Hoping you've had a safe passage through the Covid season.
— Joe Paquet
Tuscan Light -- 40"x50" -- $38,000 SOLD
Clapping the Erasers & New Work

I moved from Catholic school to Public school in the third grade.
Accustomed as I was to being hit with a ruler, it came as a welcome surprise that not all schools operated that way. Honed by the fear of my former experience I was a model student. The delightful benefit of my exemplary behavior was the privilege of being allowed outside the building to “clap the erasers.”
The experience of being “beyond the wire” so to speak was a delicious whiff of freedom. A wicked delight went through me.
In my mind I formulated a plan. 
The Railroad was a mere two blocks away — if I just dropped the erasers and ran, I wondered, could I…

Fast-forward fifty years to the time of Covid.
No longer teaching my regular classes or workshops, with traveling curtailed, life came to an unnatural stop.
The former urgency I was used to feeling had simply evaporated — just like that.
I had time to consider what I wanted to do. I now had no excuse not to begin finishing all of the paintings for my Rust & Roadside project and follow a dream of working on large canvasses. 
For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to study with an unbroken creative flow; to truly get lost for days, even weeks on end — a dream.
I wandered, wondered and daydreamed: everything I got in trouble for as a kid.
And I get paid for it.

Last week I was wandering around with a great cup of coffee, my French easel on my back, my nostrils filled with the scent of blossoming trees while people rushed all round me, headed who knows where. 
Instantly I was back in my third-grade self.

I made it, I thought.
Actually dropped the erasers and they haven’t found me yet.

(A special thank you to my partner in crime and curiosity, my wife Natalie who keeps me tethered while my head is in the clouds and has supported me every step of the way.)

Furrows and First Snow -- 36"x60" -- $38,000
Trestle Shadow -- 28"x40" -- $30,000
Evening on the Arno -- 36"x50" -- $38,000
Path through the Birches -- 40"x30" -- $24,000 SOLD
Late Summer -- 30"x40" -- $25,000
Rail, Stone & Steel -- 30"x24" -- $15,000 SOLD
Summer Clouds -- 40"x50" --
(Work in Progress)
2021 Spring Collection
View Beyond The Carriage House -- 8"x12" -- $3,500 SOLD
Cigar Guy in Spring -- 8"x12" -- $3,500
Spring Path -- 8"x12" -- $3,500 SOLD
In Full Bloom -- 8"x12" -- $3,500
Alley in Spring -- 8"x12" -- $3,500 SOLD
For artwork inquiries, contact Joe at (651) 485-5807
Studio Classes

Due to some wonderful new opportunities I will not be teaching this coming Fall Semester, sorry to say.
For those of you whose semester was cut short I am offering two options:
A refund (for the 5 classes) if you have not already gotten one or:
2 (1-HOUR) private critiques, either remotely or in my studio.
I will have days specifically set aside in the coming months and you can call for an appointment.
Madeline Island Workshop
5-Day Plein Air Workshop 
Aug 30th - Sept 3rd, 2021 (Monday - Friday)

This workshop is almost full.

Late summer is the ideal time for painting on the Island.
Most of the bugs (and people) are gone by then!

Tagged -- 28"x40" -- $30,000
2nd Place Overall
10th Annual Plein Air Salon Competition
New Gallery Representation
Tuscan Light -- 40"x50" -- $38,000 SOLD
Palm Avenue Fine Art
10 S. Palm Ave
Sarasota, Fla 34236
(941) 388-7526
I look forward to working with Robert Wilson and being represented in this beautiful Gallery.
Prairie Requiem -- 28"x40" -- $24,000

Thank you to Allison Collins from Collins Galleries for finding a place for this homely fellow.