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The Cure JM Foundation has always treasured the special role that grandparents play in their families and Cure JM. We hope you enjoy this collection of news specifically for you, our grandparents. 

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The Cure JM Grandparent Council

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The Grandparent Council meets on the 4th Thursday of every month.

Grandparent Council Call

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

We invite you to join our next Grandparent Council meeting on Thursday, May 30th, 2024. 

Connect with other grandparents and learn how to provide support to families along their JM journeys.

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On-going Grandparent Resources

Each month we will share a list of the available resources for Grandparents.

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May is Myositis Awareness Month, a special time to support and raise awareness for the children and families battling juvenile myositis (JM) around the world. JM is a rare autoimmune disease that affects 2 to 4 in one million kids, teens, and young adults. Because it's so uncommon, getting the correct diagnosis and care can be very difficult.

We'd like to personally invite our grandparents to join us throughout May to share your experiences, knowledge, and support. We'll be sharing ways you can help raise awareness and support our mission during Myositis Awareness Month.

Click the "Learn More" button below to visit our web page dedicated the ways you can support our JM warriors this month and beyond.

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May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and we'd like to extend our support and resources to those coping with the demands of living with Juvenile Myositis (JM).

Dealing with a rare disease can be mentally and emotionally taxing not only for patients but also for grandparents, caregivers, and siblings.

Cure JM has gathered a variety of Mental Health and Emotional Support resources on our website to help all patients and families cope. If you have any questions about our Mental Health and Support Resources, please contact Suzanne Edison at

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If you’ve followed the Cure JM research community over the years, you’ve likely heard Dr. Lisa Rider's name. Dr. Rider is known as one of the pioneers in JM research, and her work has seen several milestones in myositis progress.

Recently, Dr. Rider was inducted into the American Association of Physicians (AAP) for her vast contributions to pediatric rheumatology and myositis. AAP membership is limited to physicians who are also scientists who have made impactful research contributions to advance biomedical science, medicine, or health.

Dr. Rider and her team have led collaborations to identify genetic and environmental risk factors for myositis in children, classify patients’ symptoms, and uncover markers of disease progression and treatment response. Additionally, her work to quantify patient response to therapies has led to the development of the first FDA product to treat myositis in decades.

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This summer, make some fun and fulfilling memories fundraising with your grandkids. By combining their interests with a good cause, they can enjoy the process while making an impact on their own JM care. Let’s put the “Fun” in fundraising together!

Tips for Successful Fundraising:

  1. Make it FUN: The more enjoyable the fundraiser, the more successful it will be. Start a fundraiser based on an activity or hobby they love. This keeps their energy up and their efforts authentic.
  2. Engage Friends and Family: Have them connect with friends and family who share similar interests. These are the people who care the most about their efforts.
  3. Provide Value: Create events and activities that offer something in return. Make it a win-win by providing excitement or a needed service while supporting a great cause.

DIY Fundraising Ideas for a Fun Summer:

  • Lemonade Stand: Kick off a classic and easy-to-set-up fundraiser that’s perfect for summer days.
  • Garage Sale: Clean out those attics and garages and turn unused items into funds for a good cause.
  • Craft Sale: Teach your grandchild to knit, crochet, or make something unique and sell it!
  • Bake Sale: Encourage their baking skills and sell delicious treats.
  • Car Wash: Set up a car wash in the neighborhood.

Need Help Getting Started?

If your grandkids are interested in DIY fundraising but need some guidance, Cure JM is here to help. We’ll provide all the tools and support to make their fundraiser a success. Betsy Leon will get in touch with ideas and assistance. You can also contact Betsy directly at

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The Cure JM Advocates Council, patients, and families proudly presented a Proclamation of Thanks to Dr. Joni Rutter and her team at the National Center for Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the NIH for their work in critical research, drug discovery, and clinical trial breakthroughs in juvenile myositis.

Your wave of support from friends, family, and community was received with heartfelt gratitude from Dr. Rutter and the team at NCATS with nearly 600 signatures!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our Rare Disease warriors and our partners in progress.

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“There is nothing more wonderful than the love and guidance a grandparent can give his or her grandchild.”   — Edward Fays, The Grandparents Treasure Chest.