May 2024

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2024 Key Convention Dates and Deadlines

June 1 | Committee Reports due for the 2024 Council meeting. Download a Committee Report form. Forward to in Word format.

June 16 | Council Delegate Forms due. Download a delegate form.

June 17 | Last day for best convention rate. |

July 14-15 | PTG Board of Directors Meeting

July 16 | Council Meeting and Opening Activities

July 17-20 | Institute Classes, Exhibit Hall, Concerts and Special Events

The Piano Technicians Guild cordially invites you to attend the

Leadership Luncheon for Chapter Leaders and PTG Committee Members

July 19

Noon - 1:30 p.m.

 Nugget Casino & Resort, Reno, NV

Sierra 2

Sponsored by Renner USA

A buffet lunch will be served.

Tickets are required at the door.

Please register for the convention online or by calling 913-432-9975

before requesting your Leadership Luncheon ticket.

Request your complimentary ticket here.

Involved With Piano Technology Training?

Thursday, 9:30 a.m. (1st break) | Sierra 2

Everyone currently involved in or interested in piano technician training is invited to participate in an open forum at the 2024 Reno Convention & Technical Institute. Share your experiences and needs. Learn more about what other educators do and what resources are available as you train the next generation of piano technicians.

Congratulations, 2024 PTG Foundation Convention Scholarship Recipients!

Emile Beaudet | Montreal, QC

Erin Bolger | Las Vegas, NV

David Brodrick | Austin, TX

Robert Cope | Los Angeles, CA

Glenn Doyle | Heart of Texas

Christine Guthrie | St. Louis, MO

Justus Mackintosh | Eugene, OR

Willis Krammer | Salt Lake City, UT

Did you know that the PTGF also offers up to 10 Leadership Scholarships for RPT exams each year to PTG members who hold office in their local chapters as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer? Visit the PTGF website to learn more.

Looking for a Way to Impact PTG Programs, Policies and People?

Many of the services and projects accomplished each year are done with the time, talents and work of PTG members who have volunteered to serve on a PTG committee. View a committee list. If you are interested in serving on a PTG committee or task group this coming year, contact your Regional Vice President. RVP names and contact info are listed below.

Quarterly Chapter Leadership Meeting

Daniel Haubert, president of the South Central Pennsylvania Chapter. has been hosting a meeting for leaders from all regions have been meeting for one hour every three months through Zoom to exchange ideas that can help chapters prosper. Daniel says "These zoom calls have been very helpful with everyone exchanging ideas that help our chapters prosper." Check the Chapter Leaders Community at for a Zoom link to join the next meeting.

New Online Training Events Area

Have an upcoming online chapter event or meeting you'd like to share with all PTG members? The Online Training Events community at is a good place to share online Zoom meetings, technicals and other learning opportunities offered by PTG chapters. Because of distance or schedulling, some PTG members aren't able to make it to local chapter meetings. Not all chapters offer online presentations. This is an opportunity for everyone to participate, learn and contribute no matter their location or schedule. Event sponsors can post an event with day, time, topic, presenter, chapter sponsor and Zoom link. Include the event date in the subject line and if you allow non-members to join the event. You cannot reply to event posts, but can contact the event sponsor for more information. Join the Online Training Events community to enable notifications.

Scheduling an RPT Written Exam

The written exam is taken online. The RPT sponsor should contact the Written Exam Committee at to set up a written exam. Only the English version is available at this time. The fee for the written exam is $25. Examinees should purchase a written exam voucher in the PTG Store. Select RPT Exam Voucher from the Categories list, then select Written Exam Fee. You'll receive your voucher purchase confirmation via email. Your order # will be proof of purchase. Your exam purchase information is automatically forwarded to the written exam committee, so you don't need to submit that information when you request your exam.

RVP Contact Information

Region 1 - Northeast - Will Roper, RVP - Online Community

Region 2 - Southeast - Ashley Turner, RVP - Online Community

Region 3 - South Central - Doug Snook, RVP - Online Community

Region 4 - Central East - Maria Pollock, RVP - Online Community

Region 5 - Central West - Torger Baland, RVP - Online Community

Region 6 - Western - Lisa Weller, RVP - Online Community

Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - Aaron Heppler, RVP - Online Community

Norman Cantrell, RPT, President,

David Stoneman, RPT, Vice President,

Ricki Klos, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer,

Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday,