May 2021
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Trinity Sangha Thich Nhat Hanh meditation and study group- 2nd & 4th Wed
Dear ones,
What a wonderful month April has been at our temple. Spring has been glorious this year. So many beautiful flowers. I am appreciating the warmth so much.

On Saturday April 10th we had zoom ceremonies for a new novice nun. See her photo below.

We've held weekly zoom classes for the last 4 months in preparation and 23 people took refuge, precepts and or Bodhisattva vows. One can feel the gentle dharma spreading via zoom - quite a new vehicle for our practice.

For our brothers and sisters in India and Myanmar, let us offer metta with the hope that the trials and suffering may soon pass.

Please join us for our outdoor Vesak service on Saturday 29 May. We will also be putting up a pavilion of Tibetan prayer flags at noon, do come and join in.
in metta..... Thay Kozen

May 26th is Vesak, the celebration of Buddha's Birth, awakening, and death. Our temple will hold an outdoor ceremony at 9:00AM on Saturday, 29 May. Join us - social distancing and masks required for our outside service.

EARTH DAY Gathering - Here is the recording of the earth day spirit gathering on April 22. Christian, Buddhist, Druid, and Baháʼí faiths spoke about taking good care of the earth. Thay Kozen's talk begins at 46:15

OUR NEW CONSTRUCTION - We will start phase 1, the foundation of our new temple building, this month. We will need volunteers to help layout the area, lay a stone path and a carpenter to construct the frame for a new gas stove in the residence

Tibetan Prayer Flag Pavilion - We will erect a new prayer flag pavilion on Saturday 29 May (VESAK) at noon. Join in the celebration of creating the pavilion.
May all be well and healthy, in metta (loving kindness) Thay Kozen
Special Dates in May 2020
2- Orthodox Easter
4 - Teacher's day
5 - Cinco de Mayo
6 National Day of prayer, Nurses day
9 - Mother's Day, Lailatul Qadr
12 - Ramadan ends
16 - Armed Forces Day
17-18 Shavuot
19 - Laylatul-Qadr (Moslem day of the Quran)
20 - World Bee Day
21 - Bike To Work day
26 - Vesak (Buddha's Birth, awakening, and death)
30 World MS Day, Trinity Sunday
31 - Memorial Day
Thich Minh Thien, (Thay Z) Abbot of Budding Dharma
Arlington, Texas

What Spills Out…

Imagine you are holding a cup of coffee, when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere! And so the question we might ask ourselves is, “…why did you spill the coffee?…” The expected answer would probably be along the lines of, “…well because someone bumped into me, of course!…”

I am sure that would be the common answer if this occurred to any of us. However, expand that thought to recognize that this might not be the only or the most accurate answer. What more succinct answer might be: “…the spill occurred because there was coffee in the cup!…” Had there been tea in the cup, the spill would have involved a different substance; namely tea. Therefore we can surmise that whatever is inside the cup is what actually spills out.

So expanding a bit on that simple example, consider for a moment that whatever comes along in life and shakes us up, and that will happen numerous times during our life, whatever is inside us, could very well spill out. Most of the time we have some modicum of control over our thoughts, prejudices, delusions or emotions, much like we normally have control over our drinking cup when it is full and when nothing spills out.

When this life gets tough and we are getting bumped, shaken or bruised, observing what “spills out” can give us some insight into the momentary change in our demeanor, actions and responses. Would the response reflect compassion, joy, gratitude, humility or loving kindness in what spills out, or could it be anger, bitterness, harsh words, reactions, selfishness or blame? Each of us have all of those positive as well as negative emotions and responses in our characters. Which qualities have the best shot at what shows up can greatly depend on those things that we develop and nurture.

Our ignorance, delusions, greed and hate get stronger and stronger the more we take them for granted as excuses and acceptable reactions to why life is affecting us the way it does at times. Conversely, when our responses to rough patches in life are to focus on the qualities of our better angels and eschew blame and self-pity for loving kindness, compassion and generosity, we break away from the “I” and recognize the “We” in all things.

Thich Nhat Hanh often talks about how all the seeds - both desirable and those that are less so, are part of each sentient being’s makeup; much like seeds in a garden. Becoming a master gardener of our relationships and ourselves, requires us to learn how to become intimate with the garden of our consciousness. Initially the seed of mindfulness develops into a wholesome formation through the repetition of returning to whatever is happening in the present moment. With the lens of mindfulness, it is easier to observe the weeds from the flowers that lie deep in our consciousness, to learn how to water or transform these seeds, and to aerate the soil so there is healthy circulation between the soil and garden of our consciousness. In other words, we become more conscious of what might “spill out” and are able make different choices.

In the final analysis, we each get to choose what “spills out”. As in the beginning example, It is what we fill our cup with. It is in our practice of meditation and mindfulness that we can take the opportunity to fill our cups with gratitude, forgiveness, joy, words of affirmation, gentleness and loving kindness. Let us all be master gardeners. 
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhass
Happenings At Our Temple
Thay Kozen sitting with the daffodils
Our new novice nun,
Sa Di Ni Minh Bao
Out Tibetan friends adding prayer flags to the cloister
Local Providers we like to use
James at Gorge Ink in
White Salmon
Rick at the Eyeglass Store in Hood River
Kirk at West Coast PPE
Lovely Friends Visiting
Monks, a nun, and lay people joined in a small feast at our temple. All were vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus and we were happy to visit with them.
The Venerable Thich Tâm Hoàn visited our temple with 3 young monks and lay people.
Monks, Suco Hue Hung, Rev. Scott See joined in a lovely vegetarian meal
The next Recovery Dharma Inquiry meeting (Saturday, May 8 at 11 a.m. PDT - ) will feature discussion of "Wise Understanding" - the first practice of the Noble Eightfold Path, a.k.a. "right view". We examined the Four Noble Truths during the first four months of 2021. In each remaining month of the year we will explore one of the practices of the Eightfold Path and how these commitments and practices apply to our recovery from addictions of all kinds.

The Trout Lake Abbey is spiritual 'home' to the monthly Recovery Dharma Inquiry meeting while we are meeting in cyberspace. These monthly meetings (on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m.) are in addition to the weekly meetings (Sunday and Wednesday Evenings) of the Gorge Recovery Dharma program. We are grateful for the support of the Mt. Adams Buddhist Temple and look forward to a time when we can once again meet in person on the Abbey grounds

Recovery Dharma (RD) is a worldwide program of peer support for persons recovering from substance use disorders and also 'process addictions' such as gambling, overeating, tech addiction, and other harmful or dysfunctional behaviors. RD uses Buddhist principles and practices and draws lessons from other peer support recovery programs including 12-Step fellowships such as AA and Al-Anon. The book Recovery Dharma can be accessed and downloaded for free at Links for on-line Gorge Recovery Dharma meetings are listed at Questions? - contact

Beings are numberless
Do you vow to free them? 

Delusions are inexhaustible;
Do you vow to end them? 

Dharma gates are boundless;
Do you vow to enter them? 

The Buddha way is unsurpassable;
Do you vow to become it? 

What can we do to make our own lives and the lives of all beings safer and more peaceful?
May the Infinite Light of Wisdom and Compassion so shine within us
that the errors and vanities of self may be dispelled; 
so shall we understand the changing nature of existence and awaken into spiritual peace.
Mt Adams Zen Buddhist Temple   46 Stoller Rd., Trout Lake WA 98650 509.395.2030