T wo weeks ago, I had the chance to be on a webinar discussion with Dr. Bruce Perry, who, if you haven’t heard of him, is basically THE authority on neuroscience and healing child trauma . He’s also an authentic, genial guy. Dr. Perry talked about what we can do to help families get through this seemingly interminable crisis.

His answer? Offer hope.  

Hope is knowing there is a possibility of a positive outcome . Those without hope have no reason to try. Despair, the opposite of hope, locks our minds in the dungeons of our stress response, and when we live there, we are biologically unable to access our wisdom, our compassion, and our resourcefulness - our resilience . Hope is the foundation of resilience, and families need to be resilient now. Children need their families to be resilient now.

I acknowledge it might be hard for you to feel hope right now, but I’ve got some tips for you.