Learning With Locanabio
Thanks to Locanabio our 9th and 10th graders from our Barrio Logan site had an exciting opportunity to learn about careers in life science. 

Students researched Locanabio before the panel and developed questions for the panelists.
Laura Featherstone, Locanabio’s Associate Director of Human Resources shared, “Locanabio is a local biotech company that is pioneering a new class of RNA-targeted gene therapies that specifically correct disease-causing RNA, the root cause of many devastating genetic diseases."

The panel began with the employees from Locanabio introducing themselves by sharing their names, what they do at Locanabio and what university they attended. Panelists also shared the types of degrees they needed to achieve for their role, which ranged from a Lab Assistant who is still in school to a senior scientist with a PhD.
Students left the panel with not only more information about Locanabio and RNA gene therapies, but also some general nuggets of wisdom, such as the importance of learning things just for the sake of learning them, being brave and open to change to accomplish your dreams and the most important tip of all: KEEP GOING!
BLCI Elementary Program Gets New Wheels!
Halloran Consulting Group employees from all over the United States gathered in San Diego for a special team-building activity: building bikes for BLCI’s elementary students! The Halloran team participated in a scavenger hunt around the Hotel del Coronado to find the pieces of the bikes and came together on the lawn to assemble them as a team.
Once the bikes were built, it was time to test them! Despite the bikes being sized for elementary-aged children, several employees hopped on and raced around the Hotel Del lawn to ensure everything was assembled correctly.
Thank you, Halloran Consulting Group, for including BLCI in your team builder and providing bikes for our students!
The Halloran Consulting Group team
Halloran employees testing out the BLCI bikes
VIVE Jerseys for El Cajon
Our El Cajon Soccer Program had a special practice when members of the VIVE team brought new orange & black soccer jerseys and brand new soccer balls for all of the players! The students excitedly lined up to receive their new gear and started playing right away.
The fun didn’t end there: several team members from the men’s 4S Soccer League practiced drills with the kids: teaching them new skills and tricks before the teams played a scrimmage match.

The VIVE and 4S teams also took some time to share with the students how soccer has positively influenced their lives. Sharing sentiments about how soccer is a universal language, how lifelong friendships can be built on the field and how many life lessons can be learned through the game.
VIVE and 4S team speaking with El Cajon soccer program 
El Cajon students enjoying their new VIVE soccer balls
Be Sure To Tune In!
Our CEO, Sara Boquin, will be a featured guest for Council for Opportunity In Education's 2022 Opportunity Matters Book Club national speakers series!

This is a national organization that advocates for first generation, low income and students with disabilities for access to college.

The series will be kicking off Wednesday, June 1 at 12:00 p.m. PST 
Be sure to register now! 
Thank You, Life Science Cares!
Thank you, Life Science Cares San Diego, for your partnership and for connecting BLCI with local life science companies!
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