MAY 2019

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Highlights |MAY 2019
We met Liz at the Pontins Holiday camp in England at Hemsby in about 1984 where we were teaching. Liz began teacher training with us as she was a natural. She also did NTA training with Kelly Gellette. We started the British Championship in 1986 and Liz and her husband were always there to support us. We joined forces for an event in Scotland called the Scottish Gathering which ran for a number of years.

Her high energy and knack for fun made Liz one of the most demanded teachers in the UK and around the world. Liz has taught at numerous UCWDC events in Europe and the US. She had been voted TEACHER OF THE YEAR many times by Line Dancer Magazine. Don't be surprised that when you reach the pearly gates of Heaven that you will find Liz teaching a line dance to a band of Angels. She has left an empty place on the dance floor. She will be missed by her friends and family, the entire dance world and especially missed by Dick & Geneva. 
March Regional Review
April Regional Review
May Regional Review
Reviews from MidAtlantic, Texas Classic, Frezno and Benelux in the next Newsletter!
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Judge Certification
Kathy St. Jean

Comment Codes: From A Judging Perspective !

Information and knowledge are the keys to success for just about everything! This certainly applies to
attaining your competitive dance goals! The 2019 competition season debuted a new format of
communication, “UCWDC Comment Codes”, a way to help you learn more about your scores direct from
the judges!
If you receive a comment code it will appear on your score sheet. The code indicates the judge found
something egregious enough in that particular category of code that they lowered your score by one
medal. There are four areas the judge may give you feedback; C: Costumes, D: Dance, F: Floor craft, and
M: Movement. Let’s look at these in some detail so you can avoid a code appearing on your score sheet!
In short, know the rules of your category and understand each dance and present to the judges the
dance you are doing without question. These two items will help to ensure you will bypass receiving a
code. Remember, if you receive a code it is meant to help you so you can improve your dancing or help
you to follow the rules. The comment code is not a penalty but a form of communication of why they
lowered your score by one medal placement. ( continue to full article )

Line Dance Committee Chairman
Clive Eaton-Stevens

Have you ever taken a look at all the step sheets on a line dance website? Copperknob, Kickit and many others compile all those dances and videos on their websites so everyone can choose which ones they would like to teach or learn. So many dances to choose from - how does the line dance selection committee wade through to find the right ones for competition? It isn’t an easy task on many levels especially with the selection committee is spread out all over the world. Fortunately, “there’s an app for that!”

How does the committee receive the dances to review?
There are different ways in which the dances can originate:
·        Choreographers can submit the dances to the Chair of Line Dance, Clive Eaton-Stevens
·        Choreographers can be chosen by the Chair to choreograph
·        Dances can be selected for review based on their social popularity
·        Dances can be selected for review based on core principles, standards and methodology

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