device. Let's make sure you come up on Google Mobile too!

Why am I mentioning Google so much? Google continues to dominate search engine use, with an 85-90% percent market share of searches. Clearly, Google is still the market leader, which needs to be taken into account for your digital strategy.

Totally off subject - I recently signed up to be a volunteer at the 2024 US Open in Pinehurst (June 12-16). I also volunteered at the 2005, and 2014 Opens and enjoyed it both times.

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