May 2020 Resources of the Month
Dear UCCCN members,

Here are your May 2020 resources and meeting summary.

Medical Home Portal Updates
Clinical Content
Motivational Training Opportunity
We have a local (online) MI training opportunity, if there is enough interest. We need your input to move forward. ( A survey was sent out on May 21st to gauge interest and availability of the group. )

DSPD Update - Gina Money
New COVID-19 financial supports and support enhancements available for families in the way of supplies, PPE, sanitary supplies, assistive technology, additional caregiver support during school closures, etc. Goes through June 30th for those already on the DSPD waiver. Consult the DSPD website or contact your coordinator to find out more details. MHP-16993

Shriners Hospitals for Children - SLC Update - Dora Requena
Shriners is doing fast track videos for new and established patients, fracture care is continuing as usual. Shriners will continue to treat patients regardless of their ability to pay. MHP-10698


Case #1: Karine Romero, Intermountain PCH - Baby boy with SMA Type I, born to a mom from Mongolia on a student (now work) Visa. She has to go back to Mongolia in October. The baby is responding to the transfusions, the best outcome would be for them to stay. Gina: there is an immigration packet from National Family Voices. Heidi mentioned immigration organizations, too: US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Catholic Community Services, Asian Association of Utah. Refugee coordinator (Anna) at the U's Redwood Clinic may be able to help, too. Karine has utilized the Immigration office. Needs any help to be pro bono. Gabi: the International Rescue Committee also has immigration help. The family has insurance through SelectHealth. Pat Rowe knows about the situation. Jade Porter can help too (the family has Healthy U as their back up). 

Legal Services Service Category

Family Support Services Service Category

Update : George Laub, TriCounty Health - George has signed up to be part of the COVID Task Force Tracking Team (when they see some cases, none yet.) Also helping answer phones so their secretary can go outside their clinic with a test kit when necessary. (Thank you, George!)

Update:   Eric Christensen - Integrated Services Program. ISP has halted direct clinical services right now. Hard to take care of the testing pieces because it's almost impossible to diagnose autism over telehealth. Vanderbilt is trying to create a remote testing modality, uses items in the house, gets help from the parents. Non-traditional ways of testing, diagnosis may be able to be standardized. ISP is trying to be in more of a supportive role, reaching out to families about how they are doing. The Bureau of CSHCN is contacting all the families they serve, learning about the holes, closing the gaps, getting qualitative data.  MHP 23190

Disclaimer: These resources come from our members as part of the meeting brainstorming session; please check with your providers to make sure they are appropriate for your patient/families.

You can find a custom list of these service providers that can be printed, emailed, and more, here : May 2020 UCCCN Resources of the Month
Medical Home Portal Custom Service Provider Lists - Mindy Tueller

We are excited to show you an improved MHP Custom Service Provider Lists tool! You can now more easily than ever
  • create your own list of local providers from scratch, name it and give it a description
  • make it shareable or private
  • share it by copying and sending the URL
  • save it as a PDF to print or email that way (PDFs can include notes that won't be saved in the online list)
  • copy another list and make it your own
  • rest assured that your list will stay up to date

If you send a list URL to someone without a Portal account, they can view the list. If the want to modify it, they will need to register or login (which is very quick to do).

To begin,   register or sign in to the Portal   and look at the  My Lists  option (top right on your screen). You can try creating a new list or you can start from an existing one (see   COVID 19 Financial Assistance- Davis County ) and copy it to make it your own, to edit, print, or share. 

Please see our Help with Lists page for information on how to do all of this. If you have questions, please let Mindy know. If you want a one-on-one tutorial, we are happy to provide it! And we want your feedback so we can keep improving this tool!
We’ll be emailing you early next week to request feedback about how we should list services for large organizations and agencies in the Utah Services Directory . Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us figure out what will be best for you!

Our next meeting date is June 17th, 2020, and we'll be doing it via GoToMeeting. Please feel free to stay in contact with this group in between meetings by using our listserv address: .

Here is our YouTube UCCCN 2020 Playlist for archived meeting recordings. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Mindy Tueller, MS, MCHES
Manager, Medical Home Portal
Facilitator, Utah Children’s Care Coordination Network
Department of Pediatrics
University of Utah

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