May 2023: Palapa Society News

Donor Appreciation Party

On Saturday, April 29th, The Palapa Society celebrated the generosity of our donors and volunteers at the 2023 Donor Appreciation Party held at The Palapa Learning Center. The event was well-received and provided a great opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2023, ending June 30th.. Without your gifts, we couldn't have achieved our mission of providing education for the past 20 years!

For those who were unable to attend, we regretted that you could not be with us to share in the celebration. Our program directors and students did an excellent job expressing their gratitude and sharing the impact of your generosity.

Please mark your calendars for our next event on April 13th, 2024.

The Palapa School:

School Reunion on the Beach

By Arias S. 

As students and teachers prepared to leave for Spring break, there was a general feeling of wanting to end with a big bang. So, the school threw a Beach Day including our families, not in separate groups, but in one big reunion as a school. 

Ms. Olivia Grijalva, a teacher at our school said, “This was a great experience among students, teachers, and parents.” Teachers planned events and games. Students and their parents were invited to participate. All events were planned so everyone was capable of doing them. 

This was both a bonding experience for everyone, as well as something The Palapa Society provided to make us, the students, feel more comfortable with our surroundings and teachers. I believe they did a great job mixing a beach day with physical activity making the day before a break memorable.

Thank you, and we hope this will continue in future years.

Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska

By Paty Baum, Director 

In an effort to reach local and regional writers and enrich the community with their work, the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska (BEP) produced two spoken word events in 2023. The first in February featured Ellen Waterston’s Writing Down the Baja workshop. The joy of listening to the written word cannot be underestimated. Also, thank you to the Workshop participants for donated books.

The second event featured poets, Charlotte Eulette, Margaret Shaughneesy, and Patricia Baum. There were common themes and threads in all the poems, relating to place and our evolving desire to understand and grasp the essence of our chosen country and its culture. Overheard last week was a man talking about a book he’d just read. He was excited to both tell the story and elaborate the book’s impact on his own world view. The BEP is a community space for the exchange of ideas and where all voices are encouraged. 

Our next literary event will be on Friday, May 26, 12-1 P.M., featuring local writers and poets, TBA. We are always looking for books by local writers to add to our collection. 

Puente al Inglés para Niños

(Children's English Program)

by Jacki Gillespie, Director 

As the Children’s English students complete the curriculum for this year, we are beginning plans for next year. The goal is to provide new and alternative ways to teach kids in a fun, learning environment. 

We are also gearing up for some fun this summer with swim lessons and summer workshops focused on environmental issues as well as a workshop on how to be a good pet owner.   

We can’t do any of this without the generous support of our donors as well as our wonderful volunteers. So, thank you!!!

Puente al Inglés para Adultos (Adult English Program)

By Kate Lewis, Director

The Adult English program had over 50 students enrolled in our new term, many of whom are continuing their studies from the previous semester. A big shout-out to Todos Santos Brewing for enrolling 6 of their employees in the program. Employers who encourage their employees to learn a second language, offer a win-win situation in our tourist-based economy.

Thanks to the outstanding volunteer teachers, we were able to offer 4 levels of classes in the mornings and 5 in the afternoons! As the season comes to an end, however, we will lose some of those teachers as they head north for the summer. If you are interested in possibly volunteering with us, please feel free to come sit in on a class or 2 to see how we operate.

April Donors

Sylvia Aroth

Mary Stoltman & Tom Carlson

Marilyn Martin

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