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"If it doesn't set your soul on's not worth the burn."
-C. Churchill

Forged by Fire
-Nancy Jones
The month of May for most of the country is the warm tail end of Spring, opening the door to Summer outdoor fun. But, for us, May is a trick. Bittersweet for those seasoned by a season or two. May is two-faced with an initial comfortable temps inviting triathletes out without sleeves, but barely holding down the animal behind it that will torch that very exposed skin and beyond.....The Vegas Summer HEAT.

And while it can be a drag to have to go to bed and wake up earlier, adjust nutrition/hydration, re-examine heart rate zones, and wear SPF infinity to name just a few pro tips, it also makes us a breed that much stronger. A hearty breed that can withstand discomforts built in extreme heat, wind, and sleep deprivation. One that only knows and therefore fears no hill. A special Vegas blooded breed that's been forged by fire!

There have been many a 'fourth discipline' named in triathlon. I feel one of the most valid is an athlete's ability to remain stoic through negative external circumstances. Heat and wind being two that compliment any real Summer tri season. And the local strengths in enduring such strife (adapting for smart training) is proven time after time in races on our turf as outsiders overheat and underestimate the hills. Or when we visit a race location that's supposedly 'hot and hilly' and we thrive on the comparatively mellow course.

Indeed, few places truly compare to our little corner of tri inferno paradise. And the same goes for the athletes cutting their tri teeth in the belly of the desert heat beast. We are a rare breed forged by fire. Let's remember that truth next time we don't feel like waking up early....
On the Calendar:
LVTC Race Events: 
2nd Club Race!
Sprint Triathlon- June 1st, 6am start. 

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Socials/Training Events/Education

Lake swims are back! - Wednesdays May 15th 6:00 pm
Kids Social - Sunday May 19 11:00 am Paseo Verde park. Ride around park, run around park and maybe some kickball!

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Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.

Full Speed Ahead!

The triathlon season is in full swing – we had our first Triathlon Club event (March 24 th ) … that water was cold! Our next event is June 1 st – looking forward to racing and seeing everyone there.

Lots of our members did Ironman 70.3 Oceanside (and our club placed 1 st in Division IV!), 70.3 St.
George, and we had members race 70.3 Puerto Rico, 70.3 Virginia, and Ironman Texas to name a few.

BBSC kicked off their triathlon season with Rage – always a popular race for our athletes. Great to see so many people travel to race as well as participating and supporting our local events.
It is always great to read race reports and see pictures of members competing – we have such a
supporting endurance community. It’s also great to see members during a race – giving some
encouragement (or getting some too!), a high five, or a simple wave … all of that can help. It also helps
when you reach a tough patch in the race to know people are electronically cheering you on via the
tracker app or facebook live feed.

Sometimes you have a great race and hit your best time … other times, you may just be struggling to
finish. But no matter what, I know our endurance community is supportive. Take a look at the comments from people who had great races and compare them to people who struggled. They look similar: all very positive and encouraging. Why? I think we all recognize how hard it is to train for an event let alone complete it. We all recognize that it takes a lot of grit to just get to that start line – and that alone is a great accomplishment.
Full speed ahead with training for that next race!
~John Mercer
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Member Highlights!

Check out our superstar this month, Naomi Hermina HERE
And as always a huge THANK YOU!

Shout out to the following new or renewed members of LV Tri Club this Spring:

Eric A., Hilary M., Maner P., Ryan G., Brian F., Rodney N., Khorshed Alam M., Terri B., Gail R., Jennifer G., Matthew K., Philip N., Sophia C., Mario G., Shawn D., Brianna B., Blake M., Evan M., Micah B.

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