May 2020

  • Update on new resources
  • Country Specific Resources
  • National Dysphagia Awareness Month in the USA
  • Webinar Series: new sessions and recordings
  • Feedback for Translations
  • IDDSI not on the move
IDDSI's Staying at Home Resource Update
As we mentioned in the April e-bite, staying at home has allowed us to work on updating and “refreshing” a number of our resources for you to use for your IDDSI implementation. A number of these updates were made to clarify our recommendations regarding the framework and testing methods; these were made in response to questions from our global community.  We appreciate these questions as they help us determine where we might need to add some clarification.

We are happy to report that the updated the IDDSI flow test card, testing reference card and large all "at a glance" posters have been uploaded in the Resources section of our website:
For Level 4 Extremely Thick/Pureed , we have added a visual reference to remind everyone to use both the Spoon Tilt test and the Fork Drip test to check that the food/drink is not too runny or too sticky.  For Level 3 Moderately Thick/Liquidised , the IDDSI flow test is used along with the Fork drip test to confirm it is the correct thickness.

The IDDSI flow test card, testing reference card and poster are now available in French (Canada). Translations of the test cards and poster are also underway for several languages

The following IDDSI testing videos have also been updated and they can be found on the IDDSI Testing Methods playlist on our YouTube channel :

  • IDDSI Flow Test Instructions
  • IDDSI Flow Test Comparison Level 1-3
  • IDDSI Flow Test Level 1
  • IDDSI Flow Test Level 2
  • IDDSI Flow Test Level 3
  • IDDSI Fork Drip Test Level 3
  • IDDSI Spoon Tilt Test Level 4
  • IDDSI Testing Methods Level 5 (Meat example)
  • IDDSI Testing Methods Level 6 (Broccoli example)
Country Specific Resources

IDDSI is very excited about the ever increasing adoption of the IDDSI framework across the globe. Many countries have been publishing and developing specific resources in their native language for use in the local environments.

Currently, country/language specific publications and resources can be found in the Resources tab under country specific resources however we are planning to relocate this to a new tab on the main home page. We hope this will be easier for everyone to quickly navigate to the country/language of their choice.

Congratulations to Israel for their recent publication of a joint position paper from multi-professional organisations; the paper is available in Hebrew and in English .

If you have a resource that you have developed in English or any other language that you would like to share, please email us . We will be happy to acknowledge you and post it on this section of the website.
June is National Dysphagia Awareness Month in the USA

IDDSI e-bite readers have reported that they love to see photos of ‘IDDSI in Action’. We would like to invite everyone to please send in your photos of IDDSI in Action in honour of Dysphagia Awareness Month.  We will be happy to post these photos in our June e-bite. (Please make sure that you have permission from all persons shown in your photos before sending them to us).

Have photo you want to share? Email us .

National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders NFOSD:   

The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders offers excellent resources including education opportunities for individuals with dysphagia and those who help support them. Check out their website .

Dysphagia Research Society (DRS).  

Due to the Covid pandemic, the in-person DRS conference scheduled in March 2020 was cancelled. DRS is now offering a webinar series of dysphagia topics. Check out the details here.
We recently hosted IDDSI 101 (May 8) and IDDSI 201(May 22) Webinars in English and IDDSI 101en français (French Canadian) on May 15, 2020.  These webinars were extremely well attended. Recordings of these are now available on the IDDSI YouTube Channel.
Recording: IDDSI 101 in English
Recording: IDDSI 101 en français
IDDSI is very excited that our next series of webinars are being offered in a variety of different languages. Upcoming webinars include:

  • IDDSI 101 in Spanish (Español) on June 18, 2020
  • IDDSI 101 in German (Deutsch) on June 25, 2020

Watch for our registration announcements. All webinars are free but you must register.

Please feel free to send us suggestions for future webinar topics and we’ll do our best to organize them.  If you are interested in presenting a webinar about IDDSI, please contact us .
IDDSI Translations

New versions of the following languages are available for peer review on our website:

  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Swedish
  • German – an expert translation team has been working on finalising the German Detailed Definitions & Testing Methods documents.
  • Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) – an expert translation team from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore will be meeting in June to discuss the translation under review and develop plans to translate the IDDSI Testing Reference Card and other IDDSI resources.

We are asking for your feedback in this process to ensure greater accuracy and use overall. Many thanks to all for your help in this process. 

Check out our  Translations tab . You can submit your translation feedback through the online forms.

IDDSI Not on the Move

Due to the Covid -19 Pandemic, IDDSI has been staying at home and we are working  hard on updating resources and supporting our global community “virtually” with IDDSI implementation.
Connect with us on social media & let us know your thoughts!